Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Keep it Basic!

Stalk Market for Friday, July 5

AM: 49 Bells
PM: 44 Bells

Wednesday Night in Hanabi

I opened my gate to let Jared from Skyloft visit (hey twin!) visit and it turned into a party. It always seems to.




Someone (I’m looking at you Teo) had their conversation window and no one else could leave. I couldn’t disband the wifi session. It was a little weird. My guests were forced to stay. Oh the horror!

Fortunately visitors to Hanabi went to the island with me and helped me amass the 150 medals I needed to buy the treasure chest. Thank you everyone! Fortunately that’s the most expensive item they sell on the island and I have both of the 100 medal items, so I shouldn’t have to do that again. I don’t want to do the elite hammer tour again for a little while…

I also finally caught a saddled bichir! And after a little bit of swimming a horseshoe crab. Incidentally, the horseshoe crab was the final sea creature that Yumi needed to complete her diving encyclopedia. She got one too and didn’t get anything for it. Boo!



Here are the critters I need to catch for July:
They’re all bugs!

  • katydid
  • leaf bug
  • scorpion
  • jewel beetle
  • stick bug
  • evening cicada

I accidentally didn’t let Rooney in when he unexpectedly tried to visit. I somehow didn’t notice his bubble and he just left. Oops. Sorry Rooney. Too busy counting pirate treasure.


4th of July in Hanabi

I feel kind of let down that there was no mention of 4th of July in Animal Crossing. I know that August is full of fireworks, but couldn’t Isabelle have given us a hot dog hat or something?

If you saw my picture from the 4th, you know that I did my best to look insane patriotic.


Apparently that saddled bichir was enough to get me another badge from Phineas—for those wondering when he shows up, I just read that he only shows up on sunny days, so if it’s raining don’t bother to look for him.

I found him later in the evening and he gave me the silver “Village Gardener” badge for greenifying Hanabi.


Hairstyle a Day

I’m not loving this one, but the hairstyles I’ll be sporting for a bit aren’t meant to be loved, just meant to move on through the list to unlock men’s hairstyles. Why do I want men’s hair styles? Probably just cause they’re there.


Holiday Project

My husband and I didn’t do much for the fourth. We decided to stay home, watch TV and monster hunt together. I also got it into my head that I really really wanted to get a new train station and I was up to 76 visitors, so I spent the better part of the afternoon visiting myself. I’m pleased to report that I unlocked the new train station designs, stole money from Yumi, and had it built.


This one will go in Quantico (my third town), but I think it'll be a while.

This one will go in Quantico (my third town), but I think it’ll be a while.

This one's in Kasen

This one’s in Kasen

This is Hanabi's new station

This is Hanabi’s new station

More Eery Glowing

The manhole cover was open again. You’d think they’d put an alarm on it or something. I hopped down and interrupted a conversation between Resetti and Don. They have a new toy, a voice recognition system. I may have accidentally used it and blasted off Resetti. Oops. That’s probably not scoring me brownie points towards his picture.





Dueling Petitions

Kokuto (my husband) had a petition to sign so he came over, and Soleil gave me a petition so I then went to his town and got it signed (stealing all of his perfect apples along the way).




Gah! Hakase (Cobb) you need a new shirt. Kokuto, get on that please.

Today in Hanabi

First thing’s first I had to check on the new station. I love it.

I may not be very zen looking, but my train station is!

I may not be very zen looking, but my train station is!


I didn’t think I had bought enough for her to show up. I know I haven’t had T.I.Y. for 30 days yet. Who cares! Sign me up for your fashion evaluation.


We Interrupt this Fashion Check

for a trip to Ireland! Stephen from Shamrock had 377 Bell turnip prices and I (as usual) misjudged my market. Sorry Stephen, I just couldn’t get Julian on the train. Nook was out of dramamine and as I said, he gets motion sick. That would’ve been messy!

Shamrock's very cute cutout

Shamrock’s very cute cutout

Almost out of Debt

I then paid off my loan for the right (beach/island) room and asked Nook to enlarge my final room. So, after 598,000 bells I’ll be out of debt. At least with Vella…

If this Ain’t Basic

I hit up my other towns for basic items. The outfit isn’t pretty. Not at all, but it is basic.




She started out telling me my outfit was bland, but then I ended up walking away with a Gracie lamp. If you’re curious what I was wearing:

  • do-rag
  • mint glasses
  • vegetarian shirt
  • chino pants
  • slippers

I couldn’t find any basic socks in my stores, so I just left socks off.

Whew, and that’s how my day went. Don’t look for another blog until Monday. Schedule change (again!) Class starts tomorrow. 頑張ろう!

News for Kasen

This Sunday is a holiday in Japan: Tanabata. Isabelle will be handing out a bamboo tree (not sure of English name) and there will be a cutout for picture taking. I will open Kasen’s gates for a little while for people to come get a bamboo tree. I don’t intend to add a lot of people, but you can sweeten the deal if you want to come by bringing something off my wish list. 😛 Item I want the most right now? Surfboard.

P.S.I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

9 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Keep it Basic!

  1. Hi, Uh I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna go to Kasen for a bamboo tree but I can’t since I don’t have internet on my 3DS. >.<' But I DO have 4 game-show stands if you'd like to come to my town to get one?

  2. Hi! I’d love to come to Hanabi and grab a bamboo tree… I have the cabin chair and ranch bed if you’d like one or both. My friend code is 3754-6937-8503 if you’re interested 🙂 thanks!

  3. I have a zero lamp that I’d be willing to bring over if you still need it. 🙂 My FC is 2921-9256-0455.

  4. @Bari I’ll add your friend code. I would like the ranch bed (I think I got the cabin chair) But, the bamboo tree will be in Kasen. 5155-3157-1276

  5. I’ll bring some of the items you listed such as the cabin clock if I’ll get to visit you today! I already added your japanese 3DS.

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