Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 54

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AM: 69 Bells

Welcome to the last post of 2012. This one is going to be short because I’m saving a lot of play time for the countdown tonight. Tomorrow’s post should be fairly lengthy depending on how the festivities go.

Home Center

I think we should turn the Nook Brothers in to homeland security for the rocket they’re trying to pedal.

Home Center Wares

Rocket, study chair

I love that K.K. album. You can test them out in the store before you buy them. I have it playing in my balloon room now. It’s something to the effect of “clear with sunlight filtering through trees”. I’m sure its official English translation will be much more succinct.


There’s a “simple” series in the game with very plain furniture. The wall clock belongs to that series. It’s the only piece I’ve gotten so far.


The plant looks like a tomato plant to me. It’s just called a “planter”. I want to put it outside, but something tells me it wouldn’t do very well.

New Villager

In time for the new year I have a villager moving in just west of the rotating art and just east of Yuka’s house. According to the sign, the villager is Moe (ジンペイ). When I asked Kokuto about it I learned that he recently moved from Jisuna village, so he’s probably Kokuto’s Moe.

Moe's future house

Moe’s future house location

Countdown pre-show

Shizue is watching the countdown clock. When I talked to her she gave me some end of the year soba noodles. It’s a Japanese tradition to eat soba noodles on New Year’s Eve. They supposedly help you to live longer since they’re so long…or something. Shizue made sure to tell me that unfortunately I couldn’t eat the noodles she gave me. They’re just for decoration.

end of the year soba

end of the year soba

Redd is working at the merch booth. He sells two different New Year’s hats, yellow and green. He also sells party poppers.

Redd at the merch booth

The countdown display

The countdown display

Green New Year's Hat

Green New Year’s Hat

Noise Maker

Noise Maker 2

I decided the noisemakers I’ve been hoarding were completely appropriate for New Year’s Eve, so I’m just gonna run around blowing on them until midnight. See you in 2013!

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 54

  1. Wow NYE hats!!! How cool. I hope u can still get a t-shirt like the ones Tortimer used to give out on the first of the new year!

  2. Hope you have a fabulous New Year as well G-Box. 😀 I’ll find out if the t-shirts are in the game in the morning. I haven’t looked up New Year’s goings ons. It’s a surprise!

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