Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 65

Stalk Market

AM: 46 Bells
PM: 79 Bells

Weather Report

Weather looks good. Damn that means I should water!

Weather looks good. Damn that means I should water!

Weather is looking good today. So watering is in my forecast. Rats. But since it snowed yesterday I do have gyroids to dig up today. I only wish I had someplace to put them. But noooooo Brewster is giving me gyroids instead of taking mine. 😛


Blue Lotus Lamp

Blue Lotus Lamp

I picked up the lotus lamp and dropped off a pterodactyl. I want to put all the minis in one of my museum rooms, but they’re stuffed with junk at the moment. After I miniaturize each fossil I stop collecting those fossils and just sell them. The fossils take up the most room, so with a little luck I’ll start clearing out my fossil rooms (I have 2!) and make a snazzy prehistoric display room.

Pterodactyl remake

Pterodactyl pre-shrinking

miniature pterodactyl

tiny terror

This morning I gave Kaizo this one to shrink. I haven’t picked it up yet.

I think this is a triceratops...regardless, it's one more fossil I can stop hoarding!

I think this is a triceratops…regardless, it’s one more fossil I can stop hoarding!

Mortgage Woes

I did go on an island run last night and pay off my loan. Of course first thing this morning I told Nook I wanted my east (balloon) room bigger. I really would rather make the mermaid room bigger because if I get the lamp I have no place to put it…but maybe that will give me incentive to try and gather the necessary bells.

ugh big loan again

ugh big loan again

Mail Call

Apparently my slow gathering of snowman furniture is paying off with the HHA. I got a letter from them congratulating me on reaching 100,000 points. Enclosed was a gold trophy. I still think my house is a mess. I’ve started leaving fortune cookie slips all over the floor (to give to a certain Gluxbox when she gets the game—hopefully Monday!) and that must detract from my score.

Gold happy home academy trophy for 100,000 points

Gold happy home academy trophy for 100,000 points

The snowman’s letter included a snowman floor. It didn’t get to stay on the ground for long because Saharrah was wandering about today. I fashioned another attractive snowman today so tomorrow maybe I’ll get the wall—at least that’s what I’m hoping for.


I was disappointed with her design today. Both of the items she put up were common pieces I could buy at Nook’s.

Saharrah's Redesign

Fruit Floor and I don’t remember what the wall is except…ugly.

Gallery Wing

Blue Boy was genuine. Blathers quickly hung it up in our mostly empty gallery. It looks quite nice on the east wall of the first room.

Genuine Blue Boy hanging up in the museum.

Genuine Blue Boy hanging up in the museum.

Sera: Thanks for the tip about the “Summer” painting. After looking closely I do see the green bit of the carrot hanging off. Such a weird painting.

Badge Master

Apparently not only the happy home academy has noticed my accidental home-styling prowess. The badge master showed up and gave me the silver happy home badge.

Happy Home Silver badge

Happy Home Silver badge

Happy Home Silver Badge

This is a badge for people who score rather high with the Happy Home Academy

A Note on Grass

bare spots

bare spots

I still don’t run much in my town, and usually only on paths which I don’t look under…but I don’t see a lot of wear and tear on the ground. Certainly not like City Folk, which was awful. I mentioned that from the start my town has had bald spots in the grass (and snow) and that flowers don’t patch it up like they used to.

Other readers have told me that eventually I’ll be able to buy fertilizer to fix it up. I imagine that comes with the next upgrade of the gardening store. I’ve been biding my time and trying not to mention the grass issue because I don’t have any meaningful information about it yet.

Suffice it to say I don’t think it’s as much of an issue as it was (thank god!). And when I get fertilizer I’m sure you’ll see day by day accounts of its effectiveness if you stick around and read.


Going to try for the island tonight. I wasn’t up for scallop hunting last night, but maybe I’ll give that a go too. I love running into Pascal even if I can’t understand his stoner wisdom. Although watching him float over the boundary ropes is just not the same as watching him plunge backwards head first over the waterfall.

Zen you want to try and come over tonight? I can’t have my gates open while I’m at the island, but if I see a mad blink blink that someone’s online I’ll go open them.

Hakase and I played virtual soccer between the trees. I made a great pass and he score because of it. Go us!

Hakase and I played virtual soccer between the trees. I made a great pass and he scored because of it. Go us!

Champ came in for my tasty coffee.

Champ came in for my tasty coffee.

8 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 65

  1. Fertilizer actually doesn’t help your grass wear at all. It makes hybrids and delicious fruit grow more often.

  2. The triceratops-looking dinosaur is a styracosaurus and the wallpaper Saharah gave you is an imperial wall.

  3. sounds good. 🙂 It’s 223P here atm, so it should be 923P your time. I’ll be online in a second 🙂

  4. ^^ yay! I don’t see you online with gate open just yet, but I’ll still be here. finishing some errands in my town 🙂

  5. 503p my time. haven’t seen you online yet, but i’m leaving to meet some friends for dinner and games soon. Maybe tomorrow? I’ll be on earlier than 8PMPST possibly 5PM or 6PM PST. You’re at 5155-3157-1276, right? i’ll see you then, hopefully 🙂

    Zen – 0602-6348-8733

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