Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 112 & 113

Stalk Market

Day 112

AM: 113 Bells
PM: Apparently I didn’t look. Sheesh I’m slipping. It could have been 600 for all I know.

Day 113

AM: 69 Bells
PM: 102 Bells

I didn’t think my turnips would do well this week so I was counting on Kokuto’s market. Unfortunately I got greedy. His spiked Tuesday night at 183. I thought they may be higher in the morning so didn’t sell. They were 142 in the morning. I didn’t sell. Thereafter they’ve been in the double digits. Definitely doomed unless someone else can bail me out. (Glux, Zen I’m looking in your direction.)

Meteor Shower

Neko came over Tuesday night to get a petition signed and after she finished collecting signatures the meteors started flying. (Fortunately no one was injured.) We both wished on the shooting stars. I got a Rococo closet, a spotlight item, from the shooting star. I’m pretty pleased with that item.

Neko collecting Moe's signature

Neko collecting Moe’s signature






Day 112

My day started off with a visit from Pete. He was delivering a letter from Nintendo containing an eraser chair. The second in the stationery series from Kokuyo. It can be ordered from the catalog for a steep 23,760 bells.

Believe it or not it's white in this pic. The lighting is just really bad in my house .

Believe it or not it’s white in this pic. The lighting is just really bad in my house .

You can change it pink or blue.

You can change it pink or blue.

The eraser bench remade pink

The eraser bench remade pink

After dropping of the chair with Kaizo I ran around talking to townies. Lillian dropped the M-Bomb on me—that she wants to move. I talked her out of it. Inochi wanted me to get him a fish. I obliged. At least he didn’t want a stringfish. And I found someone’s mitten over by town hall…

Someone's mitten

Someone’s mitten

It turned out to belong to Nelson. I don’t think I was properly compensated for its return. I got a sleeveless shirt. It’s too cold for sleeveless shirts!

Nelson accepting the safe return of his glove.

Nelson accepting the safe return of his glove.

Museum Art Wing

I turned in the painting purchased from Redd. It was authentic. Hooray! It’s now hanging in the art wing of the museum.

New legitimate painting on the left.

New legitimate painting on the left.

New Town Project

I decided that the area around the fountain needs to be beautified in some manor. I plopped the fountain down in a spot that has several bald spots to the north and west and it’s just south of the bulletin board. It’s not the best location. So in attempt to make it snazzier I’m putting the illumination arch in front of it. It will look like a hunk of wire during the day, but glow softly at night. Now I just need to scrape together the 148,000 bells.

Illumination arch proposed location

Illumination arch proposed location

Day 113

And today I have no visitors. Not even Pete. I paid off my illumination arch. It should be completed tomorrow. I played delivery person for Lillian—and she still hasn’t given me her picture. I brought Moe a squid. I gave Yuka a delicious peach when she asked for a regular peach. She was grateful and gave me a round radar from the sci-fi spotlight item series.

Delicious peach?!

Delicious peach?!

I did it! I paid off the illumination arch (much to my savings account's dismay)

I did it! I paid off the illumination arch (much to my savings account’s dismay)

And now I’m hemming and hawing over whether or not I should sell my turnips for a 3 bell apiece profit…

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 112 & 113

  1. You’re looking at me?? I’m looking at YOU!! LOL I think our turnips are doomed this week. We’ve been lucky for the past few weeks…

    Your pics of the two of us came out so cute! I haven’t uploaded my photos yet. I’ll do it this weekend for the weekly Wasabi News. :3

    Thank you for translating what that DLC is called. I had no idea that it was supposed to be made out of erasers lol!

    Good luck on sprucing up your fountain area! I wouldn’t even know where to put a fountain in my town. I’m struggling to come up with places to put small things like a traffic light or a fire hydrant. Not to mention I want to make room for a second character in Wasabi…

    Where’s the option to expand the entire TOWN?? That’s what I need. lol 😀

  2. It wasn’t 600 😛 You seem to be in a random pattern this week. Good chance for a good price next week, be it high or low fever. Unfortunately, like Kokuto, I had a low fever week last week. My chances of getting a random pattern or a high fever week are the same. I’ll keep you posted 😉

    I love the way Spring looks.

    Oh, and that painting had no fake version. So far, the last 2 times Redd has come by my town he has brought me real ones that I already had. Which raises all kinds of suspicion on how the museum functions… Why does there exist 2 of something that should be “real”… In any case, congrats!

    @Glux, cut down trees and line them up 🙂 I’m currently redecorating my town to accomodate more space. We still need to set up a time for that bed delivery 😉

  3. A villager requested it. Different genders and personality types request different projects. I don’t have a list handy stating which personalities request which projects.

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