Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Time of Least Convenience

Stalk Market for Wednesday July 24

AM: 139 Bells
PM: 100 Bells

I kind of shot myself in the foot with my impatience. I’m always jittery with the stalk market when I buy more than about 500 turnips. So, with about 600,000 bells riding on this week’s prices I was ultra nervous. I religiously checked Hanabi, Kasen, Quantico, and my husband’s town of Jisuna which is a day behind…

Hanabi’s prices seemed to be falling, but as you can see spiked up a little today. Kasen appeared to be on a rollercoaster. Jisuna was hard to tell because it was only Monday yesterday (but his pm today is in the 170s, so it may go up). Quantico is many hours behind—as I write this as 2:30pm, it’s 7:30am there. I set it back for the bug tourney and then didn’t want to jinx turnip prices so left it. So I didn’t know how prices were going until late. Quantico’s PM price spiked up to 214 and I sold. I didn’t make a huge profit, but I didn’t lose money.

I want to make a huge profit because I’m giving all proceeds to Yumi to pad her bank account. She’s currently at 11.9 million. I’m going to leave the money in her account until August 1 to get interest, then spend too much on the rest of the Gracie set. It’s so expensive:

The items I need are bolded:

Item price
Gracie wallpaper 124,000
Gracie carpet 124,000
Gracie bed 250,000
Gracie chest 120,000
Gracie lamp 120,000
Gracie bench 110,000
Gracie chair 150,000
Gracie wardrobe 350,000
Gracie low table 68,000
Gracie desk 250,000
Gracie shelf 350,000
Gracie wagon 300,000
Gracie wall clock 150,000
total: 2,466,000

The items I need come out to the trifling sum of 1.77 million bells. Ugh. I intend to buy them starting August 1 because Gracie’s semi-annual sale starts August 15th—also a Japanese holiday and the 16th is my birthday! TMI. rambling. Back on track—some of the items are “sold out” during the sale. I don’t want to miss any of them because I was being overly miserly. But it occurs to me that I’ll have two towns with Gracie Grace now so maybe I should wait? Gah take my money!

Vella and Yumi's shady money exchange.

Vella and Yumi’s shady money exchange.


Nooklings is closed today for upgrading. In honor of its grand opening I’m hosting a party in Hanabi on Friday from 8am PST (GMT -8 —IIRC that’s 0時 東京時間帯) until let’s say Noon or until I fall asleep on my 3DS. Whichever comes first. I thought I’d do it a little earlier in case anyone in Japan wants to visit. 🙂 I’ll leave everything in the shop including Gracie furniture, fertilizer and bushes, but it’s first come first serve. I’ll also leave out the usual assortment of DLC to catalog and maybe some street pass items (pinwheels, ice cream etc.) to take home.

Speaking of DLC, I don’t have any Korean friends or Korean DLC. Does anyone have either DLC I can catalog (and redistribute if it’s orderable) or a friend they could introduce me to?

And does anyone know anything about the Japanese clerk’s shirt that was apparently distributed in error? Completionist me wants one.

The clang of expensive furniture and fertilizer coming!

The clang of expensive furniture and fertilizer coming!

Crash Landing

Yesterday Gulliver washed ashore. He was looking for help getting to a country famous for koalas and kangaroos.




I hooked him up and today received a replica ayers rock. It’s a bit awkward as far as souvenirs go. Where am I supposed to display it? Couldn’t I have gotten a plushie koala or kangaroo? Or a better boomerang than the one Nooklings sells?

replica Ayers Rock

replica Ayers Rock

Up or Down with Antonyms!

Last night Soleil flagged me down with a pressing petition. I rushed over to Quantico (not least because their perfect oranges were selling for double in Hanabi) and got 6 residents behind this…pressing…problem.


Quantico's resident hamster, Flurry signed without hesitation.

Quantico’s resident hamster, Flurry signed without hesitation.




When I returned from orange picking signature gathering and presented Soleil with her full petition, she gave me her picture!


I really want to start working on Shep and Julian for their pictures (also I’m being schmoozy because my birthday’s coming up). It seems like Julian always wants to leave Hanabi. I had to stop him again today. And again he said we were BFFs. He’s kind of a wishy washy unicorn.


Club Tortimer Hopping

I stopped at a few islands last night in search of treasure. I didn’t come across too much, but I did score a white wet suit. I don’t know why I have a wet suit collection, but I do.


Public Works

No one seems to want to suggest anything new lately, so I did the unthinkable and put in the rice rack. It’s only unthinkable cause I kind of like it and I don’t really understand it…

It's situated just left of Felicity's house and just behind O'Hare's.

It’s situated just left of Felicity’s house and just behind O’Hare’s.

Happy Birthday O’Hare!

Speaking of O’Hare—or as my husband calls him, Santos the traitor—today was his birthday. Naturally I avoided him all day because I didn’t have a present. The Able Sisters didn’t have anything I thought he would like. I was about to see what was on sale at Jisuna when Rooney gave me a swell tee which was exactly what I was looking for—modern and orangish. His favorite style and color.

I had to get wrapping paper in Kasen, but I regifted Rooney’s shirt successfully and O’Hare loved it.



Badge Man

I didn’t expect to see Phineas today and I certainly didn’t expect to see him twice. The first time I saw him he gave me the Neighborhood Traveler badge. I guess I’ve gotten out more than I thought…and the second time I saw him he gave me the Silver Medalist badge for getting medals on the island. I blame Club Tortimer for that one.






Now I just need the dream suite badge and the weeding badge. I’m making a list of all the dream addresses you guys (my readers) have submitted. So once I get down to visiting that shouldn’t be very bad. The weed badge sounds impossible. If any of you out there are weed hoarders and need someone to come over for grass day, I’m your weed puller! Otherwise I may have to do something drastic with Quantico.


Despite what seems like countless hours looking for a scorpion I haven’t even seen one lately. I’m still trying…But I finally caught a leaf bug, so the scorpion is the only critter I need for July.
And I think that’s about all that’s new in the land of Hanabi.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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  1. Oh wow, Quantico has so many of the villagers I want! That hamster is adorable and Static is currently in my town and staying put till the end of the year minimum. (My town is Sonne btw, we’ve met 🙂 ) And thank you for the Gracie price guide!

  2. Hi Rachael 🙂 Quantico does have fun townies. My favorite one is Ankha. I have wanted her since I first saw her many years ago. I need to build it up just a little more and hopefully I can either open it up or post a dream address.

  3. Hey Jennifer, do you have one more spot to squeeze me in on your buddy list?

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