Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 59

Stalk Market

AM: 104 bells
PM: 127 bells

I held out to the bitter end and made a small profit. I withheld 10 turnips to let them rot. Everybody likes rotten turnips…


soon to be rotten turnips

Evening Visitors

Kokuto came over last night so I could give him a few things…but not the money I owe him. I found out the silliest thing when we were playing around. When you stand in front of the cardboard cut out and press the A button, not only does it stick your face right up in the hole, but it changes your facial expression each time you press it as illustrated:

happy cutout


cutout 2

scrunchy eyes

stoned cutout


mad cutou


From India with Love

Gulliver sent me a sitar! Maybe I should start collecting exotic musical instruments. I have a shamisen too.


Sitar from Gulliver

Snow Peoples

The snowman sent me a snowman clock. For some reason I didn’t think there was a snowman wall item. But once again I was quickly proven wrong. 😉

Snowman Clock

Snowman Clock

I built a snow daddy today. I still haven’t gotten a bingo, but I need only one number in three spots. It’s getting kind of ridiculous.

snow daddy

“Triple Reach” Yeah yeah, rub salt into the wound snow daddy


My front room is in dire need of a remake. I ditched all my Christmas furniture, but hadn’t put up any new wallpaper or carpeting. Her design didn’t quite suit me (Moon floor with mixed wood wall?) but I left it up mostly out of laziness.


It’s done it’s done I’ve completed it!

saharrah's design

You completed something all right…not sure what

Princess Daisy

Since I’ve been Peach for two days I decided to go brunette. I really couldn’t decide between brown or orange for Princess Daisy. It didn’t come out too badly. I need to order some white tights though.

Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy


cutout pics

Do you think Kokuto is mad because of the 300k I owe him?

twin parasols

twin parasols

coffee swigging

mmm virtual habits

coffee swigging 2



Scandinavian “Manaphy” bed

Nook at coffee

Look who showed up for coffee!!

Nook at coffee

Yes! Perfect! Only training under Brewster could you have crafted this! (or something to that effect)

aaaaand Resetti. Break out the lysol to wipe the seat and counter down when he leaves.

aaaaand Resetti. Break out the lysol to wipe the seat and counter down when he leaves.

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 59

  1. Is the part time job something contractual? Or do you have it permanently? 🙂 Because other than being Mayor, helping out at the coffee shop sounds like something I’d like to do ^_^

  2. You do it whenever you feel like it. 😛 After talking to Brewster a bit when you go up to the side counter he offers you part-time work or to-go coffee. The coffee gig is pretty fun, but not all that lucrative since you literally work for beans. 😉

  3. OMG I love these photo board things! Soooo cute. Can’t wait to play and pose with you!

    I like Tom Nook’s little suit. Much more professional looking that his old overalls or whatever he used to wear. But more importantly I just LOVE how you can be a barista and make coffee for all sorts of random characters, and I can just see myself getting all giddy and excited when a favorite character comes in for a cameo!

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