Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 84

Stalk Market

AM: 70 Bells
PM: 65 Bells

Definitely starting to sweat. I don’t want to go down with the ship.

Lost Item

I found something else someone had dropped down by the river today.

someone dropped that

someone dropped that

Most of my townies weren’t home at the time. They were probably out shopping or perusing the museum. I asked the few people I saw around and nobody recognised the item. I saw smoke coming from margie’s house so I went in to see if maybe it was hers. It was!

She was so happy to see the dropped item that she gave me—her picture! My first townie picture!

If you like, I'll give you my picture as thanks.

If you like, I’ll give you my picture as thanks.

When you look at it it tells you her birthday, her sign (she's aquarius) and her saying. I don't quite understand her saying 0.o

When you look at it it tells you her birthday, her sign (she’s aquarius) and her saying. I don’t quite understand her saying 0.o

Her saying is: 「色の白いは 七難隠す」
which seems like it’s “the color white hides defects” or something like that. Can anyone translate or give insight? I’m curious.

In other news

There really isn’t any. ww. There aren’t any visitors. I’m taking a break after my massive dino-overhaul. Though I did get another fossil I needed to make another mini.

I need 4 more emotions to complete the set. I can’t wait to get the final one. It’s Shrunk’s dance that all of my friends keep doing. And you get his hideous blazer as well. Today he taught me surprise. Which is hard to capture on camera. 😉

See, can't even capture Shrunk being surprised.

See, can’t even capture Shrunk being surprised.

me trying it. I just look taken aback.

me trying it. I just look taken aback.

The Gallery Wing

I donated “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” without incident today. It’s hanging proudly on the north wall of the first gallery room.

Sort of a Visitor

To say I had no visitors is a bit of a falsehood. I made plans with Nelson for him to visit at 12:30. I forgot all about having him over, but managed to enter my house at just the right time. I thought someone was barging in on me again, but then I remembered I had scheduled this meeting. My bad.


"Finally it's just the two of us" I don't like where this is going...

“Finally it’s just the two of us”
I don’t like where this is going…

He's asking if I have any secret rooms. I don't like where that's going either...

He’s asking if I have any secret rooms. I don’t like where that’s going either…

I swear he's saying it smells like me. Nelson, you're cut off.

I swear he’s saying it smells like me. Nelson, you’re cut off.

Unless I’m way off base in my translation (which is entirely possible) Nelson is way creepy. I always get this vibe from him though, like he’s “Casanova” type personality or something. Supposedly he’s snobbish. Not so much.

7 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 84

  1. “A white elephant is an idiom for a valuable but burdensome possession of which its owner cannot dispose and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) is out of proportion to its usefulness or worth.”

    Quote from Wikipedia. Maybe Margie’s saying is related to that? Just a random-ish idea!

    By the way… THIS BLOG IS AWESOME!!! 😀

  2. I love your blog! It’s been so helpful to me and makes we want AC:NL more and more by the day! I have a few questions though.
    Here they are;
    1) Are there certain community projects that have to be requested by a villager before you can get it? (I was certain that you could place them at anytime but one of your recent post has made me worried)
    2) How close can community projects be to houses, trees, other community projects, etc.?
    3) Can you edit all furniture( including holiday furniture)?
    4) I know that you have to have at least a back room, left room, right room, middle room, upstairs, and a basement and have them all paid off but how much do the ‘home styles’ cost. I don’t the exact term but you can get a Western Castle, Eastern Castle (Japanese), Apartment, and Cottage( regular house).

    I hope I won’t cause to much trouble because of multiple questions.

    P.S. I hope you get lucky tomorrow with the turnip prices!

  3. @Bushy Glad you like the blog. I’ll try and answer your questions.

    1) When you start you have some community projects. (I don’t know the exact number) a bridge, the campground, outside lights etc. In order to get new community projects (most of them) must be requested by a villager. There are exceptions, like the shops which often come from random events—I still haven’t had anyone request a police box, so I can’t get a lost and found.

    2) I’m not entirely certain. My street lights are two apart and that’s fine. I think they must be two spaces apart at least, but it may depend on the item. Shizue will make it perfectly clear whether or not she’ll let you put something down and she’ll tell you why not if she won’t let you.

    3) No. Only some items can be remade. I don’t believe the holiday furniture can.

    4) You made me work for this one because I can’t get these yet. I have two more rooms to make bigger/pay off. It looks like the cottage is 128,000 bells and the others are all 398,000 each.

    Gah I don’t think good turnip prices are in the cards this week. I made Kokuto check and his are 55 bells. 🙁

  4. thank you for anwsering my questions. maybe you have to return a set amount of lost items for a neighbor to request the police box. makes sense since it is the lost and found

  5. I wonder what triggers a townie requesting certain Town Utilities. Cuz I now have the Windmill in my list of options too. How am I getting these extravagant requests? Don’t these animals know that I can’t pay off my house AND these huge community projects?? #mayorproblems

  6. LOL #mayorproblems Upgrading your town and your house is definitely a marathon and not a sprint (unless you get ultra lucky in the stalk market). I’m jealous of your windmill and your lighthouse requests! None of my townies have asked for those. Nooo mine want wind turbines or stadium lights. What do they think we are in Kasen, green football fans? 😛

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