Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 78

Stalk Market

AM: 66 Bells
PM: 62 Bells


I have a hell of a headache, so we’re gonna make this short.

Last Night

Due to reasonably high turnip prices Neko came over to sell. There was still a blizzard raging in Kasen and not much else going on. I wasn’t being a very good host because Kokuto kept talking to me about our impending travel plans (to SLC in March and the possibility of Japan in April or waiting until July to go. I think if we don’t go soon we’ll just put it off indefinitely. I digress, much like I did while she was visiting. Sorry!)





After Neko left I went to the island and did a little renovating. I chopped down the tree next to the hut because I never see any worthwhile bugs on it. I left the stump to see if anything new would spawn. And voila I got whatever this thing is. I couldn’t bear to rid my island of flowers, so I put them all in my box while I’m catching things and then put them back when I’m done. None of the blue butterflies spawn when they’re picked up, so I’m not tempted to catch them which is kind of nice.

I caught some funky bug I've never seen before

I caught some funky bug I’ve never seen before


Today I’ve been playing in broken pieces of time in between cup cake joints—one of Kokuto’s friends is in town and we went about town picking up desserts for her. My waistline is sad because I can’t say no to tiny cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.

Kaizo’s Corner

I still found time to remake something.

I dropped off 3 gold ores

I dropped off 3 gold ores

I think this is the gold woman statue. Hard to tell since it doesn't have 3D boobs leaping out at me like the venus statue

I think this is the gold woman statue. Hard to tell since it doesn’t have 3D boobs leaping out at me like the venus statue

Annnnnd I'm making a tiny raptor

Annnnnd I’m making a tiny raptor


Apparently there are two angry emotions. This is the second. I got frog pants from kokuto. And I have the frog hat (pictured). Anyone have the shirt?



Little Head

I let Ryuuji out to play a little. We’re not letting him make snowmen again. He does a worse job than Yumi. I made a TINY headed snow daddy. I didn’t know that if I made him completely misshapen (which I did on purpose) that he wouldn’t give me a bingo card or spin. Boo!



I found Maikochan wandering again. I convinced Kokuto to let her go back over since I didn’t have any other options at the time. I wonder what she’ll send Ryuuji.

Not "lost" (maigo), my name's Maiko! ♥

Not “lost” (maigo), my name’s Maiko! ♥

Still no Luck at the Island

I took Ryuuji to the island for the first time. He came back with some aloha shorts, but didn’t have a mermaid bed or sofa. Kokuto checked his island too, nothin’.

when ryuuji gets sick of pikmin and dragons I think he'll go island style.

when ryuuji gets sick of pikmin and dragons I think he’ll go island style.


gaaaaaahhhh heaaaaaaadaaaache!. おやすみ

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  1. LOL no worries, JDubz and I are always chatting while I play so sometimes I’m not as responsive either! 😛

    Great idea to do some maintenance on the island – I’ve been thinking about doing that as well. Some of the palm trees are poorly placed on my island, and result in my scaring away more bugs than catching them. And I’m having memories of ACCF when I chopped down most of the palm trees so that every remaining tree would have a higher chance of having a big beetle on it. I didn’t know there were stump bugs for palm trees so I’ll be doing that asap! Good call on picking up the flowers – I always get annoyed when the emperor butterflies show up! They are taking up spots for better bugs to spawn. YAY good ideas!! 😀

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