Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 56

Stalk Market

AM: 68 Bells
PM: 63 Bells

Come on fluctuations!

PM Recap

I went to the island last night and caught enough fish and bugs to pay off my loan. Hooray! When I came back there was an aurora.

aurora 1

aurora 2

Ground Hog’s Day

It’s a little early for ground hog’s day, nevertheless, today in Kasen village felt like it. Why? Well, I got up, watered flowers, played for a bit, then took a break. I did some (actual) chores and then played and as I was leaving my host after hosting Yuka for a visit my game crashed. So playing for the second time was a lot like the first time except the first time was better because I got a balloon item I didn’t have and I got a bingo and a snow floor. The second time around was a bit more lackluster. But here are the highlights.

snow floor

snow floorThe floor I had for a brief period of time….

Oh! I did get and manage to keep the snowman chair pictured above. However today I’m having trouble locating my second snowball. I’ll try again for it later.

Nook Housing

I told Nook to make my back room bigger. That’s going to set me back 598,000 bells. Ugh. I really want more space though. Today I sold off my Christmas furniture (except for the wreath) and Thanksgiving furniture to make way for some new stuff but I’m not sure what I’ll put in its place. I like that a lot of the seasonal stuff is orderable.

big back room loan

Can’t we make it bigger cheaper?

Home Center

the mini racetrack is sooo cute. The cars zoom around.

the mini racetrack is sooo cute. The cars zoom around.

volleyball net, mixed wood closet and mask. Very random.

volleyball net, mixed wood closet and mask. Very random.

Redd’s Gallery

This is like a gameshow for me now. I love scrutinizing the items. I think I had two legitimate items today. I’ll find out. It seems that the Nice Painting doesn’t have a counterfeit. The Scary Painting looked legit so I bought it. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Quaint Painting

Quaint Painting
The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer
This one is fake because she doesn’t have the hat thing on.

Nice Painting

Nice Painting
Young Flautest by Édouard Manet
As far as I’m aware this does not have a fake.

Scary Painting

Scary Painting
Actor Otani Oniji III as the Yakko Edobei by Toshusai Sharaku
I think that the fake for this one only has a couple fingers extended, so I think this is real


Winged Victory of Samothrace
This is fake because it’s not supposed to have bat wings

Queen’s Crown

I really want to buy this tonight. I’m going to go over to the island in the early evening and see how much cash I can scrape together. If all goes well I should have a cute ensemble tomorrow. If not…then next time it comes around. 😉

Queen's Crown


I got a third gold ore, so I’m remaking another piece of the gold set. I haven’t picked it up yet, so I don’t know which it will be. That’s 10,000 gold more that I need for my crown though…

giving gold ore

アルバイト: Part-time work

I had a successful shift at Brewster’s today. At the end of it in addition to my super delicious coffee beans he gave me a work uniform. Now I need some black pants to match.

cafe uniform

cafe uniform

Badge Master

Buying all sorts of stuff from the Home Center is paying off in one way: badges. The badge master gave me the expert shopper badge today. LOL.

Good at shopping badge!

Good at shopping badge!

Good at shopping

This badge is for the person who likes shopping and has purchased a lot of good things.

The Plague!

Derry told me that Iris was sick and he was going to visit her. That was my cue to buy medicine and run over to nurse her back to health.

sick Iris

I brought Iris some medicine. I forgot to last night. Oops.


Now, wish me good bug and fish hunting tonight! I need about 700,000 bells. I wonder what time is a good time to start…

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 56

  1. Wowww that sucks that your game crashed! I hate when that happens. Does it get glitchy during gameplay at all? Anyway I hope they release a software update!

    Hey Squirt is wearing that same blue backwards cap here in my icon! lol. Nice job getting that work uniform and badge!

  2. @Glux It never gets glitchy when I play. This is only the second time that it’s ever crashed. It has done it when I leave a house each time. The first time was leaving Nelson’s house. This time was leaving mine.

    LOL. It’s good to know Squirt can still wear his/her backwards cap in the game. 😉 Are you going to resurrect Squirt for the game? Or start fresh?

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