Animal Crossing New Leaf US: CRAAAZY!

Last Night on the Island…

I went on a bug hunting and fish catching spree. More than half of what I caught got donated to the museum. The duplicates all got sold at Re-Tail. I made enough money to pay off the campsite and my home loan.


The hermit crabs are so cute scuttling across the sand…until they meet their demise when they launch themselves into the sea…


It's a golden stag, but I just see $$$

It’s a golden stag, but I just see $$$

(but I don't know if I've seen uglier)

(but I don’t know if I’ve seen uglier)




Tom Nook will be so happy!

Tom Nook will be so happy!

Tom Nook was happy. So happy that he insinuated my house was still too small and offered to make it a bit bigger for the piddling price of 198,000 Bells. This is a vicious circle! But I’m in it too deep already to say no.

Stalk Market for Monday May, 6

AM: 93 Bells
PM: 88 Bells

Come on good week!

Welcome to my Barn

As promised, Nook renovated my house while I slept. I awoke to find my house had turned red. I think it needs a different door and roof now, but there was nothing I liked in the shop today.

Yet Another New Villager on the Way

Please don't be green.

Please don’t be green.

I don’t know who or what Shep might be. It sounds…dog-like. But maybe I’m reading into that? Is it wrong that I’m semi-dreading a new townie? I haven’t been thrilled with the last two. Just this afternoon Charlise had the nerve to say that Barold looks like a surgeonfish. Despite my anger I said I’d get one for her for comparison. I’m a politician now, of course I’m two-faced.


Redd’s Gallery

I found a curious green tent in town square this morning.

Open. Open. Open.

Open. Open. Open.

When it finally opened I went in and met Redd who was selling “the finest are you’ll ever see in this world!” I half believe him, but upon closer inspection, some of the art he was hawking was…how do I put it delicately…fake.

(I'm purposefully not looking) gallant statue: fake

(I’m purposefully not looking)
gallant statue: fake

David does not have a towel thrown over his shoulder.

amazing painting: fake

amazing painting: fake

The central figures are reversed.

graceful painting: fake

graceful painting: fake

The graceful lady should be looking over her shoulder.

neutral painting: real!

neutral painting: real!

We have a winner! The fake version of the neutral painting has a hole out of the leaf. This one is intact, thus legitimate! I bought it for the low low price of 3,920 bells. Redd assures me it will be delivered after the exhibition is over.

Under Construction

The sad thing about my blogging about Animal Crossing is that while I can take lovely screenshots I can’t capture the audio. New Leaf’s sounds are very well done. In the rain your feet squish around in the mud. When you drop stuff on the ground in the rain it makes a wet plopping sound and this construction? is noisy. All clang clang and progress sounding. I can’t wait to see the new shop!

In between the Able Sisters and Nookling Junction. Drill faster!

In between the Able Sisters and Nookling Junction. Drill faster!

Calling All Campers

I went in to talk to Isabelle because Sheldon said that we needed a Torch in Hanabi. I wanted to see what the schematics looked like on it.


But I was roped into a celebratory ceremony instead. Isabelle asked me to make a speech which consisted of “we did it!” as I nodded sagely. Then there were party poppers and cheering. A grand time was had by all attendees.


I don't think she really liked my speech

I don’t think she really liked my speech

I think I may have been blinded by the party popper

I think I may have been blinded by the party popper


Who Have We Here?

After the ceremony I went over to Jambette’s house to see what the inside of the place looked like. She wasn’t home but I did find this curious character lurking by her house.


He told me he could “tell what you’ve done and how good you’ve been…All of that from just one look!” If that isn’t scarier than Santa Claus I don’t know what is! Apparently I haven’t been naughty though. He noticed my interest in ichthyology and presented me with my first badge:

All that island fishing paid off!

All that island fishing paid off!

Out of the mouths of towniesæ

The rain seems to have brought out the tears in Hanabi. We might need to buy some sun lamps for the rainy season. I think everyone has S.A.D.


Make her stop!

Make her stop!


And that is the news from Hanabi. ‘Til tomorrow.

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  1. Adorable post! I love that Phineas is back with the badges– what a wonderfully incentive addition. Makes me think of Pokemon. Keep us updated on Shep! (And the campsite!)

  2. Awesome blog!
    Have you tried interacting between your Japanese town and English town? I’m curious to see if you can connect thru internet or wifi.

  3. @Habiiblt I haven’t tried yet. I’m enjoying starting over solo for the moment. Although I sure would like a slingshot…

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