Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Snazztastically Generous

Stalk Market for Friday, August 2

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I didn’t play last night, so there’s not a whole lot new since I posted yesterday.

I don't know what those two did, but Sheldon was all depressed and Barold was PISSED OFF.

I don’t know what those two did, but Sheldon was all depressed and Barold was PISSED OFF.

Nothing new? Insert gratuitous unicorn pics. Yay!

Nothing new? Insert gratuitous unicorn pics. Yay!


Saharah was roaming around Hanabi today. I got Vella and Locke’s rooms redone. The results were less than stunning.


How can you mess with this eyesore?

How can you mess with this eyesore?

Oh. That's how.

Oh. That’s how.

Barold interrupted me while I was attempting the great room swap. I moved the balloon room to the basement and the feng shui room to the left. I took pictures but added a few more things afterward. I stuck a virtual boy onto the table, another cherry on the floor, and a green suitcase in the one extra space I had for green items. I don’t know why but I like both rooms better now.







News from Kasen

Since it’s a short post from Hanabi (why don’t you guys request something I want!?) I thought I’d blog a little from poor neglected moneybags Kasen.

As anticipated, Yumi completed stonehenge with her giant pile of money. Today she told Shizu-chan (aka Isabelle) that Kasen needed Katrina’s shop in town and paid that off as well. I’ve never actually seen or been to Katrina’s shop, so I’m excited about it.

Yumi visits stonehenge

Yumi visits stonehenge

Blue rose!

Blue rose!

The other day I gave my only blue rose (in Kasen) to Kokuto (my husband) because he finally managed to grow one on his own and refused to accept any until he grew one himself. Just for the heck of it I put the black roses that produced Kasen’s blue rose on the beach with some fertilizer. And voila Kasen has blue roses again. I don’t know where to put them though. I’m trying to landscape a little bit before having people over.

Kasen never had any sort of a plan (not that Hanabi really has one except that it’s a “zen” style town). But the flowers keep overwhelming every inch of town. A while ago I was actually selling them just to get rid of them. I admit I did run through some for fun. I wish I had more of a vision for the town. Then I’d at least have an inkling of what to do to make it more presentable. I think it needs more bushes. Fewer flowers. Better-placed hybrids. And another illuminated tree or two. I’ll get right on that…

ooooh so that's how those work!

ooooh so that’s how those work!

I set down a firework because my pockets were full and it went off. Oops. At least I know how to use them. Reese made me pay a disposal fee to get rid of it. I could just bury the used ones all over town…

what an unfortunate angle...

what an unfortunate angle…

I had Redd in Kasen today. David was legitimate. And I can’t help acting like I’m 12 years old around that statue. Hehehehehe.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo.

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