Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Like a Mannequin

Stalk Market for Sunday, June 23

But I bought 1,000 turnips at 96 bells apiece. Come on big money!

About Friend Codes

My 3DS friend list is getting rather large and unmanageable. If the info I heard about 100 friends being the max is true, then I’m fast approaching it so I may not be able to add any more people. If I haven’t added you, don’t take it personally.

Gossip. Gossip. Gossip.

I’ve been talking to my townies since Friday and they keep telling me about all the cool people that they met. And that they think I should stay up late laughing and talking with each and every one of them. That’s gonna be a tired cranky me.




When not gossiping about visitors, they’ve been gossiping about each other. Tee hee! I love Barrold. And Julian.






Or they gossip to each other





And sometimes they just say crazy stuff about me…

*blinks indiscernibly*

*blinks indiscernibly*


Ooh Ooh and then there was Pete finally gossiping about Phyllis!

Let the love triangle begin!

Let the love triangle begin!

New Public Works!

I’m kind of in limbo while I wait 14 days for perfect town (I have no idea what day I’m on, but it’s still perfect). I don’t like to build anything just in case it throws off the ratio of public works to flowers (assuming there is one). So naturally the townies have started suggesting things to build.

I’m pretty sure I could get away with building the police station that Rooney suggested, but where? I can think of 3 or 4 different spots to put it. I’m thinking the classic one. Too bad there’s not a “zen” police box.




too cementy for Hanabi

too cementy for Hanabi

A little ramshackle but it'll do. Now where to put it...

A little ramshackle but it’ll do. Now where to put it…

Ok, so only Rooney seems to request things.



While I’ll admit the rack of rice looks like it would go great with Hanabi’s exotic image, I’m not quite sure where to put it and what to put around it to…spruce it up. I wonder if it does anything.


I’ve just been laying low since Friday. Not a lot going on. Just schmoozing with the townies, slinging coffee and getting my daily emotion from Shrunk (I think I need 9 more). My big accomplishment was catching an arowana. I walked around for what seemed like an eternity fishing before I reeled one in. I still haven’t gotten a tarantula—or even seen one recently for that matter.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing new Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Like a Mannequin

  1. Uhmmmm, I bought 3k of turnips in my town 90bells a piece… Maybe I exaggerated? It’s my first time buying them, the week started with Reese buying them for 80 bells. I:
    And I can’t seem to find Pete! Even when the villagers are talking about him. Does he answer the megaphone?

    I have the classic police station too! It’s quite cute! And is Rooney a jock villager? Because I had Pierce till yesterday and even though he stayed for like 2 week max, he was the one who requested the majority of PWPs!

    (haven’t seen a tarantula either. and I’m actively looking for them, sigh)

  2. Good luck with the golden watering can! I suppose it will take some time for me to settle down in my own town before I even try to pursue the perfect town goal. And by the way, what is the pink and blue item in your hair – is it a Gracie Grace item perchance? Looks lovely.

  3. yes, it’s true. they limit FC to only 100. Way too little for Animal crossing people! :p

    I visited your town in dream, so happy to see Julian!

  4. If you have a good network of people to make sure you get a good turnip selling price, 3k turnips isn’t bad to buy at all. I’m just timid. 😛

    Pete probably answers to the megaphone, but I haven’t tried him. I use it to track down Saharah when she’s around.

    Rooney is apparently a cranky villager. He seems a lot more jock-like than the only jock villager I have—SHeldon.

    Yup. Finding tarantulas is not easy. But at least I’ve gotten most of the critters off of my needed list while I’ve been searching.

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