Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Ki-ki-ki-kisses!

Stalk Market for Tuesday, June 25

AM: 133 Bells
PM: 128 Bells

Monday Recap

Yesterday Hanabi had a visit from Gulliver the undrownable seagull. I helped get him back on course and received a souvenir clock in the mail from him this morning.







We’ll just stop there with the clues because if you need more…

Spotpassed: Reggie

I heard through the interwebs that people were getting Reggie Fils-Aime in their Happy Home showcase. He wasn’t there on my first investigation, but after saving and quitting and waiting for a bit he showed up in my rainy showcase. I didn’t take screenshots of his house, but it had more items in it than it did on the tour of Reggie’s house I watched a couple days ago.

Wanted: Modern Streetlight

Finally, someone other than Rooney suggested something for Hanabi. Unfortunately, I don’t think Hanabi is down for much that’s modern. Try again Soleil.


modern streetlight

modern streetlight


My townies call me a lot of things—I miss my nickname from City Folk: sparkles. Shep’s new suggestion isn’t the worst I’ve heard, but it’s not the best either. I’m lukewarm on Mon Amie. Maybe it’s just cause I don’t speak french…

Dance! Dance!


Bug/Fish Patrol

I’ve been looking without success for a tarantula. There are a few other fish and bugs I haven’t gotten yet. Last night after the rain stopped I wandered around fishing and whacking rocks—hoping to spot a tarantula—and hoping to get a few critters off my list. I’ve gotten everything that disappears at the end of the month, so nothing is horribly pressing. I was able to cross off a gar and a centipede from my most wanted list.
I still can’t find a saddled bichir. And I’ve looked a lot.

Needed critters:

  • tarantula
  • fly
  • saddled bichir
  • tiger prawn
  • scallop

Loan: Paid

I finally paid off my basement. Only because…I want a bigger basement. I’ve gotten more yellow, red, and green items than I can fit in that room, so naturally I need a bigger room.

Today in Hanabi

No visitors except Pete and he wasn’t gossiping about Phyllis today.


Sheldon creeped me out a little, but it was only fruit he was craving (thank god).



Biggest Basement Coming Tomorrow

I marched up to Nook and told him to embiggen my basement. I regret it already because it will set me back 598,000 bells. I’m still amassing bells over in Kasen (reached 5 million last night!), so I haven’t had time to accrue wealth with Vella too. Who knows how long it will take me to pay that off. *sigh*

New Character?

I really want to start a new character in Hanabi—only because I want to be able to use more patterns on the ground. I have no idea whether to make a male or female or what to name him or her. I’ll probably wait until after I get the gold watering can just in case I bulldoze a tree or two too many. But ugh! I want to put patterns around my hot spring!


Cute Townie Sighting

I served a pink alligator named Gayle in the cafe today. She was so cute! I don’t see alligators very often and especially not alligators with hearts emblazoned on them. かわいい!





Just call me civic leader Vella. I think I like that better than Mon Amie...

Just call me civic leader Vella. I think I like that better than Mon Amie…

I think Sheldon is giving away relatives. I’m calling social services!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Ki-ki-ki-kisses!

  1. So you’re still keeping a tight grip on Julian then? lol. I think Gayle’s a big Mary Poppins fan. LOL. Do let me know what Gulliver gives you for the right anwser. I hope he will ask me that same question pretty soon. lol. Just a wee fact why our country is so green – we don’t have as many trees or forests. Read that once somewhere. LOL.

  2. If you take a rotten turnip and leave it on the ground, you can get a fly easily. I caught about 10 of them today in a span of about 5 minutes. Should be easy. 🙂

  3. Unfortunately I don’t have a rotten turnip. :/ I have a tire that I leave on the ground occasionally, but I never see a fly buzzing around it. I don’t have the beautiful town ordinance but my town is perfect. I wonder if that’s hindering my fly spawning?

  4. hahaha Julian kidnapper!

    Gulliver gave me the Shamrock clock for correctly identifying the emerald isle. If you need it I can order it for you—so long as you don’t come over with a giant bag or a rope to steal Julian.

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