Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 68

Stalk Market

AM: 131 Bells
PM: 109 Bells

Please let this not be a slowly sinking week…

Busy Busy Busy

What  or rather who the heck?

What or rather who the heck?

I started a new character to hold stuff. His name is Ryuuji after Tora Dora‘s thug-looking main character. Thug doesn’t translate well to Animal Crossing and he just looks kinda sleepy. I had to go through all of the “advice” from Shizue which was annoying the second time around since I mostly didn’t read anything and just pressed buttons. It took forever before she gave me a regular watering can and sent me on my way.

(Gluxbox: I didn’t even think about the pre-mayoral duties to take screenshots for you. I imagine that’s where you are/were in the game. Let me know if you need help with that part since it’s fresh in my mind)

Meet Ryuuji

Meet Ryuuji

He’s still living in a tent. Tomorrow he’ll get a house. I did get an extra gold watering can which I will gladly loan out to a certain spicy condiment named village.

I’m gonna try and make this post brief (too late) because I’m tired. Sooooo, if you don’t get your fix check out all 2,650 pics (I haven’t even uploaded all of them!) on my flickr.

And because I sat through a three hour Japanese class tonight I can’t help but do most of the titles 日本語で.


The snowman sent me a much needed table. I made another perfect snowman. Only a couple more regular snowmen to go before I focus my efforts on snow daddies and eventually to families if winter is long enough…



This Saturday is the fishing tourney! I got a notice on the board. I don’t know whether it will be for a specific fish or a general tourney, but I intend to compete.


Lillian told me that Gracie Grace was in town. I about freaked out. I certainly couldn’t talk to her wearing my mish mash, so I made the easiest transition to coordination and changed into my Samus costume. Cosplay is better than nothing. I almost talked to her as Santa…

"It looks like Miss Grace is in town"

“It looks like Miss Grace is in town”

She's so imposing standing all alone in the town square. At least she doesn't have her car with her.

She’s so imposing standing all alone in the town square. At least she doesn’t have her car with her.

WTF are you supposed to be??? (I can hear her thinking)

WTF are you supposed to be??? (I can hear her thinking)

I don’t think it would have mattered what I wore talking to her initially. She told me she was thinking of starting a store in Kasen village (please please!) and she wanted to check my (nonexistent) fashion sense. I was instructed to show her a “modern” outfit. My checklist book doesn’t show what style items are. E.G. modern, fancy, gorgeous, sporty, etc. So I went to the internet. I hadn’t done any research on Gracie so I really wasn’t prepared for her visit. While I could find and order a modern shirt and skirt I didn’t have anything other than that. No shoes, no hat, no accessories, no socks. I don’t even know if socks have a style…

I sent Kokuto to see what he had and he had サボ sabot? shoes (apparently they’re french wooden shoes?) which were supposed to be modern. They don’t sound modern. But those were the only shoes listed as modern in the wiki. I’m seriously tempted to buy a guidebook. But I know there are at least four different ones and I don’t know which ones have which info.

I digress. So I didn’t know if I had to have a hat and accessories—

I had to wait till 5pm when my mail arrived to show the outfit I concocted to her. In the meantime…


Today’s igloo contained a mouse named Sarah. She wanted to play games too. She apparently had 3 playing cards and I had to guess which one was the queen. I guessed correctly every time and won bowling pins. She later informed me that all the cards were queens, so my luck wasn’t as good as I thought.

Sarah the Camper


Someone dropped a glove. No one seemed to recognize it. I talked to more than Lillian and Nelson. These are the abridged screenshots.

Someone dropped this lovely glove (no that's not what it says)

Someone dropped this lovely glove (no that’s not what it says)

"Sorry, I don't recognize this"

“Sorry, I don’t recognize this”

"Is this...It's my glove!"

“This is…Isn’t this my glove?!”


I actually got two new fortune cookie items today: metroid and the flag pole. Now if only I had a place to display them…



I remade my rice cooker. Thanks Zen for telling me a lot of what could be remade. I forgot what I told Kaizo to turn it into. LOL. I didn’t pick Paella. 😉 Then I remade my toaster to make heart-shaped toast.

I forget what the heck that's supposed to be...

I forget what the heck that’s supposed to be…

heart-shaped toast

Then I remade a chalkboard. It went from ordinary chalkboard to music note chalkboard.

Music note chalkboard

Music note chalkboard


As my first emotion on page two I got: sneezing. I hope this isn’t an omen. I haven’t been feeling the greatest the last few days.

I'd show you a pic of me sneezing in my Samus helmet, but I haven't gotten the timing down on that.

I’d show you a pic of me sneezing in my Samus helmet, but I haven’t gotten the timing down on that.


I had Kokuto come to my town to give me shoes and my mail didn’t come. Finally at 5pm it arrived and I changed into what I thought was a semi-cute modern-ish outfit.


It could have been worse. I don’t think the tights were modern. But I don’t know if there were any.

I should probably mention that a balloon started floating by when I began talking to Gracie so I was trying to rush through the conversation and may have missed important pieces of it. The stupid balloon was another silver slingshot. I must have shot down four or five of those. I either get those or the balloon hat.

F A S H I O N  C H E C K


So after rereading and looking up the fashion check after the fact, I think Gracie pretty much told me that I sucked but I tried hard and I think she said I passed…and she gave me a shirt. There are no examples on the blog I looked at of failing and not getting an item, so I don’t know if you can fail.

I think she says she's giving me a bonus for passing.

I think she says she’s giving me a bonus for passing.

Tiger striped shirt from Gracie

Tiger striped shirt from Gracie

Now I wish I had made Taiga (tiger) from ToraDora instead of Ryuuji! Oh well. I ordered some other items so I can rock that shirt tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks so much for lending me the gold watering can! I was in desperate need. 🙂

    Sorry things didn’t go so well with Gracie, but now that she has a shop in town you can improve your style!

    I think I accidentally cancelled the construction of the bridge in Wasabi. If you could give me a quick overview of what Shizue’s menu options are at the Mayor’s desk, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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