Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Buffness Theory

Stalk Market for Thursday, August 1

AM: 106 Bells
PM: 140 Bells

Well, I didn’t get a huge spike (There’s still time I guess). And though I did a little trolling on twitter to sell in strangers’ towns, none of my requests panned out so I went over to Quantico when it hit 163 bells and sold there. I’ve decided that in the stalk market, like in life, slow and steady wins the race. I could’ve held out for another day or so, but I wanted the money in Yumi’s bank account to pad it. I’m happy to report she got 71,500 bells worth of interest.

Yumi then bought a few pieces of Gracie furniture (just needs the desk and wagon), and paid off stonehenge. She needs to buy Katrina’s shop and then all proceeds from the sale of foreign fruit will go back into her bank account. I’m going to try to spiff up Kasen before opening for Obon.

The last few days in Hanabi

As I’ve said, nothing much has happened. There’ve been a few campers. I think they’re really trying to convince me to let one of my townies go. Sheldon tried to move to go on a training tour, but I told him no. I have his picture but…It’s so wrong that the only reason I don’t want my townies to go is because I’m afraid of where a new townie will land.

I should let you go little squirrel. If only I were a little braver.

I should let you go little squirrel. If only I were a little braver.

While Hanabi would like a deer, we have no room for you. And a deer named Lopez is just weird.

While Hanabi would like a deer, we have no room for you. And a deer named Lopez is just weird.

My next camper? An aardvark. Also cool! I don’t see them often.


Whatever floats your boat. Me, I read old Disney comics when I camp.

Whatever floats your boat. Me, I read old Disney comics when I camp.

And today’s camper? Biskit. I would have kept any one of these guys. Really makes me think I should let someone go.
Cherries. You want the cherries.


My question for you: Who is the one villager you want to move into your village and why? My dream villager used to be Ankha. I had only ever seen pictures of her, never saw her anywhere. Then she moved in to Quantico. I just always thought she was the coolest looking towny ever. I would love to get her a matching Lucky villager. He’s also one of my favorites. And since she’s moved in, I still love her little frowny face.

Obviously Julian was very high on my list of wanted villagers, but I didn’t even know he even existed until sometime in May.

I don’t really have any villagers that I must have at the moment. I seem to have all of my faves scattered among my games (Lillian/Bunnie, Carmen, Ankha, Julian, Stitches, Lolly). But on my list of I would really like: Zucker only because he’s a takoyaki and it makes me laugh. I’m newly infatuated with Annalise since she camped. I loved Clyde in my City Folk town. I think Kabuki is completely awesome looking. He’d go well in Hanabi. I wouldn’t mind Diana or Fauna, but the rest of the deer don’t really do it for me (Zell not withstanding). My husband desperately wants Coco. She creeps me out.

Gold Furniture

I have bad luck making gold furniture. I seem to be getting a lot of gold ore, but also a lot of duplicate items. The ones up for sale in my Re-Tail shop went to a good home.

I hope you like the gold furniture Shawn! And thanks for the tip!

I hope you like the gold furniture Shawn! And thanks for the tip!

Finally I turned in 3 ore and got golden wallpaper!



I put it in the basement where my golden mishmash is being used to bolster yellow feng shui. I wonder if the basement room affects luck since according to the awful Prima Guide it’s not scored by the HHA…Maybe I’ll move it upstairs and put the balloon room down there (honestly I’m really sick of the balloon furniture). It was cool for the first month or so. But I’ve always hated that hat.


This morning was awesome, both in game and out. Early this morning the fedex man buzzed the door and brought me an unexpected box of Harry and David peaches and a bottle of wine—an early birthday present from my mom. They smell sooooo good. I feel like I’m acting just like Barold because I cannot wait to eat them, but they’re not quite ripe. (I promise I’m not getting sloshed on the wine as I type this. 😉 )

Don’t forget to stop by your post office and pick up the DLC. It seems that the US is also getting the fireworks table, so I think every region may be getting it for August.

You may notice that whatever incarnation of your Nooklings shop is selling fireworks for the month. I only had 1 roman candle and 1 fortune cookie, while Kasen had a roman candle and some other firework. I haven’t lit them yet. I intend to hoard them at least until Sunday.

Very Fine. Gimme!

Very Fine. Gimme!

Another Me

I also had a few guests this morning as I scampered around watering my droopy flowers and looking for new bugs.

Another me? How many of me are there?

Another me? How many of me are there?


I had Katrina in town today. I wish I knew how many more fortunes I need told to unlock Katrina’s shop. Both Locke and I got our fortune told. I figure I’m at least halfway there.



No men's tops for sale. And what does excellent health do for me anyway? I'm not tripping today.

No men’s tops for sale. And what does excellent health do for me anyway? I’m not tripping today.

New Month, New Critters

So far the only new thing I’ve gotten is the rice grasshopper. I had it erroneously listed as a katydid. I only knew its Japanese name and had to guess at its English name until I caught one and could verify. Apparently there is nothing with an English name of katydid in the game. But for all intents and purposes rice grasshopper = katydid. </rant>


So far the things I need to catch this month are:

  • scorpion (grumbles)
  • soft-shelled turtle
  • flat worm
  • Petaltail
  • house centipede

I’m really hoping the petaltail isn’t as hard to find/catch as it was in City Folk. I chopped down every single tree in town just to get it. I will do that again if I have to (not the money tree) but I’m hoping it won’t come to that.

