Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 140 & 141

Stalk Market

Day 140 – Wednesday

AM: 441 Bells
PM: 153 Bells

Day 141 – Thursday

AM: Missed it due to dr’s appt.
PM: 68 Bells

Misc non game-related ramblings

So, I was curious why I didn’t get a confirmation about my dr’s appt. from the doctor’s office…and when I checked I found out it had somehow scheduled the appointment for April 25th…after I’ll be back from Japan. Luckily my clear-headed husband’s found the 24/7 number, called and was able to get me an appointment with my primary care physician at roughly the same time as the one I thought I scheduled. So, I’m good to go for my flight and I have tendonitis in my right shoulder. Yay! Getting old is a bitch.

In other news, yesterday my husband (Kokuto in AC) and I finally finished booking hotels for Japan. Our itinerary looks roughly like this:

  • April 2: Depart LAX for Narita airport
  • April 3: Arrive at Narita around 7:15PM where did the day go? Hopefully find out how to get to our hotel in Ginza
  • April 4-5: Explore Tokyo
  • April 6: take shinkansen to Nagoya and hit up the Pokécenter there
  • April 7: take the shinkansen to Hiroshima and sightsee
  • April 8-13: have home base in Osaka while exploring Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara
  • April 14-15: back to Tokyo.
  • April 16: Back to Narita Kuukou (that’s airport) and get to LAX five hours before we left…

I’m starting to get really excited and not just nervous. 😛

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled AC.


For those inquiring, though initially I hemmed and hawed over buying Animal Crossing in English when it comes out, I am now 90% certain that I will cave and get it, though how I will juggle two games that are so time consuming I have no idea. I probably won’t blog about the English version…but you never know.

Day 140 – Wednesday

It figures that my turnip prices skyrocketed today and I only had 800 to sell. At least I had a few. I finally had enough bells to buy a piece of furniture at Gracie Grace’s floor in Nookington’s! I thought I would blow all my money on a single piece of furniture, but I was happy to find that the wall clock I had been eyeing was only 200,000 bells.

Awesome princess wall clock.

Awesome princess wall clock.

I bought it and couldn’t resist also purchasing the wallpaper and floor.
My new princess items in my underwhelming front room.

My new princess items in my underwhelming front room.


We had another camper today. This time a little mouse named fukuko (ふくこ). I’m not sure if she’s new to the series, but I can’t find her English name so I’m thinking she might be. Initially she looked kind of cute in her little flower dress, but then she gave me the stink eye. Scary little mouse.


I don’t know why she looks pissed off. Maybe she thinks I look down on her because she’s a girl camping alone?


Ah Katrina, my least favorite visitor. I wonder if I’ll like her better in English when I can understand her or if she’s cryptic? I don’t know what the heck she was talking about (nothing new there). She started babbling about chatting on the realtor’s sofa, something about flowers blooming, a man wearing a red business suit (Lyle), then she mentioned signs concerning friendship. My lucky item was a “new leaf (or something) gingham”. Yeah. Consider her “advice” ignored. I only talk to Lyle when I have to and since I’m not trying to get a high score on my house right now, I’m not talking to him.

Katrina babble for your perusal.

Katrina babble for your perusal.


Nelson, latin lover deer that he is (heh!) decided to give me a new nickname. He chose “señorita”. Finally a nickname I understand! I told him it was great and I secretly hope it catches on with the rest of my townies.

"from now on you're Señorita! Hey! Señorita!" (translation liberties taken)

“from now on you’re Señorita!
Hey! Señorita!” (translation liberties taken)


Pete arrived rather late tonight with another parcel from Nintendo. I got the “Dot Liner” which I think is just white out or correction tape? It can be remade. It was too late for me to run it over to the Recycle Shop though. There are only two more items to be delivered, both of which will be out while I’m in Japan. I hope I can get them via wifi while I’m there…

New "Dot Liner" DLCIt's smaller than I thought it would be.

New “Dot Liner” DLC
It’s smaller than I thought it would be.

Day 141 – Thursday

I’ve been religiously buying fertilizer, but so far it hasn’t done much for me. This might be partly due to the fact that I can’t remember how to make blue roses and haven’t consulted the guide. I’m trying to breed black + purple to get blue. Maybe it’s black + black? So far I’ve gotten 2 red roses. I wouldn’t mind getting either another purple or a black, but red roses are a dime a dozen. So, maybe instead of complaining I should read my giant book…

purple + black apparently = red unless a well-meaning townie planted that...

purple + black apparently = red unless a well-meaning townie planted that…

There wasn’t much going on in town. Maybe it was because I didn’t turn the town on until after noon. I didn’t have any visitors, and I promptly forgot whatever anyone asked me to do. Sorry Tangy! I forgot to get you that river fish—and I wonder why they don’t give me their pictures.

I ran into Nelson out for a stroll

I ran into Nelson out for a stroll

I could so rock a bathrobe

I could so rock a bathrobe

See? Power to the bathrobe.

See? Power to the bathrobe.

And with that I’ll sign off. I don’t fly out until Tuesday and I’ll probably blog over the weekend but after that consider the blog on hiatus for 2 weeks. I may pop on with a picture here and there (most likely not game related) but I seriously doubt I’ll be blogging regularly from Japan. Eeeee! Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 140 & 141

  1. Good luck, hope you have a great trip! I was considering taking a trip to Japan in the next few years so I’m very interested to see how yours goes (especially the Pokemon Center!). Have fun!

  2. The Nagoya Pokemon Center is sooooo cute! It’s smaller than the others, but it definitely has the best layout. It has a tunnel and tons of decorations, while all the other ones are pretty stark.

    You might want to check out the Osaka Pokemon Center too. It moved to a new location last year, and it’s huge. Kind of a pain to get to, though, and it’s usually really crowded.

  3. @ um…everybody

    Thanks for the well wishes! I’ll definitely take pictures and give a detailed account of my trip when I get back.

    I intend to go to pokécenters in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya cause I’m that big of a dork. I have no idea how to get to…any of them, but I’m hoping I figure it out. That reminds me, I was going to print out the addresses to take with me. 😛

    There’s also some sort of monster hunter 7 Eleven promotion going on while I’m there, but I think it involves registering codes online and trying to win something. I love monster hunter too. I’m 300 hours into my Japanese game and yet I bought it in English too and I’m trying a different weapon this go round. Sadly the English game and Japanese game don’t streetpass. Boo!

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