Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 60

Stalk Market


Joan was selling turnips in my town for over 101 bells apiece. I declined to buy them and asked Kokuto to check his. I popped over there and bought 200 for 96 bells apiece. Not much of a difference, but I suppose every penny counts.


My turnips had rotted this morning allowing me to catch flies. I caught one and then took the turnip over to Kokuto’s town for him. Trading rotten turnips. Ew.


yuck. yucky. yuck.

Kokuto’s Town

Since Kokuto can’t be made to blog or even upload the pictures he takes of his town, I took a few while I was there.

I don't know what this is, but it looks old...and mossy...and cold...

I don’t know what this is, but it looks old…and mossy…and cold…

snow mama and snow baby

Kokuto made the entire snow family today and then talked to the snow kid. Maybe tomorrow he’ll get something? The snow kid thanked him for bringing his family together.

I talked to his snow daddy. I still haven’t gotten a bingo. Now I’m one number away in four different spots. I wonder if I can score multiple items at once with a double bingo. I wish!

flower garden

Kokuto has a riotous spill of flowers

Snowpersons in Kasen

When I went back to my own village I did my usual snowball roundup. Here I am looking smug after making another happy snowman. Maybe I will get the whole snowman set before winter is done. The bingo items may be another matter…

happy snowman

Happy Snowman!

Birthday coming up

I received another invitation to a birthday party. This one was for Moe (ジンペイ) on January 12. I wonder what I’m supposed to give him? I don’t know him very well…I don’t think I’ve gone in his house since he’s unpacked.

Nook Wares

I didn’t do much in town today, but I did stop in to see what was for sale. You can now purchase genie lamps. I haven’t seen any on the ground, so maybe the wisp isn’t in this game? He never really gave me anything good any way.

nook wares

I had that bell yesterday…and the air conditioning. brrrrrr

Nook Wares 2

I couldn’t remember if I had that clock, so I bought it anyway.

K.K. Samba

This reminds me that Festivale is just around the corner!


Has it really been 60 days already? I haven’t been this consistent with something in….a long time. I have no intention of stopping, but some days are definitely more exciting than others. Today? Not so exciting. But, every day I get a happy snow man is good in my book. 😛

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 60

  1. I’m still desperately hoping they bring back the old Wisp from the Gamecube era. I’m clinging to that vague hope with every fiber of my being. Seeing as how you can purchase the lamp in Nook’s store now, I can only assume Wisp returns in some new form! Or perhaps an old form?

    … T^T

  2. ^^ Sorry but Wisp really isn’t in this game.

    In any car good job on holding out ’til the last day! I usually sell my turnips midweek or so. But then again, I’ve been quite good at predicting turnip patterns in my town lately.

    I would like to stop by your town (and vice versa) someday. I would love to talk to that lovely cat!

    Also, do either you or Kokuto have a red New Years hat extra? It’s the only one I’m missing. I’ll trade something nice for it. 🙂

  3. Hmm I wonder what the genie lamp does, if Wisp doesn’t appear in this game? Is it just decoration? (lame)

    Oh god. Festivale. Is that definitely going to be in this game? I really hope Pave isn’t as annoying, if he does show up.

    What the heck is that giant rock in Kokuto’s town? It looks like a molded over dinosaur egg. But it’s nice that you can play snowman bingo in other people’s towns too. Once everybody has the game, I bet the snowman bingo will go a lot faster. 🙂

  4. You’re so wonderful for being dedicated and posting a blog for virtually every day you play! It doesn’t matter if some days aren’t as exciting. 🙂 The truth is every day is different and you never know what you’re going to get – just as we come and read your blog because we don’t know… 🙂

    Thank you so much! x

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