Animal Crossing New Leaf US: A Hysterical Fan

Stalk Market for Monday, July 22

AM: 53
PM: 49

I have a lot riding on the stalk market this week. I sunk the most money ever into it and purchased 6,000 turnips. If you have a high price this week, you’ll be my new best friend. 😛 So far my prices have me terrified. And needless to say I’ve got a sticky note going to input prices from all my towns. If one of them has a high price I’ll advertise most on twitter.

Let’s see, it’s been an eventful few days. I guess we’ll start with:


I have been hoarding bugs for a bit. I had butterflies from around town, bugs from the island. I had a little of everything. I took notes as I turned in bugs from what I thought would be least to most points. The most bugs I turned in were Agrias Butterflies (11) and they scored anywhere from 69-97 points. My island bugs really didn’t do that well, but I think I just had bad luck with them. My cyclommatus and horned elephants didn’t even break 90 points. The Horned Atlas got from 81-94 points (I had 4 of them). The goliath beetles looked promising. I only had two, but they scored 110 and 112 points respectively. My final bug was a Horned Hercules and he scored me my winning 134 points. From my horde of bugs I got:

  • Cicada Stereo
  • Beetle Chair
  • Mini Butterfly Table
  • Honeybee Chest
  • Spiderweb Clock
  • Butterfly Wall

Not a bad haul! Even though I could have sold those bugs for a lot of money. Between my towns the only Bug-Off item I’m missing now is the Firefly Lamp. I have a few extra bug-off items to trade (honeybee chest, cicada stereo, caterpillar sofa) if anyone has a spare Firefly Lamp.

Felicity stalking a cicada

Felicity stalking a cicada



Later That Evening

After the hullabaloo of the Bug-Off had died down I went to see K.K. Slider. A lot. I requested about 25 songs from him when all is said and done. I was hoping he would give me his picture, but he didn’t. I imagine you have to go for 20 separate visits to get that elusive item.

I sat in every single chair.

I sat in every single chair.

Shrunk boogied. No one else showed up for the concert.

Shrunk boogied. No one else showed up for the concert.

Public Works

Before the Bug-Off began I was out and about watering, pulling weeds, just doing menial chores when Kitt approached me with a fabulous idea for Hanabi:

I don’t know why everyone wants chairs and hammocks and stuff. You know what I want? A different bench. No one has suggested a bench. All I’ve got to work with is the default bench and it’s not very exciting.

Ok, not everyone wants a chair. Sheldon wants a solar panel. Clean energy is great. And some part of me almost wants to put this in just because I haven’t build anything beside a zen lamp in a while, but I’m still holding out.




I almost dread going into the camping tent since Hanabi is full. I’m afraid that some adorable creature will be in there that I won’t be able to coerce into moving in. (I’m looking at you Annalise and Bunnie!) Fortunately the last couple of campers have been…not my favorites. For example:

yes weirdo. (Are you a dog? ) I'm the mayor.

yes weirdo. (Are you a dog? ) I’m the mayor.

Glad you like it here. Boost our economy and then be on your merry way.

Glad you like it here. Boost our economy and then be on your merry way.

Today's camper makes me hungry. Naming him T-Bone is just cruel. Now I want a steak.

Today’s camper makes me hungry. Naming him T-Bone is just cruel. Now I want a steak.

Club Tortimer Hopping

In the evening I decided to try my hand at island hopping again. I had (IMO) a pretty successful run.



I found chocolate bars. I bought one to give as a gift. And then I found the Muumuu. Muhaha! Now I can eat all the chocolate bars I want and wear the muumuu. Actually a few of the islands I visited had the muumuu. I bought another one either to give to Yumi or to give away as a gift.

Then I took a break because I had scheduled a house visit with Victoria (more to come on that later)

And then I island hopped a bit again. I came across a sand castle I had to have it. Unfortunately I was short 3 medals. I mentioned that, but the person on the island just left, so I went and did a tour by myself and bought it.

Me in the muumuu with the new sand castle in the beach room. Ahh relaxin'

Today in Hanabi

Today has been very eventful. I checked my mail and had a letter from Victoria. I thought it would contain a tumbleweed or something to thank me for letting her visit, but she sent me her picture! Yay! Now if she wants to move I can let her go without regret.
Victoria's Picture

Words of wisdom from Victoria's picture.

Words of wisdom from Victoria’s picture.

Badge Man

I didn’t see him at all yesterday (I wonder why?). But today he was walking around ready to hand over my first K.K. Slider badge.


Don't tell him I just muted the performance and let K.K. pick over and over while I watched TV.

Don’t tell him I just muted the performance and let K.K. pick over and over while I watched TV.


Fashion Check

I was hoping I would see Gracie this week. I only need one more positive evaluation before the Home Center upgrades to the Department Store.

She wants to see an official outfit

She wants to see an official outfit

Gracie wanted to see an “official” outfit. Naturally I did a little research and enlisted the aid of Yumi’s vast closet I was able to put together an outfit without ordering anything.

Here’s what I wore:

  • white police cap (EU DLC)
  • pilot shades (they were in my Labelle’s)
  • waistcoat (GracieGrace during “sale”)
  • white formal pants (Gracie Grace during “sale”)
  • white leather shoes (Gracie Grace summer)

There are official socks/tights but I didn’t have any in Kasen or Hanabi, so I just went sockless. I thought about throwing something on since she always seems miffed when I don’t have anything other than the style she wants to see, but I didn’t know what would go well with official so I decided against it.

Me cowering before my eval.






As you can see, the fashion check went well. With any luck the Home Center will have a notice on the bulletin board tomorrow about its upgrade. I can’t wait to stop stealing Kasen’s fertilizer! If I do get the department store this week I may have to hold a party. 🙂 We’ll wait and see.


Because I’m made of money (not) I planted two money trees around the fountain (using Yumi’s golden shovel). I only put about 60,000 bells in each hole. But I have the rich town ordinance and a pretty good feng shui room, so I’m hopeful that they’ll grow. I’m also slowly putting blue roses all around the fountain.

Hopefully that grows into a money tree.

Hopefully that grows into a money tree.

And that’s all I’ve got so far. Fingers crossed about the department store!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: A Hysterical Fan

  1. Oh nice, the department store! I’m waiting for my shop to upgrade too, hope it doesn’t take too much (I NEED to start hoarding shurbs asap, can’t always count on friends’ shops lol)

  2. You always make me laugh (out loud reading) !! 😀
    I’ve never seen Muumuu – never.. but I managed to hunt down the ship in the bottle yay!

  3. Wow! You’re so lucky to get Emporium soon! I need one more Gracie check until I can! 🙂 By any chance, do you have any extra mermaid furniture? I always go to the island seeing cabana this, cabana that o.O Anyways, I’m glad your blue roses have already multiplied ^_^ You can also visit my dream town if you still need to visit more: 4900-2152-7167.

    -Cheryl from BlueBell

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