Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 61

Stalk Market

AM: 88 bells

Street Pass

Part of why yesterday’s post was so short is that I was out for much of the day. My husband and I drove to San Jose to eat lunch at our favorite ramen restaurant. Despite the fact that it’s in a big strip mall with a Mitsuwa and San Jose’s Kinokuniya I rarely get street passes there. I’ve never gotten one there from Japan. I didn’t even think to check, but on a whim I opened up my 3DS to see if I got any puzzle pieces and I saw that one of the people I got had been playing Animal Crossing. I feel kinda bad that they got me on street pass right now. My house is a mess!

Street Pass Plaza

Kokuto gave me a heart balloon. Who’s that in the back???


Meet Hisappi from Ohshii Village

hisappi's house

Outside Hisappi’s house

front room 1

I got to order the Christmas Clock!

Front room 2

What’s the map I wonder? I couldn’t purchase it.

snow family furniture

I didn’t realize that this acted like nesting dolls. It’s so cute!

The back room was full of fishing tourney items. She has the lamps and the tv that I’m missing.

fishing tourney room

The west room was my favorite. It’s full of furniture that I can’t buy and can’t downloaded. It’s from 7 Eleven in Japan. All I could do was take pictures and enjoy it vicariously.


cash register

7 eleven model

7 eleven model! I want to put a bunch of these in the museum display room.

7 eleven light

security camera

Note the security camera. LOL

mermaid room

ahh the mermaid lamp I need


basement mish mash


All those big rooms gave me a push to go to the island and try and recoup some of the money I owe Kokuto because I’d really like to expand my house some more. I keep saying I’m going to sell my crown, but Kokuto insists I just work it off and keep the crown. So maybe I’ll stay a princess for a few more days. Even princesses have to work sometimes.

I think these ones are 10,000

I think these ones are 10,000

12,000 bells for a hercules beetle

12,000 bells for a hercules beetle

12,000 bells

12,000 bells


Today I got to play some sort of igloo game. There was no rock paper scissors.


Igloo on a gorgeous clear day

Cain. I might have asked him to move, but he didn't offer

Cain. I might have asked him to move, but he didn’t offer

He wanted to play something called the “5 Judge game”. From what I could glean there were 5 items and I had to pick on of them. I don’t know if I was trying to pick the right price or what. I picked the third one and got it. He said I had good timing. Maybe I’ll figure out the point of it on the next go round.

4677 bells seemed like a lot for a blue clock, so I moved on to the next item

4677 bells seemed like a lot for a blue clock, so I moved on to the next item

I was getting nervous by number 3, so I said yes to the hospital screen at 3836 bells

I was getting nervous by number 3, so I said yes to the hospital screen at 3836 bells

Still no Bingo

holy bingo card

holy bingo card

This is my bingo card. I think it will fall apart soon. I made another snow daddy today and got #27 up at the top punched too. It’s definitely getting ridiculous. If I don’t get one tomorrow I may boil my snow daddies alive.


No visitors today. Just the usual shopping and snowball hunting. But you got to see all the cool stuff that we’ll probably never get here (considering 7 Eleven isn’t quite the same here…) I’m hoping to go to Japan in early April this year *fingers crossed* maybe they’ll have something awesome going on while I’m there. I hope!

I don't think this is quite my style. I'll stick to the crown...

I don’t think this is quite my style. I’ll stick to the crown…

Woo! better matching socks!

Woo! better matching socks!

Yes I bought a marshmallow mailbox.

Yes I bought a marshmallow mailbox.

6 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 61

  1. I hope you get to go to Japan in April! I was there over Thanksgiving so here’s a 3DS tip- Clear out your streetpasses OFTEN! Multiple times a day. I would max out at 10 and get 10 more while I was playing with the first set of streetpass folks. I was streetpassing at least 50 people/day. Definitely would have gotten more if I could have cleared out my sets of 10 more frequently.

    Also, 80% of them were playing Animal Crossing. It was torture for me to not be able to play! Haha. But you’ll be in for LOTS of AC streetpass action while you’re there!

  2. Who WOULDN’T buy a marshmallow mailbox??

    Holy CRAP I almost died laughing at all that 7 Eleven stuff! I want!! I guess it can’t be ordered from the catalog?

    Congrats on finally getting an igloo game. Now if only we knew what the heck the game was supposed to be… lol! 😀

  3. I hope you have fun in April! I agree with Alison’s point about clearing your streetpass all the time! My favorite time was when I was in Tokyo Disney last week. I took some time to have a seat and clear out my streetpass stuff and I was getting more as I was clearing them xD I think I quit after 5 runs of the game (50 streetpasses) and I still had 10 waiting when I opened my 3DS again.

    Walking through a large station or a game area or a store guarantees a full streetpass list. And indeed, most people are playing animal crossing.

    Anyway, the map is from Maiko when you bring her to another town. It’s one of her gifts! 🙂 I’m collecting the 7/11 stuff again since they’re rerunning it in Jan/Feb due to the AC outage in Japan.

    Oh I wanted to ask: do you have your town open when you’re online? I leave a notice as my message on the FL if I’m open or closed (as well as a high turnip price if I have it). Just wondering if you’d like to come visit and viceversa.

  4. Gosh the thought of such an active StreetPass drives me nutty. How I would love to have my 3DS with me out and about and passing other people who play Animal Crossing!

    Jennifer, you make me laugh so much sometimes. Your cute blog writing is awesome: “boil Snow Daddy”… pahahaha! :’D

    And the hat not being your look, lol… totally agree. ^_^ You suit the princess look. 🙂

    I hope you have a great time in April. 🙂

  5. Well, I really hope I do get to go to 日本 in April. My husband and I have been saving to go for a while and just need the shove to buy tickets and make reservations. (We’re both very bad with planning). Tentatively we’d like to stay in Osaka for a bit and Tokyo for a bit.

    I’m excited to get people on street pass. Here I don’t get too many. If I go to the Sakura Festival in San Francisco I get a lot or the Zelda Symphony, but for the most part I’m lucky to get anyone when I’m out and about. And so far I’ve only gotten 2 people on Animal Crossing.

    Zen my husband will part with his red New Year’s hat for you. I’m a hoarder. 😛 I would like to wifi sometime. I’m really bad about opening my gates because I know very few people with the game and I’m shy and sloooooooow trying to type in Japanese. I see the furious orange blink that someone is online sometimes when I play, but I never put 2 and 2 together that it may be someone playing AC. 😛 I’ll try to check statuses more often and leave them myself. I’m much better with a planned meeting if you want to try to arrange a day and time so I can get you that hat.

  6. @Jen: Yay! thanks to your husband for the red hat! 🙂 I know just what to trade for it, too!

    Just let me know a good time and I can probably make it there (or you guys make it here, or both!). That’s the fun part of time differences xD

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