Animal Crossing New Leaf US: I gotta ROLL!

Stalk Market for Wednesday, July 17

AM: 120 Bells
PM: 84 Bells

I’m starting to sweat. I need to unload my turnips in the next day or two. My towns’ prices have been less than great. Anybody out there got good prices?

Nothing earth shattering has occurred in Hanabi over the last few days. I’m still looking for Pascal each evening and scorpions. At least I’ve been successful catching scallops. I only need a keg and a vintage telescope from Pascal now.



Man Hair

The most exciting thing that happened today is that I unlocked boy’s hairstyles a couple days early. I never kept track of which hairstyles I had tried, so I thought I had two more to go, but this morning as I sat in the chair Harriet told me:


I wasn’t feeling comfortable enough in my femininity to try one today (despite my pop bloom dress or pink wetsuit). Harriet thought she had offended me with her offer.


Public Works

Despite all my wanderings yesterday and catching the eye of my villagers, I was only able to score 1 public work project from Barold. I think you can get more than one a day (though probably not from the same resident) but I never really paid attention before.

Barold thinks we need a camping cot. I have one of those over in Kasen. I think since we have a hammock in Hanabi we don’t really need a camping cot too.



Today Sheldon decided we could use a fire pit. I would back that idea, but I didn’t really leave enough space around the campground for one…unless I chop down the trees south of it and/or get rid of the water pump. And I think a fire pit would look silly plopped somewhere away from the campground. Probably not going to put that one in any time soon.



Despite the new public works, I’m busy tearing down regular street lamps and replacing them with zen versions. That project should be done the day after tomorrow and maybe someone will request something I actually want to build before I get desperate and put up that weird rice thing (Is it a drying rack? I don’t know much about um rice production).

I think villagers want camping related public works projects to entice more visitors. We had the most adorable horse visit yesterday. If I could have kept her I would have.

Meet Annalise

Unfortunately Hanabi is full up. I’m actually thinking about letting Victoria go if she asks. I’ve been eyeing the real estate where her house is for future development. It’s a huge empty space—or would be if Victoria moved out.




Annalise is snooty, and my conversations with her showed that, but I think she’s cute enough to pull it off. Too bad you can’t put them on a waiting list.


The badge man showed up for me twice as well. Once for my prowess catching sea creatures (blame Pascal) and once because of street pass (blame all the other games in the house).






There are still 4 badges I don’t have at all:

  • Weeding: pull up 500 or more weeds (for bronze). That’s gonna take forever
  • K.K. Slider: watch K.K. Slider More than 20 times (for bronze). Soon to be remedied thanks to Jen’s tip
  • Neighborhood Traveler: Visit a different town 100 times (for bronze). Who wants me to visit? I need to get out more!
  • Dreamer: Visit the dream suite 50 times (for bronze). Yeah I don’t do much dreaming. I guess I should try for 1 dream a day or so until I get this. Submit your dream codes!

Gulliver’s Travels

I hadn’t gotten this quiz before in my English or Japanese games, so I was excited to see it. My favorite part of it: one of the choices was “Yoshi’s Island.” While I wanted to pick it, I did not, so I expect a super cool gift in the mail tomorrow.







In unrelated news Felicity has been sick for days and I’ve been nursing her back to health. I think she’ll be better by tomorrow and hopefully will send me something awesome to show her appreciation for the bitter, nasty medicine I’ve been bringing her.

I don't want to know. Just take the medicine. Where's the Purell?!?!

I don’t want to know. Just take the medicine. Where’s the Purell?!?!


Though he keeps trying to move out (are you sending him enticing letters, Stephen?) Julian insists we're BFFs. Damn straight.

Though he keeps trying to move out (are you sending him enticing letters, Stephen?) Julian insists we’re BFFs. Damn straight.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

6 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: I gotta ROLL!

  1. If those weren’t rhetorical questions/phrases, then…

    My Dream Code is: 4300-2145-4336

    Also, if you ever see my gate open, feel free to stop by. 😀

  2. I would glady welcome you to my town, in dream or not !
    My dream code is 6500 2208 0648 and my friend code is 1220 6849 8061 if you want to visit.
    By the way, in the catalogue, the slushie machine costs 2400 bells

  3. My dream address is 7900-2189-9168.

    And you’re welcome to stop by my town anytime my gate’s open. 🙂

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