One Hour until Open House

I will open Hanabi’s gates in approximately one hour.

  • Please run only on paths.
  • There is a pile of stuff in front of the train station. Please don’t be greedy. Take one or two and leave some for others.
  • There is another pile of stuff in front of town hall. Everything there can be ordered. Please catalog (pick up and drop again) and leave for other people. Then order from your own town.

I will be open twice today from 10am-noon PST and again from 3pm-5pm. I don’t know how many people will show up, but if you can’t get in I apologize. You can always visit Hanabi in your dreams. Dream Code: 4500-2096-7539

11 thoughts on “One Hour until Open House

  1. Have fun everyone! 😀
    It’s dark side of the world here – so I’ll be sleeping lol

    Thanks for your dream code- yay!

    If possible- please visit my dream town too~
    1600 0684 1595

  2. I wasn’t able to get in for the first time period, but hopefully I can get in during the second. ^.^

  3. I don’t think I was added XD. Guess I’ll have to Dream about Hanabi until the next time

  4. I think the reason I wasn’t able to cause I wasn’t added either. But I should be able to come later. Dreamed about Hanabi earlier and I’m excited to go visit it!

  5. I don’t think you added me, my FC is 3136 – 7857 – 0014
    I hope I’ll be able to visit you :3

  6. Aw, stupid connection error! It was really fun though, and thanks for everything. *-*
    Hope to visit you again someday.

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