Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Across the Briny Deep

Gulliver’s Present

First thing this morning I checked my mail to see if I had anything good. I’ve been writing all of my townies each day in an attempt to become better friends with them. In addition to several responses from villagers, I had a lovely letter from Gulliver.


I want to respond and tell Gulliver that just a few short weeks ago I, too was taking in the culture of Japan (and that I didn’t see any samurais or ninjas either), but he didn’t leave a return address.

I was excited to see what he sent me. It turned out to be a pagoda, which I am proudly displaying in my cozy house.

New pagoda!

New pagoda!

Rainy Day Blues

Today is the first day where the weather hasn’t been serene and idyllic. It’s raining in Hanabi today, not thundering, more of a steady soaking rain. I like all of the umbrellas my townies are carrying and I feel a bit cold and wet without one of my own.




Putting a Damper on my Wallet

After spying all those umbrellas I went down to main street to see if I couldn’t find one of my own. I snatched one up, but I may have gotten a little carried away shopping.

Fortune Cookie Prize: Fi Mask

Fortune Cookie Prize: Fi Mask

So many hats I need!

So many hats I need!

Hmmm maybe I need a new look? Or maybe I'm just a trend setter?

Hmmm maybe I need a new look? Or maybe I’m just a trend setter?

I decided to get this barn facade to give my new house a little pizzazz.

I decided to get this barn facade to give my new house a little pizzazz.

Reluctant Greeting

I spied a new house today that yesterday was just a roped off area. Jambette is settling in. I like her colorful exterior.

Outside Jambette's house

Outside Jambette’s house

I can’t get a sense of her decorating style yet as everything is still in boxes. The wallpaper and floor have a “classic” vibe to them. I introduced myself and I’ll send her a nice welcome letter later. Maybe the next one will be a deer… or a rabbit or cat…



Croak-kay? Catchphrase has got to go.

Croak-kay? Catchphrase has got to go.

Sunday Morning Traditions


I finally tracked Joan the sow down. I know all about the stalk market racket, and while I’m not very good at predictions I like to play. Fortunately I don’t have much money so I can’t lose much money. Joan’s asking price was a bit high at 104 bells apiece, but I bought 100.


The Briny Deep Calls

After my shopping spree I decided to go see what a sunny summer isle was like so I went down to the dock and spoke to Kapp’n. He seems to use a bit of flattery, but is an able sea captain.

Please overpay! I need the money for that campsite!

Please overpay! I need the money for that campsite!



Tropical Escape

The first thing I noticed after stepping off the boat: gift shop! I wonder if maybe I should pick up that lamp in the corner and work on collecting that set?


After ogling the merchandise I went and talked to Leilani behind the counter. From there I could go on tours or call the boat and go home. I decided to go on a few tours.





I enjoyed the item matching game and also tried out the labyrinth game and a diving game. Lastly I tried a crab catching diving game, but I failed miserably at that. Crabs run! Fast! They’re hard to catch sometimes.

So I decided to take in the sights of the island. The island has coconuts and mangos. I gathered as many of each as I could carry to take back home (typical tourist) and then set about catching bugs, fish and diving!








I caught so many new things! Blathers will be ecstatic with my donations. This first trip is more of a mission of mercy for the museum. I’ll come back later tonight when the big beetles are out and the sharks are swimming and see if I can’t make a tidy profit and pay off our campsite.

‘Til Tomorrow!

I’m legally obligated to tell you that Nintendo provided me with a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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  1. @blurthebear Thanks for the kind words! if there’s anything you would like to see let me know.

  2. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog since pretty much you started and I gotta say I love it!
    Lovin’ the villagers you got in your new town, except Jambette. God only knows what the hell that thing is.

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