Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Are You my Princess?

Stalk Market for Wednesday, May 8

AM: 198 Bells
PM: 574 Bells

OMG OMG! I sold my meager stash in the morning thinking that was the highest it would get. I’m abysmal at predicting the stalk market. I should stick to selling tropical imports.

This is how I felt after finding I could’ve made more money:

I'm ready to jump!

I’m ready to jump!

Wahoooo! (See, money isn't everything)

Wahoooo! (See, money isn’t everything)

Gimme Badges!

Look who wandered into town! I hit Phineas up for another badge. He told me it seemed as though I’d become a bit interested in entomology and then presented me with a lovely bronze badge.

No sooner did I walk away with my shiny new badge than Sheldon questioned me about it.

News travels fast

News travels fast

Fossil Anxiety

After having Blathers assess the fossils I dug up this morning I thought I’d wander around the dinosaur wing and see how the collection was coming. We don’t have any completed dinosaurs yet, but we have quite a few started. I found Barold looking around too and I stopped for a chat.

Poor guy

Poor guy


Oh Happy Axe!

I have purchased one. Unruly trees beware.

Wakey Wakey

When I went in to Re-Tail to check on turnip prices I was startled to find that Reese’s sleepy blue counterpart had awakened. Reese introduced him as Cyrus, her “partner”. (Am I the only one who hates that ambiguous word?) I’m assuming she means romantic as well as business partner because she kept referring to him as her “Cy-Guy”. Ugh.

Cyrus refurbishes furniture. It takes 30 minutes for him to work his magic on an item. I dropped off an astro dresser and had him change its body color to black and red. I haven’t picked it up yet. I wonder if it’ll look as good as Reese claims.



no chance of that. not into furries.

no chance of that. not into furries.

Astro Dresser pre-refurb

Astro Dresser pre-refurb

Gulliver’s Travels

I didn’t think the day could get more exciting, but I found that washed up seagull again. He was really out of it once I roused him this time.


Hey I resent that! I'm wearing my best hat and grass skirt today!

Hey I resent that! I’m wearing my best hat and grass skirt today!




My choices for his destination were:

  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • USA

I guessed correctly. お土産 (that means present) tomorrow!




I caught her napping on her feet.

I caught her napping on her feet.

Aw Shep's a bad poet.

Got any haikus?


Aw buck up Shep!

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

P.S. I received a copy of the game from Nintendo

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Are You my Princess?

  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR UPDATING IT EVERY DAY! It’s seriously one of the highlights of my day. I’ve been waiting almost three years for New Leaf so your blog is the only thing keeping me sane… ^.^

  2. Cyrus? You falling in love with him….i’m sorry Jennifer, as Mayor you can have a pick of any guy you want! No point in settling for a blue alpaca right? Last thing you need is an angry Reese (the pink alpaca, not the candy Resse) coming at ya! LOL

  3. Your journal is almost perfect to read on the 3ds. Only thing I would like is that you upload .mpo screenshots. I would really love to see the screenshots in 3d. It would still show a 2d picture for those reading you on a computer or phone.

  4. @al64inthedark I’m glad to hear it look ok on 3DS! Unfortunately I don’t play much in 3D and we’re (we being the people who got an advanced copy) actually required to take pics/video with the depth slider turned all the way down, so don’t hold your breath on the 3D screenshots.

  5. Oh really, I think it’s strange that they ask you to do that.^^
    Thanks for the answer. I have sostris my bookmark, and read it everyday on my 3DS, it’s just perfect for the screen, I really enjoy.

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