Mayoral Menus for Gluxbox ;)

From Behind the Mayor’s Desk

This is the first menu you see when you talk to Shizue from your desk.
Mayor's office menu from the mayor's desk

  • Public Utilities (whatever you want to call them, placing things around town)
  • Ordinances (beautiful town, late night, etc.)
  • Nothing

If you select Public Utilities you see this menu:

Public Utilities Menu

  • Build a New Utility
  • Demolish one
  • Nothing

If you select Ordinances from the first menu you see this menu:
Ordinance Menu

  • Beautiful Village (flowers don’t wilt)
  • Early Village (shops open earlier)
  • Late Village (shops stay open late)
  • Rich Village (needs confirmation–I believe items sell for twice the price, but buying items also costs twice as much)
  • nothing

Front Counter Menu

The menu from the front counter is:
Mayor's office Menu from the counter

  • About the environment (for perfect town)
  • Change the town tune
  • Change the flag
  • About the villagers (I think to say they’re offensive)
  • nothing

One thought on “Mayoral Menus for Gluxbox ;)

  1. Thank you so much!!! Just a simple thing like that should help me avoid pitfalls like accidentally canceling construction jobs lol! You’re the best! I’ll let you know if there’s anything else like that which might help me. Honestly I am picking up some things. I can recognize the words for Cancel/Close and Balloon now! lol XD

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