Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 105 & 106

Stalk Market

Day 105

AM: 350 Bells
PM: 201 Bells

Day 106

AM: 125 Bells
PM: 74 Bells
350 bells per turnip

Day 104’s evening turnip price was 202. I don’t have much faith in the stalk market, so I thought that might be the high for Kasen Village this week…but it was only Tuesday…I sold half of my turnips just in case. I was happy I didn’t unload them all because the prices spiked the next morning to 350 bells apiece. I got a proper return on my investment this week and Kokuto and Neko were able to come sell theirs as well. It’s nice to have a small stalk market network. I hope it grows once the English version comes out. 😉

Day 105

New DlC!

Pete was waiting outside my house this morning. Funny, I wasn’t expecting a package. My letters were full, but without much of a fuss Pete left the package in with the other mail and went on his way. The letter contained a Campus Closet; the first in a series of eight stationary related DLC from Kokuyo.

The neat thing about the set is that four of the items are able to be remade at R. Parker’s. The Campus Closet can be changed into several different colors. It starts off red, but you can change it blue, violet, yellow, green, and more.

Campus Closet

It’s a bit expensive, but it can be ordered.

violet Campus Closet

Ryuuji’s Campus Closet—violet post remake


The village’s visitor was Katrina. She mentioned luck with health. Considering I’ve been falling over all day I think she cursed me…Maybe I should have listened to her and put on the “modern bottoms” like she said.

modern bottoms...

modern bottoms…


Lillian is still sick and I’m trying to nurse her back to health.

Today I'm not feeling very good and I can't play...

Today I’m not feeling very good and I can’t play…

Day 106

I dug up a time capsule today. I had forgotten who asked me to bury it in the first place. Fortunately it was the first person I asked—Nelson. This is the first time I have successfully returned a time capsule without pissing anyone off. I didn’t open it. I didn’t read the letter. I just gave it back to the originating party untouched.

Well then, shall we open it together?

Well then, shall we open it together?

Inside was a “Marine Border Shirt”, but after opening it we read the letter together too. He gave me a big…instrument…for my troubles. It’s actually pretty cool. I’m just having trouble translating it.

Nelson's present (the thing in front of me) in my very crowded room

Nelson’s present (the thing in front of me) in my very crowded room

Shirking Duties

The rest of the day was spent visiting. Zen came over to pick up a few things and ended up touring my little hamlet. Then I had to go to his village to see his awesome fairy tale town hall.

seated dancing on the ski lift. ww

seated dancing on the ski lift. ww

Maikochan is pretty talented

Maikochan is pretty talented

Fairy Tale town hall

Fairy Tale town hall

And matching fairy tale bench

And matching fairy tale bench

I can't wait for Halloween!

I can’t wait for Halloween!

ooooh wall tv. I keep thinking Next Generation: "On Screen!"

ooooh wall tv. I keep thinking Next Generation: “On Screen!”

In other news..

Lillian is all better. She gave me a royal lamp for nursing her back to health.

Taiga’s letter campaign is still going strong and her mailbox was shaking violently this morning. She actually got several presents back from townies. Maybe she’s better at writing townies than Yumi.

Zen also informed me of a second wave of 7 Eleven items coming out from March 1 – May 9. Now I have to get to Japan in April so I can be a complete tourist Otaku (that seems like an oxymoron…) and download items at 7 Eleven. Do they do it on the sly in Japan? Whenever I get download stuff for Pokémon here at toys r us I try and download items nonchalantly outside and hope nobody notices me.


6 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 105 & 106

  1. Awesome! I forgot to buy turnip this week..awww

    Anyway, do you have any suggestion on how to get the villagers’ pics?
    I’ve played since new year and havent got any (yet)
    Thank you

  2. I’m not much of an expert on getting villagers’ pictures since I only have two. The only things I can think of are to write them letters, do what they ask, and try and send them things that they’ll like (either the types of clothes or colors that they might like).

  3. thanks! 🙂 Im not good at guessing what they like but I always say yes when they want me to do something (including buy stuff from them.. very expensive lol )

  4. Wowww I forgot that you can change the Town Hall too! Zen is so lucky. His town just gets cooler and cooler! Thanks again for the head’s up on that turnip price, I was very worried cuz the buying price I paid was 107! I needed a boost so that was a big help! 🙂

    I was shocked when I realized that campus notebook was a closet. Now I’m even more shocked at the price lol! That’s one expensive pack of notebooks…

  5. Jennifer, I just have to say I’m obsessed with your blog 😀 I’m a month behind you in the game, but I can’t help spoiling myself about what’s coming up.

    But you can definitely just hang outside of 7-11s and download when you come to Japan. I do it all the time. I get some stares, but I’m pretty sure they’re just because I’m a foreigner.

  6. @Andrew I’m not sure which path is the fairytale path. If you mean the purple brick one I got that out of the June issue of famitsu DS + wii, a Japanese magazine. The path in my Japanese town I got from here: Quest Nikki The aurora screen was Japanese DLC. By techno stuff I assume you mean the sci-fi room? It’s the sci-fi wall.

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