Animal Crossing New Leaf US: You a Fisher?

Stalk Market for Saturday, May 18

AM: 63 Bells
PM: 57 Bells

Fishing Tourney!


Today Hanabi village hosted their first ever fishing tournament. I met Chip in town square and he told me that he was looking for a specific fish for the tourney, a carp.


I got lots of “helpful” advice from townies.







Helpful advice from Barold.

Helpful advice from Barold.

I had a hard time even finding a carp, let alone a big one. I got lots of barbel steeds and even a pop-eyed goldfish.


When I finally did catch a carp I came in second place behind Victoria’s 24.35 inch beauty. I debated whether to just let it be with second, but I was afraid of being edged out altogether so I kept fishing.

Then I caught a 30.0 inch carp putting me in the lead and nabbing me a red-snapper chair to boot.


I hope bronze is an ok destiny. And um 6-9pm is when they announce it fyi.

I hope bronze is an ok destiny. And um 6-9pm is when they announce it fyi.

The winners' podium. Poor Soleil got edged out.

The winners’ podium. Poor Soleil got edged out.

Badge Master

I got another one! Because I play too much. I need an intervention…

Yep yep It's laid back. I dig it.

Yep yep It’s laid back. I dig it.

I intend to.

I intend to.

Yeah, I'm a little ashamed that I got this already. I have a problem.

Yeah, I’m a little ashamed that I got this already. I have a problem.


I intended to build the dream suite today but Shizue gave me a stern talking to when I tried to do mayoral work on this tournament day.

But but. I want to build the dream house for tomorrow. *pouts*

But but. I want to build the dream house for tomorrow. *pouts*



It looks a little creepy at night

It looks a little creepy at night

P.S. Nintendo provided me with a copy of the US version of Animal Crossing New Leaf. Thanks Nintendo!

7 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: You a Fisher?

  1. Hi there. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now having picked up a copy of とび森 whilst I was living in Japan. I’m quite new to the game so It’s really fun and interesting to read your entries so.. thank you for sharing!
    Well, If you wanna add me my code is チュッパトン – 0920 – 0132 – 3476
    I also have わがまま Girls Mode, which I’m ashamedly obsessed with also..(笑)

  2. Hi チュッパトン. Thanks for reading. Yay someone else who likes Girls Mode! I’ve added your friend code. I hope we can play some time. 🙂 どこに住んでいましたか?My dream is to live in Japan for a year or so.

  3. Thanks for the add and reply~! :3

    I admit that I haven’t been playing Girls Mode as much as とび森 but it’s still a lot of fun when I do play~ ^^


    My town is pretty crappy but I’d love to come check yours out, too! You actually inspire me to play more, hehe. I actually studied Japanese at University so I spent a year there luckily back in 2009-2010. This trip was more for leisure, lol. Have you been to Japan before?

  4. I actually haven’t touched Girls Mode in a while. And I should, I still need to finish the last few contests. (笑)

    My husband and I went to Japan last month (first time for me, second for him). We’ve been studying Japanese together for the last year and a half or so and it was quite amazing to find out just how bad our conversation skills are. LOL.

  5. I think I’ve only just done the first contest.. haha. I fail at playing it! >_<

    How did you like it? I really miss the amount of StreetPasses I was getting in Japan. I'd go to Akihabara and end up with hundreds! Here in my town (I live in the UK btw) I'm lucky if I get one a month! /sob

    I actually struggled this time around with conversation, too – despite having studied at University and spending a year at a Uni IN Japan. It's been awhile since I studied due to work and other stuff but playing a Japanese 3DS has really helped re-kindle my love for the language and learning it!

    Wow, tl;dr, huh? Sorry!

    I was actually wondering — how do you get all your lovely screenshots on your blog off of you DS?? I know you can post to Twitter/Tumblr via the DS internet but it's a big of a blag.. haha.

  6. I got completely overwhelmed with street passes in Japan! Within the first two days I had every puzzle piece I was missing. I would have gotten them all on day one if I had kept clearing my mii plaza. I still haven’t gone through all the homes in my happy home showcase to order furniture.

    We don’t get very many street passes in the US either unless you go to an event of some sort. Or some place that draws Japanophiles. It’s sad when I go to gamestop and don’t even get a streetpass there. They should be required to have a 3DS on hand.

    I think the 3DS is great for learning Japanese. I recently downloaded 友達コレクション and I love that the Miis speak (even if they sound kind of creepy). I have the most trouble with listening and speaking and in the classroom we always seem to end up speaking English. :/

    The 3DS saves ACNL screenshots onto the SD card so I have to take the SD card out of the 3DS and import them into iPhoto each time I post. I’m worried I’m going to break the cover off of the SD card slot on my 3DS. The tumblr/twitter utility is nice for a neat shot here and there, but not so helpful for blogging.

  7. This is still me btw. Just logged into my WP account. ^^

    I loved how easy it was to get StreetPasses in Japan. It was really fun trying to guess who they came from but sometimes you literally had so many it was impossible! I remember just spending half an hour stood in a line for a ride at DisneySea constantly clearing my MiiPlaza over and over and I ended up with so many passes! I’m a little sad though as I bought my 3DS in the last two weeks of being in Japan and I missed off only ONE prefecture on my Map! Damn! OTL

    The 3DS is really good for learning, definitely. I even like how I can only play Japanese 3DS games as it kind of forces me to learn, y’know? I’m considering picking up 友達コレクション, too. I’m also waiting on the expanded Fantasy Life and the Disney’s Magic Castle game, too — so many awesome games to play!
    I’ve managed to get the screenshots off my 3DS now, thank you! I’ve been inspired by you to write about my daily activities in my new blog, too. It’s more for my own records than anything but thank you for the inspiration!

    We should definitely meet up in game sometime!

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