Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Come on In!

Stalk Market for Friday, July 26

AM: 183 Bells
PM: 95 Bells

This getting up early thing is sucking my will to live. I’ll try to remain coherent throughout this post, but I make no guarantees.

Yesterday in Hanabi



It was the grand opening of T&T Emporium. I had no special visitors, but who needs special visitors when you have a 3 story department store with a swanky boutique on the top floor. Before I visited the Emporium I watered absolutely ever flower in the village in anticipation of people coming over today. I get so embarrassed showing off the town when it’s full of wilted flowers. Naturally it rained in the afternoon. $*@(^!!!



I didn’t take too many pictures of the inside of the place, but I had a few bells in my pockets and thought maybe I would buy a piece of furniture for Yumi to take some of the strain off of her pockets. Then I remembered that I have rich town ordinance and everything is more expensive here…so I refrained.

Score! Even though I didn't buy anything she gave me my final mannequin

Score! I bought a shirt and she gave me my final mannequin


I finally made time to visit a few towns via the dream suite yesterday. I still have a looong ways to go for that badge.

First I visited Moonlake (Hi Aurynn! Those glasses look awfully familiar).



And then I hopped over to Frieden. 🙂

My favorite part? That poor peace sign stretched across the portly penguin. Hehe!

My favorite part? That poor peace sign stretched across the portly penguin. Hehe!




Christmas in July?

Later last night I stopped over at Wasabi village for a Christmas party. That snow looks a little suspect. LOL




Today in Hanabi

Next time I decide to throw a party at 8 am, remind me to go to sleep earlier. I’m beat! And since I’m beat, I’m just gonna post some pics and call it good. 🙂

An angry mob descended upon the Emporium at 8:58am

An angry mob descended upon the Emporium at 8:58am




I had misfortune upon my health today and was tripping everywhere. Katrina told me I needed an “iconic top” so I put one on. Unfortunately the wet suit nullifies its effects and I tripped as I was attempting to jump off the cliff. Ouch. Too bad I didn’t belly flop.



I had a lot of ice creams left over, so I ate one. Yum.

I had a lot of ice creams left over, so I ate one. Yum.

bell tree!
Only one of my two money trees grew. I’ll have to try again for the other one. Symmetry. 🙂


Thanks Euphy for helping me get a replacement for Julian’s saw shark. He likes his napoleon fish better than me though. 😛

And now I have to take Locke to go get signatures for a petition for “Make Cheese Not Traps” for Julian. He’s a demanding unicorn!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Come on In!

  1. It was alot of fun yesterday! Too bad Julian favours the Napoleon fish over you, though. Perhaps the other citizens should make a petition called “Let the BFF stay” so that Julian never tries to run away again!

    I got your cabin dresser in the mail this morning, so just give me a call and I’ll give it to you.

    – Euphy, Maple

  2. Thanks for visiting my town in a dream! :’D

    Congrats on getting T&T Emporium! That was so fast! O_O

    -Nick from Frieden

  3. I don’t exactly know why, but I prefer T.I.Y. over T&T Emporium… I think it’s prettier and I never liked how Leif doesn’t have a separate room anymore lol. I think I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can before making it upgrade, but I’ll have to when the gorgeous series will be out 😛

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