Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 128-130

Stalk Market

Day 128 – Friday

AM: 53 Bells
PM: forgot to look. I’m sure it was atrocious.

Day 129 – Saturday

AM: 56 Bells
PM: 48 Bells

Day 130 – Sunday

*Closed* Joan sold turnips for 95 apiece. I bought somewhere around 3200. I hope I have a good stalk week.

Public Service announcement

I almost forgot to post this weekend! Tomorrow is my Japanese final from 6-9pm (argh). Then I have a flight to catch Tuesday morning at 11:30am to Salt Lake City (no I’m not mormon). I’ll be out of town all week. Since Tuesday is normally my blogging day and not normally an airport day I may not post. Aaaaand, since it’s a semi-vacation week I may be sporadic throughout the week. I dunno. We’ll see how it goes.

Back to your regularly scheduled Animal Crossing.

Day 128

I have been rather forgetful lately. Too much going on in preparation for trips and tests. I almost forgot to get the March DLC from the post office. I went and talked to Phyllis to find out if there was anything new. You can download the Twin Leaf Table from 3/1 to 3/31. You can set two things on it and you can order it from the catalog.

Twin Leaf Table

It looks very My Neighbor Totoro-like to me. I want to use it as an umbrella.

Art Gallery

One of my townies sold me a painting. I was excited to see if it was real. It wasn’t. Silly towny sold me a counterfeit! But, the painting I bought from Redd’s gallery the day before turned out to be legitimate. I believe that brings the museum’s art exhibit count up to 11. Slow and steady…

The newest painting to grace Kasen's museum walls.

The newest painting to grace Kasen’s museum walls.

Yup. My playtime lately has been minimal. Not gonna get better until after mid-April.

Day 129

Today was the fishing competition. I didn’t want to win because the only trophy I have is the gold trophy and I have the entire fishing tourney set. I just wanted to place second or third to get one of the other trophies. Ideally I would have gotten second with one character and third for the other, but if you guessed that I was busy studying all day and barely logged on to snag a few horse mackerels and place at all you’d be correct.

I was however, quite proud of my fishing outfit. The fish never saw me coming.

fish bandit? fish hero? Camo-fish?

fish bandit? fish hero? Camo-fish?

All total I caught 4 horse mackerel. I got lucky and one of them just happened to be enough to launch me into second place. Yuka won with a 46.2 centimeter horse mackerel. Jinpei (Moe) took third. I would think that cats would be better than koalas at fishing.

The winner is Yuka!

The winner is Yuka!


Taiga is still somewhat lazily making friends with townies (because Taiga’s birthday is set to 3/22—my cat’s birthday. Sophie (my cat) will turn five while she’s in the kitty kennel. 🙁 ). Sometimes I send a few letters. Sometimes I don’t. But if I log her on I try to say hi to everybody and do whatever menial tasks they have. She walked into Jinpei’s (Moe’s) house and he was napping standing up. He then lamented the fact that he didn’t have a big comfy sofa to sleep in. But he does have that striped sofa in the corner…


Day 130

I had a cute camper today. Her name is みかっちFelicity in the US games. She’s not a hamster (I want a hamster!), but she is cute and we’ve had a vacant spot in town for quite sometime. No one has moved in since Margie left. So I asked her if she would move like to move to Kasen. I think she might. Then we played a game that I thought I lost, but apparently didn’t.



I donated all the “two tone” furniture I had to Taiga and I’m having her remake it in feng shui colors. The first piece: red.

This one is going to be green.


You may have heard there were strange glitches associated with New Leaf and that Nintendo was issuing a patch. Fortunately I haven’t experienced and of them, though my game has crashed a couple times, but not in a while. Anyway, I downloaded the patch via the eshop tonight. It installed automatically and now when I start New Leaf of it says version 1.1 in the top right corner.


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  1. Whoa! No idea about the patch — thanks for posting about it! I never had my game crash or the crazy glitches, but I’ll definitely download it, just in case.

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