Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 88

Stalk Market


Joan sold turnips for 93 bells apiece. I scrounged enough money to buy 1,000. *crosses fingers*


I was due in Orentoiro at around 7am this morning. But the cat threw up around 6 and woke me up (fortunately she only rarely throws up) and I couldn’t go back to sleep after that so I got up and made myself some coffee. Sooooo this is just a heads up that I haven’t slept much and this may turn into incoherent mumbo jumbo as my caffeine buzz slips quietly away.

I was up early enough to catch the exercise show on tv

I was up early enough to catch the exercise show on tv


Shizue is handing out ogre masks in town square. I grabbed a red one and put my blue one in my pockets, grabbed my beans and headed for my friend Mikuro’s town. It was a little early in Kasen for bean throwing. All my townies were asleep…

オレントイロに行く- Going to Orentoiro

I arrived in Mikuro’s town not wearing my Oni mask. I was immediately accosted by—an ogre! I chucked beans at him.

Out with demons!  (鬼は外!)

Out with Demons!

But it wasn’t an ogre. It was just Mikuro in his mask. I put on my red one and asked him to take pics at the cutout in town square. That’s quickly turning into one of my favorite new additions to the game.

Demon powers activate! (or something)

Demon powers activate! (or something)

I didn’t see Mikuro’s house on my last visit, so I asked to go see it. He has a lot of townie pictures! I hope I get as many someday. I’ve started writing 4 letters a day to villagers in the hopes of becoming better friends. It’s a start.



Year of the dragon? Wasn't that last year? TT? hmmm

Year of the dragon? Wasn’t that last year? TT? hmmm



I didn’t see all of Mikuro’s house because I asked to catalog a gold cat and then we got distracted with bean throwing and then Neko showed up. Yay! More photo ops. 🙂





I caught a funamushi. Ewww P.S. The glasses were a present from Mikuro. Thanks! おしゃれなカウボーイです! ww

I caught a funamushi. Ewww
P.S. The glasses were a present from Mikuro. Thanks! おしゃれなカウボーイです! ww

We did a couple hide-and-seek tours on the island and then called it a night…or a day…depending on who you talk to.


Gulliver’s Present

For guiding him (not that he needed the help) back to Ireland, Gulliver sent me a shamrock clock.

Shamrock Clock

Shamrock Clock

Somebody Lost Something…

Everybody’s losing things these days. I was hoping returning it would net me another picture.

Someone lost a book

Someone lost a book

nope. not nelson's

nope. not nelson’s

OMG! Isn't that my diary?

Isn’t that my diary?

Alas she didn’t give me her picture. I got a pine chair for bringing back her diary unread.

Terrorizing the townies

More people were awake so I put on my ogre mask and went around scaring whoever I found.

out with demons! in with luck! (or something like that)

out with demons!
in with luck! (or something like that)

out with demons! in with luck! ha ha!

out with demons!
in with luck!
ha ha!

Depending on their personalities, the villagers behave a little differently when they encounter the ogre. Some of them get worried that they threw the beans too hard and hit you. Some of them are very sing song in their chant, and some of them give you the stink eye while they’re banishing you.

Lillian very determinedly banishing Ryuuji

Lillian very determinedly banishing Ryuuji

and then apologizing because she may have hurt him ♥

and then apologizing because she may have hurt him ♥

But if you show up wearing the demon mask and carrying the beans they get a little confused. A demon carrying beans? But… (I forgot to snap pics of that)

Kaizo’s Corner

oh rats! I already have the gold clock in all its awesomeness. Anyone have something to trade for it?

gold clock: looking for a new home

gold clock: looking for a new home

woo! one more mini (7 more to go)

woo! one more mini (7 more to go)

newest mini

newest mini

morning glory pre-remake

morning glory pre-remake

They’re going to be red post-remake. But *yawn* I haven’t picked them up yet.

6 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 88

  1. Okay, this event sounds really interesting, i’m hoping we’ll have it in NA and Europe’s games too. Sounds fun to do! Question i have though, how do you get those “carboard” cutouts, are they buyable in the store or a gift in the mail or what? And you’re gonna change your morning glory to what? Hmm….can you remake clothes? Just wondering?

  2. Tammy, the cardboard cutouts just appear in your town square. I assume Shizue hauls them out from some super secret storage area. They’re magically there for holidays and then gone after, so take pics while you can. 🙂

    I wish they would keep in the Japanese holidays for the US/EU versions, but I somehow don’t think they will if previous games are any indication. Half the fun of City Folk was visiting Japanese friends and getting their neat swag on holidays and vice versa. I like it because I’m learning a lot of strange cultural tidbits because of the game.

    You can only remake furniture and gold gemstones as far as I’m aware, but that’s what the “my design” section is for, to create unique clothes or barring that, scan QR codes of clothes that others have made, which is much more my cup of tea since I’m not very good with making patterns. 🙂

    The morning glory should be remade with red flowers instead of blue ones. I got a little incoherent at the end.

  3. I absolutely love reading your posts. They are helping me immensely in playing New Leaf myself. XD I don’t speak or read a lick of Japanese yet (unless you count Peach). Just wanted to let you know; I also gave your blog a shout out on Tumblr since I would have known nothing about today’s event if not for you.

  4. @Maren I’m glad my posts are helpful! If you ever have questions about things feel free to ask. I like at least attempting to answer them. I don’t know everything, but I like to dig around and find out. 🙂

  5. I was looking through some of your old post and I saw something. In one of your neighbor’s house, I saw, in the new white ostrich’s home, a Jacob’s Ladder. The picture was under the first Animal Crossing New Leaf post so that got me thinking. Does Jacob’s Ladder appear as a buy-able plant from Lazy? An Animal Crossing wiki says that they pop up time to time, even when you don’t have a perfect town, but they only think that. Personally I hope it’s either of the two, or both, because I find it hard to have sixteen trees per ‘acre’ when there’s no definite change between them.

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