Public Works

Finally I had a suggestion! Unfortunately it wasn’t for something I intend to put in. I have one of these in Kasen and it’s really pretty at night, but I don’t want one in Hanabi.







Just thinking about running made Victoria tired. Me too!

Just thinking about running made Victoria tired. Me too!

Double rainbow in Quantico (taken while unloading scads of turnips)

Double rainbow in Quantico (taken while unloading scads of turnips)

But you're wearing that shirt Locke made and you look like a little burrito. You have no room to talk.

But you’re wearing that shirt Locke made and you look like a little burrito. You have no room to talk.

So you're saying I *should* get rocking body from the infomercial?

So you’re saying I *should* get rocking body from the infomercial?

12 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Buffness Theory

  1. The one villager I wish would move into my village is Savannah. Not only was she one of my first residents in Wild World – the first Animal Crossing game I have ever played -, but we also share the same birthday, january 25th!

    Other than her I would like both Lucky and Daisy, as they also were one of my most beloved residents in WW.

    And then I would probably wish for Maple. It is only logical that a cute bear named Maple must live in a village with the same name!

    I am very much excited for the fireworks on Sunday.
    Europe also received the fireworks table, by the way.


  2. I’ve actually had a must have villager list for months (…like everything else I’ve planned 🙁 I need a life </3) and KNEW I wanted at least these 8:

    It was the last 2 that really took me a bit as I had a lot I liked and was having issues narrowing it down (Some of the ones in the last two category: Julian, Marcie, Vesta, Gala, Lucy, Pekoe, Annalise…). In the end, I decided whoever I somehow got first would be the ones I picked. I ended up getting Marcie in my alt town and Julian was actually my very first camper–unfortunately, at the time, I wasn't able to let him move in so yeah.

    Currently, Cookie, Peanut, Marcie, and Julian are hanging out in my alt town so just 6 to go x-x

  3. I have Kabuki in my New Leaf game and I am never giving him up. Ran into Genji while he was a camper and was going to invite him to live in my town, only to find out I had someone new stake out a house that day. >.< I would like to let a few of my residents move out, but it's always ones I want to stay who tell me they want to leave.

    Other than Genji, I think Pekoe would be cute in my town and I would love to have Kiki, Ankha (she's in my City Folk game), Lolly, Rosie or Tangy come. Also would like to have Whitney move in and also would like to see Vesta as well since I had her in my Gamecube village. So many villagers, so little room in my town for all of them.

    If you ever want to come visit Kabuki, my Dream Code is 4200-2245-8571.

  4. The only villager I really really want is Teddy, I had him in WW and he was so funny! D:
    Had no luck with my campers so far. I’m waiting until I find something decent.

  5. Villagers I want are:
    -Tangy (been my favorite since WW)
    Unfortunately, I have:
    Was my town meant to be ugly?
    P.S. No offense to anyone who likes the villagers I put under the ugly category.

  6. @Penelope I feel for you. I had Iris in my JP town. She went to a good home a few weeks ago though. And I had Charlise in Hanabi. She was actually nice even though I did want to throw up a little every time I looked at her. My husband had Ricky. I can’t decide whose eyebrows are worse, Iris (Hazel? Is that who you mean?) or Ricky.

  7. @Jen I have no idea how you plot everything out! I admire your vision. 🙂 I just have a vague idea of what I want Hanabi to turn into and Kasen was my learning town and I couldn’t understand a lot of what was going on so its aesthetics suffered a little. LOL. All of those villagers are adorable. I have Flurry and Molly over in Quantico.

  8. @IcyLavender Isn’t it funny how attached we get to villagers from previous games? Carmen was my BFF in City Folk. I literally stopped playing because she moved out and there was no way to stop her. I was so excited when she showed up in Quantico. I don’t know what animal has my birthday. I should check. I know that little Soleil is August 9. I have to buy her a present soon.

    Of course Maple should have a Maple bear. LOL. She’s so cute too.

    I’ll open my gates at 7pm for the fireworks festival, but that’ll probably be very late for a lot of people.

  9. @Aleh I don’t generally like the bear villagers. I prefer the teddy bears and cute villagers in general, but Teddy doesn’t look half bad. 😉 It’s funny how you get attached to a certain personality. I love Barold and he’s one homely little bear.

  10. Watching some people stream helped plus just constantly looking up information XD Then it was just looking up things I wanted and I worked from there. Only things I couldn’t fully plan were items I wanted (I needed to see full pictures for that) and placements because I obviously wouldn’t see my map until I got the game–regardless, I still made sure to think of some ideas. But yeah, I really enjoy planning @-@ I should hopefully get the last public work I need tomorrow too so yay.

    Quantico obviously got lucky with villagers XD

  11. Oh man, I would LOVE it if Bob moved in. He was on my Wii version and was awesome XD I also had Maple on my original DS version, and she was adorable. I’m pretty open to anything except GODDAMN KANGAROOS (I have Kitt AND Mathilda – Kitt is moving out… She’s actually nice, but I still want someone new. I wish Mathilda would move out super fast. A snooty kangaroo, just what I wanted. /sarcasm)

    Right now I’ve got Kitt (moving out in a week or so), Victoria, Mathilda (bleh), Cranston (he’s weird XD), Chief (awesome!), Zell (ditto), Mac (he’s alright I guess), Ken (He’s awesome too! A blue chicken XD), Frita (moved from Mum’s game, she’s a yellow sheep), and that’s it. I had someone else move out recently, so waiting on tenterhooks to see who my new person will be!

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