Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Fruity Afterglow

Stalk Market for Wednesday, June 5

AM: 112 Bells
PM: 72 Bells

Last Night…

The manhole cover was open and a warm inviting light beckoned me despite Resetti’s warning never to enter. Despite its inviting glow, the place was rather filthy, horrible, and smelly inside. I probably shouldn’t ever go back there…or at least not until I hire him a cleaning service.








After my run in with big brother, I had a run in of another sort—with a black furry tarantula. I tried to catch him but alas he bit me and I woke up in front of my house (I wonder who carried me there?). Then I saw another one by the cliff, but when I worked up my nerve to try and catch it it was gone.



I feel woozy...

I feel woozy…



How'd I get here?

How’d I get here?

Eeek another one!

Eeek another one!

Welcome to my Castle

Now when Saharah wants me to escort her to my castle I can escort her to my imperial palace.

Zen Castle

Zen Castle

You can’t really see the gold caps on it. They’re better viewed from across the river.
The view from across the river, or as I like to call it, my moat.

The view from across the river, or as I like to call it, my moat.

I even had my first house guest. Rooney wanted a tour before I cleaned the place up. Yeah, it’s a bit cramped.

Don't. Touch. Anything.

Don’t. Touch. Anything.






That tapestry up there? That’s from Peru. Gulliver sent it for helping to get him there. I hope he found his fluffy wuffy alpacas. I wonder if the tapestry is woven from alpaca fur?

Unicorn in the House

We have a unicorn! He hasn’t unpacked yet, so I didn’t get to talk to him much because he’s busy. But he’s here! *happy dance*

The outside of Julian's house

The outside of Julian’s house



Sorry. Sorry. Can I make a wish on your horn?

Sorry. Sorry. Can I make a wish on your horn?

More Part-Time Coffee Slinging

Today I had my first out-of-town customers in the cafe! Kitty and Henry showed up. I wowed them.


Henry's kinda cute for a frog

Henry’s kinda cute for a frog


I'm always uncomfortable when K.K. comes in. No shirt, no shoes...

I’m always uncomfortable when K.K. comes in. No shirt, no shoes…





Oh stop trying LILLIAN. You're still my favorite (even though Hanabi has a unicorn) *sigh*

Oh stop trying LILLIAN. You’re still my favorite (even though Hanabi has a unicorn) *sigh*



P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

6 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Fruity Afterglow

  1. Hi, again! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, but never had the nerve to ever post a comment. I love the arrangement around your manhole, it’s so beautiful!
    Congratulations with Julian, he is adorable (suprisingly so was Henry the frog).

    Tarantulas are scary, by the way. I never managed to catch one in Wild World, but I hope to in New Leaf.

    Lots of love from Norway!

  2. Hi IcyLavender 🙂

    Thanks for commenting!

    Tarantulas are scary! I caught them in City Folk, but it was a little easier there since you could stand on the ramp to go from the top/bottom of town and swing your net while it couldn’t reach you. Since the only ramps in New Leaf are on the beach, I don’t know how I’m going to get the tarantula, but I’m going to try! LOL.

    Happy Hunting!

  3. That’s cool you got Julian but man that glitter has gotta go. lol. He looks really cool in flesh. Oh I can’t wait to get him in my town. LOL. I never got a tarantula either. 🙁 How do you know if they’re near? I know there’s a sound they make but I rather have something visual cos I can’t hear the sound well enough. Love following your blog. 🙂

  4. I don’t mind glitter. He’s a little um effeminate. I’m ok with that. Maybe I should make him say Brony…oh that’s horrible.

    Do tarantulas make a sound? I’ll have to pay more attention. I usually just see the hairy bugger, freak out and run away. Once I do try and get him he’s either vanished or I get bit…

  5. I haven’t seen a tarantula yet, but I have seen a scorpion on two occasions, and I pooped myself twice. XD Through PURE luck on the first sighting, I caught him – I heard this weird hissing, and saw him, he kind of stopped opposite me and it looked like he was waiting for a showdown. I happened to have my net and WHAM got him. Next day went to show my Mum, and instead of hitting Show it Off, I hit Release. XDD Stupid me, that is the one occasion I decided I HAD to reset. The second scorpion sighting scared the hell out of me because I ran square into him, and that was it, I was out for the count.

  6. @Viks OMG I would reset too if I accidentally released a scorpion. I’m getting so tired of hunting for them. 😛 I panic every single time I see one and either they commit suicide or sting me to death (usually the latter) I hope I can get one soon.

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