8 thoughts on “Sexy! Festivale!

  1. I got the impression that Pave was a guy. The way I pronounce his name seems male to me (Pah-vey) Then again I haven’t played City Folk so it’s only based on pictures.

  2. pave is a peacock which is always male,a female is called a peahen,and does not have the colorful tails.(if my memerey is correct peanhen dont have a tail at all and are completley grey,with almost no color). the dance pave does is an male mateing dance. good thing I know about peacocks and peahen,Iam a country boy after all.

    p.s. garciea is a boy too,but changed to a girl for us version.(japan said the reason was that america is too judgmental at the idea of a male fashion disgner,since americans thinks all male fashion disgner are gay,and since some american are homopobeic that leaving him male would anger parents and hurt sales.)

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