Animal Crossing New Leaf US: All Bloated and Bulbous

Stalk Market for Monday, July 15

AM: 87 Bells
PM: 56 Bells

I bought a lot of turnips this week for 92 bells each, so I’m hoping for a good turnaround. The perfect fruit market is much safer, though not nearly as lucrative.

Scallop Capers

I haven’t had any success even spotting a scorpion in the past couple days. I get bored running around town hoping to spot one or saving and continuing over and over and over again. When I get sick of scorpion hunting I go scallop hunting. I haven’t been very diligent in either town about obtaining the pirate ship theme. In my Japanese town I have a very hard time catching scallops. In Hanabi chasing them down seems much easier. I don’t know if it’s due to my lucky room or that I’ve gotten better at chasing them, but I’ve found one each night for the past few nights. I have a soft spot for Pascal, so I always give him the scallop and listen to his deep truths.

it is awfully slimy...

it is awfully slimy…



So far I’m missing the following from the Pirate Ship Theme:

  • barrel
  • keg
  • vintage telescope
  • pirate’s armor (needed in Hanabi, I have it in Kasen)

There are only 11 items in the theme. I only need a few more encounters with Pascal and then I’m going to have to go back to scorpion hunting for real. If only I could bait them somehow. “Here scorpion. Come eat this tasty kitty villager.”—Just kidding Felicity.

Haven't seen any scorpions recently, just tarantulas.

Haven’t seen any scorpions recently, just tarantulas.

I even chopped down a bunch of trees so I’d have a more open area in the south. After a catch the bugger I’m putting in another cherry orchard for fun and profit.

Public Works

Victoria suggested a new bridge that I really really want to put in…only not in this town. I wish you could swap public works. She wants a fairy tale bridge. I would gladly put that in in Kasen. Unfortunately I haven’t had it requested there. I want a zen bridge for Hanabi.

scale that figure down a bit. I think it clashes with the eastern harmony we've got going on.

Rooney, my top requester, came through for me. He wants a zen streetlight. That I actually want. I need to replace the two streetlights I already have with them and sprinkle them throughout Hanabi for ambiance.



Grooving with K.K.

I’ll admit I always forget to go see K.K. on Saturdays. It’s even worse since they sell his album in the store so I feel like I don’t have to sit through his snooze fest show. (Don’t hate me! I get impatient while the credits roll). But I was reading through my Japanese guide and it says that after you listen to his show 20 times he gives you his picture. There’s my incentive!


Best Buy DLC

I stopped by Best Buy (purchased nothing) and downloaded my rolling suitcase yesterday. Imagine my glee when I found out it can be customized! It can also be ordered from the catalog, so any non-US (or US Best Buy-less) friends that need it let me know and I’ll hook you up.


(not remade) rolling suitcase

(not remade) rolling suitcase

It wouldn’t be DLC without one of my townies trying to steal it off me before I can even get it home.

Misc. Villager Shenanigans

Unicorn Staring Competition

Unicorn Staring Competition

twinsies? What will Jared say...

twinsies? What will Jared say…

That wasn't quite the impression I got.

That wasn’t quite the impression I got.

um. thanks.


The next bug off is this Saturday. I’m nervous about it because I have Japanese class this Saturday afternoon Class cuts into about 5 hours of my day because class itself is 3 hours long plus commute, plus food before or after…That means that I’m either going to have to stock up on bugs I think might win and play before I go to class or change the time and play after class—I’ve never changed the time in Hanabi. I adjusted my JP 3DS clock when I went to Japan, but that’s been the extent of my “time travelling”. I don’t even really care about a trophy. I just want more of the set items because, if you haven’t guessed it, I’m kind of a completionist.

Fortunately my order of magazines from yesasia arrived in the mail today. Specifically, Nintendo dream. It has a section about the bug off in the August issue. It lists relative point values for bugs. I don’t know if it takes into account bugs on the island. Here’s a translated chart:

Name Approximate Points Location Time
Dynastid Beetle 50-70 on trees 17:00-7:59
Saw Stag Beetle on trees all day
Tiger Beetle on the ground 8:00-18:59
Raja Brooke 60-80 by fresh water 8:00-18:59
Birdwing near flowers 8:00-15:59
Goliath Beetle on palm trees 19:00-7:59
Elephant Beetle on palm trees 17:00-7:59
Rainbow Stag Beetle on trees 19:00-7:59
Lantern Fly on trees 4:00-7:59;
Cyclommatus on palm trees 17:00-7:59
Oak Silk Moth on trees 19:00-3:59
Golden Stag 80-100 on palm trees 17:00-7:59
Horned Hercules on palm trees 17:00-7:59

So it looks like the only safe bets are the two most expensive bugs in the game. Looks like I will be hunting on the island this week and lamenting my loss of profit this Saturday.

