Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Yasao

Monday, April 29

AM: 96 Bells
PM: 141 Bells

Introductions are in Order

An aluminum shack had been erected next to Lillian’s well-manicured house. Signs point to kind of a slovenly new neighbor. Nevertheless I knocked on the door and said hello to Kasen’s newest villager, Yasao the goat.

Yasao's new house

Yasao’s new house

Hi, goat (this one actually is a goat and not a deer...)

Hi, goat (this one actually is a goat and not a deer…)

In truth I kind of cornered him. He seems pleasant enough if not a little lazy-eyed. Yasao told me he came from ひまひま (Himahima) village. I don’t know where that might be, but I hope he settles in at Kasen all right.

Lost Item!

I found something over by the weather station. I didn’t have to ask many people to find its owner. I walked into Lillian’s house and asked her. She exclaimed that it was hers and that it was full of beauty items (like she needs them!). I held my breath waiting for the reward she would give me (come on picture. come on picture.) Alas all she gave me was a shirt. Maybe next time.


Or as I like to yell into the microphone in my best katakana impression “Johnny!” (That’s his Japanese name fyi). I didn’t think I had any visitors, but I had forgotten to check the beach. I noticed him passed out in the sand as I was about to board the boat for the island.

"There are ninjas! And samurai! This country is full of heroes!"

“There are ninjas! And samurai! This country is full of heroes!”

"But! Ninjas and samurais don't live there anymore..."

“But! Ninjas and samurais don’t live there anymore…”

"Those are stories from long ago. It makes me sad!"

“Those are stories from long ago. It makes me sad!”

He had me at ninjas and samurai. What? No sushi or sailor moon references? Gulliver is slipping.

  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Korea
  • Japan

I picked Japan and sent Gulliver on his saddened way.

Orange Swimsuit

Though not a silver axe, the island had an orange swimsuit that I felt compelled to purchase. So I did after doing a bunch of tours. Then I fished and caught bugs until I got tired and went home.

orange marine suit

orange marine suit

Tuesday, April 30

AM: 124 Bells
PM: 141 Bells

Gulliver’s Present: 五重塔

I checked the mail and received a letter from Gulliver with a present from Japan (rats no Animal Crossing swag). In it was a replica five-storied pagoda. I’m not sure if this refers to the famous pagoda at Mount Haguro because it doesn’t seem to be the right color…

Present from Japan: five-storied pagoda.

Present from Japan: five-storied pagoda.

Rainy Day Shopping

Yasao seems to be settling in. He’s getting acquainted with our shops today.


I had another message on the bulletin board about a spotlight item. It was for the #5 lamp. Though after searching my catalog I see that I already have the #5 lamp. The only number I’m missing is 2. Come on #2 lamp!

Spotlight Item: 5 Lamp

Spotlight Item: 5 Lamp

I took my hard-earned island bug/fish money to Gracie Grace’s shop today and spent it all in less than five minutes. I bought the Princess Lamp and Princess Chest. I just need two more items now (the table and sofa)! Which means I know what I’ll be doing tonight since I’m broke again.

I regret nothing!

I regret nothing!


I forgot to get the Sakura Clock with Ryuuji. I logged him on to get the gingerbread facade for his house. Since I was in the area I stopped by the post office and asked about DLC. Oops. I waited too long. It’s no longer April in Japan. Ryuuji walked away with a dewy new leaf bed.

leaf bed DLC

leaf bed DLC

It's so comfy too

It’s so comfy too

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  1. I have a spare Princess Sofa if you’d like to buy it for 70k (instead of the store price of 100k) 😀 Actually, I had a spare Princess Chest (and Dresser + Bed) too but I didn’t see your post until now T_T! If anything, feel free to e-mail if you’re interested 😀 The sofa itself isn’t that pricey so it might not make a difference lol;; My FC is: 4527-7282-8570 ^^

  2. Hi! I believe I’ve asked this before but, do you have the QR codes for your town path? It’s beautiful! 😀

    Great post, by the way!

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