Not Opening this Morning

I just got up and I’m not feeling like opening my gates this morning.

I might blog today. I’m considering rearranging my blogging schedule again because my Japanese class starts tomorrow. If one of my weekend days is going to be taken up by class, then it makes sense for me to post Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

I’ll be around.

P.S. To whoever blew up/stole my Jacob’s Ladder and/or orange lillies, you’re part of the reason I don’t want to open.

10 thoughts on “Not Opening this Morning

  1. Ouch, that’s awful. I’m always afraid to open my town haha. (let’s all give some cheers for the dream suite)

    Sorry it happened to you ):

  2. I hate it when people do that >.< I finally got a perfect town today and I opened my gate and brb for 5 min to go the bathroom and then my town was naked… And my ONLY Jacob's ladder was gone ; v ; I lost my 2 blue roses too…

  3. @ckeeart that sucks. 🙁 I don’t even have two blue roses. I’m putting my single blue rose away for tomorrow.

  4. @ckeeart it was totally a good deal. Playing since november and I’ve gotten 1. Granted I didn’t really start trying for them until April.

  5. If you’d like, I got more today and I could breed you two blue roses so you can rebreed more for yourself 🙂 But it might take me a while to breed them.

  6. This is why I only play with my Mum… XD Sorry to hear that though. Can only imagine how annoying it must be.

  7. @Viks Honestly most of the people that come over are very polite and ask before buying anything and don’t run etc. The next day I ended up getting one of the orange lilies respawned and another jacob’s ladder, so it’s ok. Although I am a little mistrustful and I put my blue roses inside a house before opening now. 😛

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