The Myth of the Slushie Machine

Willow from Sunnydale (is that a Buffy reference?) came over this morning with a slushie machine and a white officer’s hat. Thank you! Proving definitively that the slushie machine does exist, and that it was given to EU via a letter from Nintendo delivered by Pete. I don’t know if it’s also a regular catalog item, but due to its scarcity (and the fact that I can’t find it in JP guides) I think that it’s not. Thank you so much Willow! Now I need to find some other item to obsess over. LOL.


Today’s Open Hanabi

It was plagued by disconnects. Thanks for bearing with me! I wish you could have visited for longer Tama! We’ll have to get together again. Thanks to everyone for coming. I hope you had fun. 🙂









P.S. I received a US Copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

18 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: All Bloated and Bulbous

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while but never commented before…
    I just wanted to point out that I turned in an Emperor Butterfly last month and, if I recall correctly, I got 92 points for it. I dunno if that was just a fluke, but I’m gonna try a couple of those before I use the Golden Stag and Horned Hercules. 🙂 And thanks for posting the list, that’ll definitely come in handy! The thing I hate about the Prima guide is that it doesn’t always have exact numbers and stuff…
    Anyway, hope that helps save some bells, and your blog is really awesome! 😀

  2. Hi ! Just wanted to confirm the slushie machine is from Nintendo in the mail in Europe, and it can be purchased again in the catalog, I think for 2400 bells.

  3. I had good time, don’t worry Mayor Vella 😉
    Looking forward to next house open already.

    @Lumos butterflies often give me good points, sometimes over a hundred 🙂

  4. I do need that new bestbuy dlc and the previous one too (the cat tower). I can bring some stuff from your wishlist and we can make a trade! 😀

  5. I am jealous of the Fairytale Bridge request XD If I only got it sooner, maybe Astrid wouldn’t have put her house there.. It’s the last thing I want that Ruby can request and if she does, she can move so I can place the police station (And Astrid can move so I can place the bridge and bell). I have a lot riding on that bridge request 😛

    At least I found a way to guarantee a request a day that helps a lot. Just wish I knew for sure if you can only get one Public Work Request a day or not.

    Also, quick K.K. badge tip: You CAN get them all in one night so if you’re really bored/have nothing else to do, just keep requesting songs. I managed to get my gold badge in 3 weeks (I would’ve gotten it in two, but the 2nd week had to stop early :P).

  6. @Jen I’m jealous of the fairytale bridge request too! LOL. Since I don’t want it in this town and have wanted it in Kasen for months. I never really look into who requests what. I probably should and make sure that I have someone who can request one in Kasen…

    I didn’t know listening to K.K. over and over counted. Now I know what I’ll be doing for the next couple of Saturdays. Thanks!

    I *thought* you could get more than one request a day for public works projects. I got one this morning from Barold. I’ll have to run around later and see if I can get anyone else to tell me what their dream project for Hanabi is.

  7. @Tama 🙂 I don’t think the chart I posted is entirely accurate. I’ve been saving up agrias butterflies and birdwing butterflies because I got decent points with some of them last time. I think I’ll see if I can save a few high-priced beetles just in case. I really want that furniture set! LOL

  8. Yeah, it’s a Buffy reference. 🙂 My original town in Animal Crossing Wild World was also called Sunydale, and for that one I had the opening notes to the Nerf Herder Buffy theme song as my town tune. I’ve switched to the Totoro theme song for my current town tune, but kept the name of the Wild World town and my character out of nostalgia. And also because I love the show. 🙂

    Thanks for letting me visit your town and catalogue all your cool DLC items. Your town is very pretty!

  9. @Jennifer To be honest, I thought you could too! I swore I did at one point, but I couldn’t find any evidence when I read through my logs and I spent hours after my first one doing the diving trick to trigger and nothing :/ So bleh. But yeah, the GameFAQs guide by Liquefy has a full list of what’s requested by which villager. I have a 1/4 shot now for Ruby to request it so I can hope T~T Especially as it’s the last thing I need from her and her house is where I want to put my police station… (of course, if the person who parked right where I want to place the bridge moves first, I’ll be perfectly happy with that too :P)

  10. Hi, can anyone tell me if their villager made a bridge request even though they have 3 built? I don’t know if I should demolish one or not! Thanks

  11. @Neeta from what I’ve heard, once you’ve built three bridges the villagers won’t request different kinds. I don’t have proof, but that’s how I understand it.

  12. Thanks Jennifer. That’s a shame as my bridges are all useful!
    If anyone wants to visit my town please let me know, am happy to share FC.

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