Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 58

Stalk Market

AM: 126 Bells
PM: 91 Bells

I didn’t sell this morning. I thought about it. Did I get too greedy?

Beautiful Village

I’m regretting switching to “early riser.” For one thing I haven’t been a very early player. I have been playing before 10am, but… I liked “beautiful village”. I never found weeds. And my flowers never seemed to wilt. I don’t like wilted flowers, but watering every flower is such a chore especially now that villagers plant them and they seem to be everywhere.

wilted flowers


It seems like lately whenever I see Gulliver I also notice something peculiar floating by. Today I started trying to wake him up and I saw a weird shadow north of him. I’m kind of glad he didn’t get up because I got to investigate it.

weird shadow

gold slingshot balloons

OMG! Triple gold balloons!


3WAYSHOT! (I feel like I should add an expletive after that, but maybe it’s cause I’m listening to angry Linkin Park right now…)

So, after the excitement that Gulliver slept through I attempted to wake him again. Once he did arise we got around to country guessing games.


It’s said that the people in that country eat curry EVERY DAY (he said every day twice in different ways, so my take on that is caps)

My first guess was India. Although there are lots of places where people eat curry. Hell, I eat curry a lot—Japanese curry, Indian curry, Thai curry. It’s all good. ♥♥♥ and Gulliver likes spicy curry too. 😉


I also heard that that country’s people are good at math.

Some lingering party of my brain still said India, although I can’t remember exactly why I thought that. Wikipedia confirmed that thought.

Gulliver is bad at math

If you thought this gloom was about Gulliver’s poor math skills, you’d be right. LOL.

My country choices were:

  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Japan

I stuck to my guns with India. I’ll be getting a present in the mail tomorrow.


I got another perfect snowman. The “mumumuuu” before he shouted that he was perfect scared me though! I almost didn’t get a perfect snowman. I rerolled his head because I thought it was a little too big. I was right! At least maybe I’m starting to be able to see the correct dimensions.

perfect snowman

For Sale?

When I was looking through my catalog I noticed that I can rebuy the queen’s crown from the catalog. You couldn’t do that with the previous games’ crowns could you?

Queen's Crown

Part Time Work

I took another shift at Brewster’s since I’m B-R-O-K-E and even selling the coffee beans helps. Kapp’n was in there. I swear he told me I could sit on his knee. This could be my tenuous grasp of the Japanese language and my remembrance of his pervy-ness, but I don’t think so.


sitting on his knee? Eww. Am I on crack?

Champ at the coffee shop

Champ was glad he ran over (from wherever) to get my wonderfully crafted coffee

Pete at coffee

I think more baristas should wear crowns

New Emotion

I like to think of this as “spoiled princess”. I went and took a picture using it in the photo booth. I have to get it off my phone and then I’ll post it.

spoiled princess


villager antics

Lillian and Moe doing the happy dance

ice room

I added a drink dispenser and a rice cooker.

Manaphy Room

OK, this is a little over the top. It kinda hurts my eyes.

money rock

I kinda like it when that’s my money/ore rock. It’s easy to set up holes behind it.

Midna's Mask

Doesn’t quite go with all the pink, but rawr!

shinobu's catchphrase

cluk cluk

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 58

  1. I ADORE your new outfit. 🙂 The princess look suits you 🙂

    Also, I love the outtakes section at the end of your blog. 😀

    Remind me how you take pictures again…? And how do you take them off your DS?

  2. Pictures are really easy to take. You just hold the left and right shoulder buttons down.

    Getting them off the 3DS takes a bit more effort. You have to remove the SD card and put in in a card reader. I use iPhoto and I just import them all into iPhoto.

  3. Awesome! Now you can order me an extra crown so I can be a princess when I start my town! lol XP

    Well done on getting the new slingshot! How many gold tools do you have now?

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