Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Thanks for Poppin’ By

Stalk Market for Monday, August 5

AM: 82 Bells
PM: 78 Bells

So far all three of my towns’ prices have decreased. I’m sitting on a huge stack of turnips again. I should just harvest fruit. Hoping to hit the stalk lottery is stressful.

Fluffy Clouds!

These are awesome! I only seem to see them for a minute and when I look again they’re gone.


Critter Search

I haven’t been having very good luck getting the few critters I need for August. I haven’t looked for the flatworm yet, but I’ve done a bunch of fishing and haven’t come across a soft-shelled turtle. Are they rare? I never seem to be playing around the time the Petaltail is out. I’m still a bit worried about it. Have any of you seen or caught one? I’m seriously thinking of closing Hanabi for a little bit and just chopping down trees and putting flowers away turning it into a wasteland until I catch a Petaltail and a Scorpon. :/ The only critter I’ve nabbed so far is a house centipede. I hope I never run into one of those IRL.

Public Works

I finally put something new into Hanabi. Victoria asked for a bell. It’s not the zen bell, but I figured it could be a placeholder for one. I don’t like my landscaping around it. I think I’ll surround it with carnations instead of tulips. I attemptd to make a heart out of red pansies and lined it with white pansies and I just don’t like it. I think it may be my choice of flower.



The Bell


We also had one more recommendation for Hanabi, the shoe sculpture. I like it because it’s a bench, but I dislike it because I don’t think it matches the town. I could put a playground over by my house or by the fruit orchard. I’m gonna think about that one for a bit.

Gratuitous Julian pics



ACUKE Birthday Bash

Sunday an Animal Crossing group I belong to called ACUKE held a party for members with birthdays in August. Each birthday bash has a theme. This one was beach party. Those with August birthdays opened up their gates and other members came over and brought presents. As you may know (because I mention it all the time) my birthday’s August 16, so I opened up Hanabi Sunday morning wearing a “bikini” and sporting a terrible tan line. I received many lovely gifts. Thank you everyone who came over! Your presents were all wonderful. I can’t wait to celebrate in the coming months and return your kindness.




Julian saw his fair share of visitors. There were 3 of us in there fauning over him at once. He was even dressed for the party, wearing one of Locke’s Hibiscus shirts. He looks better in it than Soleil who looks like a little purple burrito.



Birthday in Confetti

I only got to visit one other birthday girl in the group. The village was set up as a scavenger hunt with items to catalog along the way and a specific path to follow. It was very cleverly done.






Fireworks Show

Sorry, I didn’t end up opening last night. Instead I spent my time trying to get all of the items so that I can open in the following weeks without worrying about hoarding items. Redd was much nicer to Yumi. She got all the items fairly quickly, but I got a million duds and gave up after getting 6 out of 8 of the items. On the plus side I got 4 lovely phones.

I did try to enjoy the fireworks in between buying fortune cookies.









It was a full day!

Today in Hanabi

Today I was just on maintenance mode. I’ve decided that I love the lovely phone. I’m going to try and follow its advice on friendship/romance days and see if I can suck up to my townies.





I also had Gulliver passed out on shore. Too bad he won’t send me a replica of Nessie.





tl;dr again. That’s what happens when I don’t post over the weekend. Tomorrow I’m off to the DMV. Wish me luck on my written test!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Thanks for Poppin’ By

  1. I caught my first Giant Petaltail Dragonfly yesterday. It was a real hassle to actually play at the time they are available and took around thirty minutes to find it. It is very distinguishable when you see it, though.

    Hopefully you never do see those house centipedes in real life. They have gotten in my house before and they are worse than spiders. They are the most disgusting bug ever.

    Best of luck on your test!

  2. I’ve caught 2 petaltails. They are very distinctive, and not that hard to catch, though the hours they’re out does make it a bit troublesome. The soft shelled turtle is somewhat rare. I’ve caught about 3 of those just from river fishing continuously for a while. I think it helps that I’ve got pretty good feng shui in my house.

    I’ve caught the turban shell and the flatworm too. Just kept on diving.

    Good luck with your test.

  3. Oh and as for the scorpion, I don’t think you have to chop down your trees or anything that drastic. I’ve caught one, and I’ve seen others in my town. They can appear in areas with flowers. At one point one wandered up from behind my cafe when I was sitting on the tree stump beside the building, so again, as long as your town isn’t completely carpeted with trees, I don’t think you need that much open ground to find them.

  4. I, too, was obsessing over the items from Redd’s cookies last Sunday! After some struggle I received all eight. Too bad we didn’t receive all four of the accessories from Isabelle. I suppose we do receive them all in the end as it is four firework shows this August? At least I hope so, or I may have to create another human character.

    Hope to visit Hanabi again soon.

    Wish you all the best for your test!

    Euphy, Maple

  5. Well, the petaltails are far more docile than they used to be in the Wii version. I think it took my mum years to find one (and she had every single other bug including the scorpion and tarantula). They are much much slower. I got lucky the other evening, came out of Re-Tail and there he was. Just had the one petaltail so far. Also, I did SEE a house centipede, but I freaked out and didn’t get my net out in time XD

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