Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 57

Stalk Market

AM: 92 Bells

Looking up!

Another Loan…

I went to the island last night starting at 5pm and initially had a good run. I couldn’t quite scrape together the bells for the crown. I hit Kokuto up for 300k, so I’m in the hole more than usual, but I got my crown. I wanted it because yesterday’s fortune cookie was Peach’s Parasol.

Peach's Parasol

I got blue contacts done yesterday. Today I attempted to get long blonde hair, but there isn’t really any long hair unless you get a wig, so I did the best I could. I didn’t have perfect socks or shoes either. I chose pink heart tights and ballet shoes.

shy peach

I need a better closeup.


The three gold ores made a gold table. It’s a bit flashy, but if I can put stuff on it I’m sold!
gold table

gold table

The gold table in my now bigger and very expensive ice room.

I’m going for a gaudy scandinavian remake set in the basement. Remember the Manaphy dresser I remade? Well, now I have a shockingly garish table. I haven’t got all the scandinavian pieces, but I’ve got several and I’m remaking them one at a time.

Manaphy Table

Snowballs Unite

Last night I managed to find my snowball eventually and rolled together another happy snowman (unlike today’s snowman who was unhappy). He sent me a snowman dresser in the mail. Slowly but surely I’ll gather the snowman set with just a few hiccups.

snowman dresser


Everybody wants to play hide and seek lately! And yet they’re surprised by my prowess. Who taught them how to hide? We need to get the townies some camouflage gear.

derry hiding

Derry hid right behind Moe’s house

Yuka hiding

I spotted Yuka when I dug up a fossil

hide and seek champion

muhaha! I won! I wonder if there’s a badge for that…

Art Wing

I donated my scary painting and it was genuine! That brings the museum art items up to…4. At least I have a better shot at real items now that I know what I’m doing. I had to hunt for this little painting once I donated it. It was on the west wall in the first room and I missed it on my initial run through.

legit scary painting

Home Center

There was another rare item in the store today. The number 6 lamp. As you may have guessed it sold for 6,000 bells. Now I need the plus minus and = lamp and soon I’ll be able to do math! (J/k, they’re not in the game that I’m aware).

nook wares

Derry quickly bought the electric bulletin board off me.

nook wares 2

#6 lamp, citrus chair and K.K. Rock


I had a pig camper named Lucy today. She wanted to move in. I told her no each time. I talked to her repeatedly to try to play igloo games, but nothing came of it. Anyone know anything about igloo games? Do they really exist?

camper lucy

“Everyone is kind in this village and the snowy scenery is lovely. It’s captured my heart!”

9 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 57

  1. OMG YOU LOOK SO CUUUUUTE! The shoes and hair look great too! Aww.

    Lol @ ur Manaphy series! So funny. And that snowman dresser looks new/different. Am I crazy?

    I think I had or maybe still have Lucy in my ACCF town. When it comes to pigs I think she’s tolerable cuz she’s cuter. But yeah I don’t blame you for not inviting her lol! What the heck are igloo games anyway? I keep seeing you mention them, but I’ve got no clue. I guess it’s from ACGC? 😛

  2. You really DO look cute! And that snowman dresser does look different.
    Personally i’m not a fan of the pigs either, i had 2 and they were either too grumpy or too cheerful (to the extreme).
    I had an iglo in my GameCube town and there were indeed games. I cant remember then though, it’s been too long since i played. I still have the Cube hooked on the tv in the bedroom, i should check now that it’s winter 🙂

  3. Hmmm it must be rare or something. I saw a blog showing someone playing rock-paper-scissors with an igloo villager and someone else commented that they also have manage to play guessing games and the like with tent and igloo villagers. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but I indeed saw the person with the blog play rock-paper-scissors! I assume it must just be very rare. Did you have items with you at the time? Because you play for items in your inventory. Such as, “Oh I see you have a ______ … Shall we play a game of rock-paper-scissors for it? If you win I’ll give you something special!” and the like.

  4. @Glux I think it is a new piece of furniture. I was looking on the older wikis and I don’t see it. But I also don’t see anything that you hang on the wall for the snowman series, so the dresser—or vanity—seems to be the new item for the set.

    @Marise I haven’t played the gamecube version in so long I don’t even remember igloo games from it. LOL.

    @Little Miss Mint Tea I’ll keep trying with the igloo games, but so far no one is interested in anything but hide-and-seek. I’m pretty sure i had stuff in my pockets. I almost always have too much stuff.

  5. Hahaha I love the picture of your resident hiding behind the tree while you’re showing off a fossil! Totally cute!

  6. That’s the “Snowman Vanity” the snowman item with the mirror. It’s NOT a new piece, cos it was a DLC item in ACCF:)

    It was first released in Europe between 6th-12th December 2010, and then just over a year later, between 1st -30th January 2012, it was released in the other regions.

  7. I need help. No matter what I find, the Peach QR code doesn’t work. Where did you find yours? The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th box aren’t working and I’ve been trying for 12 straight hours. Could you post a picture of it? Maybe separate squares… I don’t think the ones I’m finding are clear enough.

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