Animal Crossing New Leaf: May Bugs & Fish

May Bugs and Fish

Following is a list of all the bugs and fish to be captured in New Leaf for the month of May. Now to get work on June’s list for go time. 😉

Blue = not available the previous month. In other words, new!
Red = not available next month. In other words, last chance!

Name 日本語の名前 Location time
Raja Brooke アカエリアゲハ by the water 8:00-16:59
Tiger Butterfly アゲハチョウ in the air 4:00-18:59
Pond Skater アメンボ on the water 8:00-16:59
Ant アリ on candy, spoiled turnips all day
Mole Cricket オケラ underground all day
Moth ガ around lights 19:00-3:59
Snail カタツムリ on bushes (in the rain) all day
Mantis カマキリ on flowers 8:00-16:59
Stinkbug カメムシ on trees all day
Peacock Butterfly カラスアゲハ in the air 4:00-18:59
Spider クモ shake from trees all day
Diving Beetle ゲンゴロウ on the water 8:00-16:59
Long Locust ショウリョウバッタ on the ground 8:00-18:59
Pill Bug ダンゴムシ hit rocks all day
Lady Bug テントウムシ on flowers 8:00-16:59
Flea ノミ stuck to villagers all day
Fly ハエ on spoiled turnips, garbage all day
Bee ハチ shake trees all day
Orchid Mantis ハナカマキリ on white flowers 8:00-16:59
Tiger Beetle ハンミョウ on the ground 8:00-18:59
Wharf Roach フナムシ on the beach all day
Honeybee ミツバチ in the air 4:00-16:59
Yellow Butterfly モンキチョウ in the air 4:00-18:59
Common Butterfly モンシロチョウ in the air 4:00-18:59
Name 日本語の名前 Location time
Horse Mackerel アジ ocean all day
Squid イカ ocean all day
Barred Knifejaw イシダイ ocean all day
Dace ウグイ river all day
Angelfish エンゼルフィッシュ river 4:00-8:59, 16:00-3:59
Pale Chub オイカワ river 9:00-15:59
Char オオイワナ waterfall 4:00-8:59
Tadpole オタマジャクシ pond all day
Frog カエル pond all day
Goldfish キンギョ river all day
Guppy グッピー river 9:00-15:59
Clownfish クマノミ ocean all day
Koi コイ river all day
Crawfish ザリガニ pond all day
Coelacanth シーラカンス ocean (in the rain) 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59
Sea Bass スズキ ocean all day
Red Snapper タイ ocean all day
sea horse タツノオトシゴ ocean all day
Butterflyfish チョウチョウウオ ocean all day
pop-eyed goldfish デメキン river 9:00-15:59
doctor fish ドクターフィッシュ river 9:00-15:59
loach ドジョウ river all day
freshwater goby ドンコ river 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59
catfish ナマズ pond (not holding pond) 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59
surgeonfish ナンヨウハギ ocean all day
barbel steed ニゴイ river all day
Koi ニシキゴイ river 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59
rainbow trout ニジマス river 4:00-8:59
neon tetra ネオンテトラ river 9:00-15:59
olive flounder ヒラメ ocean all day
crucian carp フナ river all day
black bass ブラックバス river all day
bluegill ブルーギル river 9:00-15:59
zebra turkeyfish ミノカサゴ ocean all day
killifish メダカ holding pond all day
cherry salmon ヤマメ river 4:00-8:59
oarfish リュウグウノツカイ ocean all day

The location for sea creatures refers to whether you can capture them in the village or on the island.

Sea Creatures
Name 日本語の名前 Location time
pearl oyster アゴヤガイ village all day
abalone アワビ village 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59
sea anemone イソギンチャク village all day
sea urchin ウニ village all day
sea slug ウミウシ village all day
turban shell サザエ village 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59
mantis shrimp シャコ village 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59
octopus タコ village all day
ear shell トコブシ village 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59
starfish ヒトデ village all day
acorn barnacle フジツボ village all day
scallop ホタテ village all day
lobster ロブスター village all day
seaweed ワカメ village all day

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  1. So useful, thank you! Time to catch some critters!!

  2. Wonderful list. Thank you so much. 🙂
    I’m wondering about mole cricket, how to find or catch it? Do i have to dug the ground?

  3. When you’re wandering around town sometimes you’ll hear a “chirping” sound. If you dig around a bit you should unearth the mole cricket.

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