Animal Crossing New Leaf: Pages of a Fairy Tale

Stalk Market for Friday, July 19

AM: 72 Bells
PM: 65 Bells

Getting Around

In an effort to see the world and enrich my catalog and the catalogs of others (that’s a highfalutin way of saying we traded) I visited Aleh of Hope village Monday night. His town was very pretty!




Club Tortimer

I’ve also started to ask Kapp’n to let me visit go to the island with other people. I feel like this is stretching the truth a bit. I don’t actually care who’s on the island. I go over, see what’s for sale, and leave. Rinse and repeat. I feel a little bad when I do it because half the time I don’t even say hello, but I’m on a mission to find stuff! So far my mission hasn’t been going all that well. I found a red wetsuit that I had to have.


The next day I saw a blue wetsuit I didn’t have, but I refused to spend all my medals on another wet suit. Then I found the cabana screen I needed…I didn’t want to buy it because I could find that on any old island, but I bought it so that next time I saw it it wouldn’t tempt me. The only cabana item I’m missing now is the wallpaper.

I still haven’t found anything I consider really exciting on Club Tortimer, but I’ll be going to hunt again after I get a few medals.

Cabana L☆cke

The outside of her house is a cabana. Kind of goes against Hanabi’s zen theme, but what’re you gonna do? I didn’t want a clone of Vella’s house. I suppose when it’s expanded I can add the zen exterior shape so it kind of matches.

As those of you who have read for a bit know, I’m pattern-challenged. But Pikopuri magazine’s August issue had an awesome hibiscus pattern, only I didn’t like the color. They show the full grid of the pattern, so I was able to recreate it and then tweak the color on it to something I liked. Yeah, it’s a little much as wallpaper and floor, but I think I’ll leave it for a while (like the emerald encrusted green set doesn’t make you a little nauseous).


No more Deep Thoughts

Last night I fished out the last scallop I needed to complete my pirate theme. The last item I needed was a keg. The theme isn’t really on display yet, it’s in my museum room with all the DLC and spotlight items I haul out when people visit. I hope to put it in L☆cke’s house if she ever gets another room.


Suite Dreams

Thanks to everyone who submitted their dream address! I hope to slowly visit you all. 🙂

So far the only village I’ve dreamed about is PikoPuri village (yes, the magazine I mentioned previously). Each magazine comes with a book of the most awesome dress designs and cutouts, so I was really excited to visit their village. But, sadly it wasn’t nearly as enchanting as the magazine. There were no paths. There was no order to the village. The houses were tiny and the only patterns you could take home was the flag and the things that say “Photo Spot”—which I initially thought said photo soot.

If you'd like to visit the village, here's the code.

If you’d like to visit the village, here’s the code.

I'm chuckling nervously because I thought the sign read "photo soot"

I’m chuckling nervously because I thought the sign read “photo soot”

This is the pikopuri princess. They have her dress as a QR code and I believe this cutout might be in the June-July magazine.

This is the princess's (older?) sister.

That cute dress is actually in the August magazine.

That cute dress is actually in the August magazine.

Mikuro, my Hero!

I asked my friend on twitter if he would trade something for the three pieces of 7/Eleven DLC I am missing. Apparently he had everything I could have possibly traded him, but gave them to me anyway as a present. I hope someday I can repay his kindness! The hardest part about trading with him is the time zone difference (since he’s in Japan and I’m in California). Even using the internet I got the agreed meeting time wrong. Or rather, the site I was using didn’t take daylight savings into account and I ended up opening my gates an hour early… **yaaaaawn**

But I had a blast meeting up with Mikuro and showing him around my sleepy town. Apparently the only animals awake at 7:00am are Kitt and Sheldon

Begin flurry of net whacking and random emotions!

Begin flurry of net whacking and random emotions!

Strutting my stuff in my new 7/Eleven uniform. ♥

Strutting my stuff in my new 7/Eleven uniform. ♥

Mikuro and I playing dueling harmonies on Kitt's piano

Mikuro and I playing dueling harmonies on Kitt’s piano

So that's how he stays so fabulous...

So that’s how he stays so fabulous…

"delicious!"  ww

“delicious!” ww

Glossing over the rest of yesterday…

I had Katrina and I wasted all afternoon hauling over 4 residents from Kasen and 4 residents from Quantico as well as L☆cke and Vella, only to find out out of towners getting their fortunes told didn’t count toward Katrina opening a shop in town. Grumbles.

Oh, and the prize from Gulliver from Easter Island? A moai statue. Pretty cool.


Turnips Unloaded

The high point of yesterday was visiting Shinkuu of Bakatown and selling my turnips for 473 bells apiece. Thanks Shinkuu!


I am very jealous of that awesome bell! I think it'd go great in Hanabi.

I am very jealous of that awesome bell! I think it’d go great in Hanabi.

Wait, what?! hahaha

Wait, what?! hahaha

I made just enough off of that to give to Yumi in Kasen and push her to the 10,000,000 bell mark. Hooray! I think I’m going to hold out until August 1 (to get interest), buy the summer Gracie series, and then continue on to 20,000,000 bells and beyond. I haven’t had a good stalk market week in any of my towns in a while, so maybe now’s the time to sink a million bells in it?

Badge Man

After coming back from Bakatown the badge man gave me the Pro Turnip Trader badge. This has much more to do with the kindness of others letting me sell than my prediction skills which are notoriously awful.

Today’s Highlight: Gracie

Just in time for the picture of my outfit of the day (mine are usually not very exciting or changed often enough) Gracie showed up. She wanted to see an ornate outfit. After doing some research I decided to borrow from Yumi’s giant collection of Gracie clothes.

I'm glad she doesn't judge me when I show up. This is the crazy stuff I normally wear. Yup I wander around in wet suits a lot.

I’m glad she doesn’t judge me when I show up. This is the crazy stuff I normally wear. Yup I wander around in wet suits a lot.

My ensemble is:

  • hair-bow wig
  • pink lace-up dress
  • rainbow tights—they were on sale in my Kicks. Only others are fishnets
  • Leopard Pumps—apparently these are the only ornate shoes

I was really torn about whether to wear an accessory or not. There are no ornate accessories. I decided I wanted to wear the heart shades anyway. They’re considered “cute”, but since they’re from Gracie’s store I hoped she wouldn’t mind.




I was relieved when she told me I looked like I’d come straight out of a fairy tale (a Lolita one maybe?). Her reward for nailing the outfit was a Gracie Chest…which was exactly what she gave me last time I passed her evaluation. So, I’ve got a Gracie Chest to trade!

Public Works

They only new public work I’ve had requested recently comes from Soleil and is not going to be put in if I have my mayoral say: a modern bench.



tl;dr? yeah. me too.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Pages of a Fairy Tale

  1. Love visiting Hanabi in dreams! I was wondering- does Kasen have a dream code?

  2. @April Kasen does indeed have a dream code. I’ll go update it so you can meet Kasen’s second newest resident, Stitches. The newest resident is Cousteau the frog. He came over from my third town (which doesn’t have a dream code yet) and he’s an uninvited villager. It’s a little messy at the moment: 3700-0166-7543

  3. I had lots of fun that night :°D
    My dream code is 7200 – 2181 – 3086, Hope hasn’t changed so much since your visit but if you’ll ever feel like checking it out someday in the future, here it is!

    Glad I can now visit Kasen too, couldn’t find that dream code anywhere lol

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