Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 87

Stalk Market

AM: 62 Bells
PM: 57 Bells

Good call selling for a small profit. I hoped it would spike today and it didn’t. I second Neko’s thought posted on my bulletin board:

Money Grubbing

I paid off my home loan last night. Nook housing was closed, so I didn’t get to tell him to enlarge my basement—my final room—until this morning. 598,000 bells and I’m out of home loan debt. I can almost taste the freedom.

I paid off my home loan!

I paid off my home loan!

I even braved talking to Lyle. I think after I pay off my home loan entirely I get to join the VIP club at the HHA. I’m not sure if that’s the case or if I need a certain number of points. I talked to Lyle. He didn’t tell me. I suppose I’ll have to dig around in my guide. I did find out that I got 181,017 points for my house, not too shabby considering I have 2 rooms that are incomplete and one that’s full of a full set and then lots of other stuff that needs a home.



I get a little excited when I get someone new on streetpass.

This is Tadazo~ from Hacchipocchi village

This is Tadazo~ from Hacchipocchi village

Outside his house

Outside his house

oooh the sled!

oooh the sled!



I've got my eye on the rococo sofa

I’ve got my eye on the rococo sofa

It’s not November…

I was wandering around Lillian’s house watering flowers when I spotted a curious object next to a stump. I’ve only seen those in the Nintendo Dream Land. It’s a “famous” mushroom. I don’t know why it appeared, but I didn’t eat it. We’re drug free over in Kasen. 😉

famous mushroom


Muhaha! I watched the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct from the other day and saw how you can wake Gulliver up with a megaphone. I had to try it. Not only did it work, but it freaked him out that I knew his name. I think he may have some serious neural issues.




"This country is very lush! The whole thing is green. It's called the emerald isle!"

“This country is very lush! The whole thing is green. It’s called the emerald isle!”

"The shamrock is the country's symbol! It's a clover"

“The shamrock is the country’s symbol! It’s a clover”

"and this country's music influences a variety of music!"

“and this country’s music influences a variety of music!”

"so it's called Irish music..."

“so it’s called Irish music…”

Oh! Irish?

Oh! Irish?

Gulliver obviously answered his own question with that one. My choices were:

  • Greenland
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • Brazil

I did not get suckered into picking Greenland. Let’s see what he sends me tomorrow.

Second to last emotion:

Stink eye.

Kaizo’s Corner

poster remake take 2. Still not very evocative of fossils...

poster remake take 2. Still not very evocative of fossils…

Gold CD player pre-remake

Gold CD player pre-remake

I don’t like the way this one turned out. It looks kinda dingy.

gold cd player post-remake

gold cd player post-remake

drum set pre-remake

drum set pre-remake

Just cause I don’t have a music room yet doesn’t mean I don’t want one. 😉 I think my basement may need to be turned into a garage band space.

drum set post-remake If I could draw I would so make my own logo for the drum head.

drum set post-remake
If I could draw I would so make my own logo for the drum head.

I got three gold ores...wonder which piece of the set I'll get

I got three gold ores…wonder which piece of the set I’ll get


Tomorrow is Setsubun. I can’t wait to throw beans at townies (I bought them in the store today) and run around in ogre masks.

I’m also going to try and get up super early and visit friends in Japan again. Wish me luck with consciousness.

I’m seriously thinking of starting a wish list. I’m fairly desperate for a lovely closet and floor, a cowboy hat, and a fricking balloon wall. Just off the top of my head. 😉

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 87

  1. I got my eye on the Rococo series,too! It will go great with my house ‘theme’ I’m planning.

  2. Let me know if you need the rest of the rococo set 🙂 I actually sold the whole thing to match my VIP theme.

    181k isn’t bad. You get a ton of points for getting the furniture set of the season. It’ll drop in spring if you keep the snow stuff out.

    Also, eating the mushroom there would make you grow large and then shrink back down. Quite fun. But don’t give it to shrunk since it has no effect on him.

  3. @Zen
    As far as the rococo goes I think I have the sofa and the wall sconce. I would love to catalog anything else. 🙂 Aren’t the rest spotlight items? I just end up with a bunch of number lamps for spotlight items. The only other things I’ve gotten were the moon and the crew chair.

    They sure encourage you to change your rooms around a lot if you want a high score. I only found out about high scoring seasonal items from the February issue of Nintendo Dream that I picked up the other day. Unfortunately it only covers a few items from winter. I imagine the guide I got may have more info, but I haven’t made my way through the whole thing. It’s monstrous!

    I was just going to say that there was no way I was giving Shrunk the mushroom because I was done with emotions…then I realized that I was so tired today I forgot to go and get my last emotion. Oh well. Something to look forward to tomorrow. I think he’ll be getting another plain old peach. And he’ll like it!

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