Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 53

Stalk Market

I bought 200 turnips at 96 bells apiece. Let’s hope for a good week.

turnip prices

It was a pretty quiet Sunday in town. I screwed up my snowman again. Seriously what is my problem with making a good snowman?

Home Center

I’ve been on a buying spree at the Home Center. I can’t help but snatch up the pieces of furniture that I don’t have, selling them back at the recycle shop and wondering why I never have any money.

pyramid and roulette table

Lovely table milk jug and asian shelf

bonsai for sale

Able Sisters

I decided to gear up for space travel. I think I have the pants somewhere, but I still need the shirt…and boots if they’re in this.

astronaut yumi

“sporty and fabulous”

Mable gave me another mannequin. I went home and accessorized. I seem to have lost my hero (Link) boots, and I don’t have the hero (Link) hat, so Link is a little suspect…


At least Samus is looking good.

More Hide-and-Seek

Today Yuka wanted to play hide-and-seek. Hakase participated, but didn’t mention dieting thankfully.

Hakase I found you!

Hakase was the last one. I had a hard time finding him

For all my hard work I got a crappy table lamp. I put it up for sale at the Recycle Shop.


I went to the island and made a big bug run. It wasn’t enough to repay my current loan. I’m still 170,000 bells in the hole. Maybe tomorrow I’ll pay it off and get an even bigger loan! I also changed my town to be a “morning person” town. So my shops will open earlier. Now, let’s see if I turn the game on before 10am to make it worthwhile.

sitting next to the dormant tree

I didn’t know you could do this until a fellow animal crossing player mentioned it on twitter 🙂

lillian's house

Lillian’s Christmas TV is getting good use

Shrunk taught me to laugh

Shrunk taught me to laugh

bitter coffee mmmm



I’m liking my amish look. And sitting on the bricks is very peaceful if not a bit chilly…

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 53

  1. I will probably just stay with the one I have. I *want* to get the NA version, but I don’t think I can handle two towns. I just hope if I don’t get it my NA friends will swap DLC with me. 😉

  2. You’re more than likely going to have a random price week or a decreasing price week this time, as you had a high price week last.

    The space suit and boots are in this game. So don’t worry about that 😉 There are a lot of space items, too! One of which is the moon. O_o

    I do the same thing at the home center xD btw someone will stop by once you’ve spent 70k bells there 😉

    Enjoy! 🙂

  3. You almost look like Anne of Green Gables in that outfit Jennifer! The only exception is the pigtails and red hair of course. But after looking a bit…you also reminded me of Maria when she first left the Abbey (in Sound of Music). Hmm…interesting. Can’t wait for the NA release of the game…i’m really enjoying this blog. By the way, do you know if the townies are celebrating New Years?

  4. Something tells me you are gonna end up getting the NA version of this game when it comes out. I fully intend on having both regions if I can! :3

    I wish you could pose the mannequins. That would be cool.

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