Animal Crossing New Leaf US: The American Dream

Stalk Market for Wednesday, July 10

AM: 60 Bells
PM: 56 Bells

Fashion Results

I left you Monday with a rather weak cliff hanger. I had ordered my clothes to show Gracie Grace, but had not yet received them, so I didn’t have the results from my modern fashion evaluation. Without further ado, here they are.

Me nervously awaiting my eval. Look, we're almost twinsies!

Me nervously awaiting my eval. Look, we’re almost twinsies!






I rocked it. I was surprised she mentioned my suck up attempt wearing her clothes. I had the glasses too, but I was already wearing the oval ones and was too lazy to dig them up. So far I’ve had two positive evaluations. I have two more to go before I get the department store.

Less than stellar hunting

I’ve been saving and continuing in order to see a scorpion. I have run into them a couple times, but I haven’t managed to successfully capture one. I usually see them when I’m not looking for them (like darting out from my cherry orchard) and then they bite me when I panic. Or they throw themselves off the cliff…



Hugs not Thugs!

I’m trying to woo Shep. By woo I mean I want his picture. So I’ve been doing any little request he asks of me. Last night he sent me off with a petition for “Hugs not Thugs”. I snuck over to my as yet undocumented town Quantico to get it signed.

Meet a few of Quantico’s residents.




I went over there also because Quantico was paying premium for perfect cherries, so I made 300,000 bells to boot.

But sadly Shep didn’t give me his picture for all that hard work. Soon I hope!

Celebrate Napping

Nobody has proposed anything new in Hanabi. We celebrated the hammock. Here’s a better shot of its placement.

Resetti’s Picture!

After the last time I saw Resetti (resulting in his blasting off) I didn’t think he’d be too keen on my visit, but he was alone this time and he gave me his picture! I still don’t have his or Don’s in my Japanese town, so I’m really excited about it.







I don’t even want to know what his favorite phrase means.


Breaking up the monotony of scorpion hunting in the evening I decided to look for a scallop. I thought it would take a while. Of course the first sea creature I dove for turned out to be a scallop. He handed me a ship cannon and floated away.


Sleeping Unicorns

Stephen missed his opportunity to steal Julian. Julian’s guard was down as he napped on the bench. I woke him up, but couldn’t find it in my heart to scold him for his lack of vigilance. And Victoria was right there watching over him like his guardian race horse.




Today in Hanabi

It’s been a busy day! Hanabi has officially changed from early town (because I haven’t been playing quite early enough for it to matter) to wealthy town. I had Kasen on wealthy town, but if you’ve been there and seen all the flowers, you know how time consuming it is to water every day, and now that the rainy season is over…Kasen’s back on beautiful town so I can slack.

Seriously Unconscious

Gulliver washed ashore with thoughts of Hollywood movies stuck in his head. I wonder where he was headed…





Turnips: Sold

None of my towns seem to be having good weeks (watch one of them will spike tomorrow) so I ran over to Methos to sell for 343 bells each this morning. Thanks for opening Herman! I’m one step closer to my 10 million bell goal!

A Good Deal

If you’ve read this blog much, then you know I’ve been struggling to get blue roses for a while now. I had exactly one and was still trying to breed a mate for it (unsuccessfully). Cheryl from BlueBell offered me a trade I couldn’t refuse. I saw her gates open after selling off my turnips so I barged in and we swapped. Her town was so pretty!





P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: The American Dream

  1. You would not by chance be interested in some balloon furniture? I would happily give you any I come over (right now I have the Balloon TV and the Balloon dresser) in exchange for the bamboo grass item. Or perhaps anything else. I have been on the lookout for anything on your wishlist lately, but so far nothing interesting has come up. Will be sure to leave a reply whenever I do!

    Euphy from Maple

  2. I’m glad you finally got your desired blue roses and that you liked my town! ^_^ I was looking for purple tulips as well and I was bored so I looked through your pictures more carefully and I saw purple tulips! 😀 Thank you! My town is open for you to visit whenever it’s open :3 But I won’t be on Animal Crossing this month. Busy with vacations.

    -Cheryl from BlueBell

  3. @Viks I love the townies there. I couldn’t find Carmen to get her to sign the petition. She’s my absolute favorite since City Folk. Today Quantico also got Flurry the Hamster.

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