Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Nothing to See

Stalk Market for Wednesday, August 7

AM: 134 Bells
PM: 159 Bells

I am no longer frantically wondering if my prices will rise. Astrid from Lagoona let me come over and sell yesterday when her prices were 611. *swoon* Thanks Astrid! Yumi’s bank account is now sitting pretty at 18.3 million. Just a little ways to go for 20. I don’t know if I’ll play the market next week as there’s a good chance I may be going out of town for my birthday and I don’t like to have to check all the time when I’m on vacation.


Did you watch this morning’s Nintendo Direct? I did at the ungodly hour of seven. I hate watching those because they just make me want all the games and I don’t have time to play the ones I have. I did take the time to download Animal Crossing Mii Plaza and I sat mesmerized watching villagers mill about and got excited when I saw one I liked. I didn’t spot Julian, so I had to make Soleil my favorite in interim. I don’t know if I’ll use it to its full capacity. I doubt I’ll upload pics there or anything, but it seems like a fun place to look around.

Yesterday in Hanabi

We had an adorable camper. Unfortunately Hanabi’s still full up so I didn’t get to invite Rosie to move in.




Fortune 500

Yesterday I consulted the lovely phone regarding my fortune. Then I proceeded to ignore it—mostly because I don’t have an animal print dress on hand. Today I didn’t even look at the phone. I’m so inconsistent.

I’m wondering if luck affects whether you see rare bugs/fish or not (and if so how much). I have a pretty solid feng shui room (see above), but after wandering around for an hour yesterday I didn’t encounter a single giant petaltail. I’d like to think I was having a “bad luck” day regarding critters. Nevertheless I took my frustration out on my trees.

I did the unthinkable and chopped down almost all of them. I kept all my perfect cherry trees (probably should chop those down too, but I’m greedy), my money trees, and a few pine trees (I only chopped down as many as I could immediately replace). I forgot to chop down the trees on the beach, but I think I only have 5 total.

I then wandered around for a bit after 7pm and still never ran across a scorpion or a tarantula.

On the plus side I caught both a soft-shelled turtle and a flat worm.


Insert gratuitous Julian pics to take mind off of frustrating bugs




All better. Moving right along.

Present from Gulliver

Gulliver sent me a present while he was visiting with Nessie. He gave me bagpipes. I really need a proper music room to put them in.

Awesome playable bagpipes.

Awesome playable bagpipes.

Public Works

Soleil suggested a new public work yesterday. Unfortunately she’s not on the same page as me in terms of decorating themes. Sorry burrito-chan, no modern clock for Hanabi. I really want Rooney to suggest more things but he’s been stubbornly quiet since he got over his cold.

evicting creepy kangaroos?

evicting creepy kangaroos?

This morning Felicity chimed in that we need an illuminated clock. I’m thinking of putting one of those in Kasen in place of the flower clock. Here? Not so much.

Lost Item

I found a lost bag over by Re-Tail this morning. Usually I have to ask everyone to find its owner, but Sheldon was the first person I showed it to and he gushed over its return.


Money Tree

My second money tree matured today and it did bear bags of gold. Hooray! I’m debating whether I should plant two more on the other corners of the fountain or if that would just be too ostentatious.

Cousin Redd

Redd showed up. I am not 100% positive, but it seemed to me he had two legitimate paintings today. When I had my feng shui room in the basement I never got two real paintings, so maybe the luck didn’t count down there?

robust statue: looks real (fake he's holding a UFO)

robust statue: looks real — fake he’s holding a UFO

solemn painting looks real - fake the white figure is much taller

solemn painting looks real- fake the white figure is much taller

great statue is definitely fake because of the down-turned hand

great statue is definitely fake because of the down-turned hand

ancient statue - fake because the eyes are open

ancient statue – fake because the eyes are open

I also picked up a gallant statue from Yumi and donated it. I feel like the art wing is going to take forever to complete. I really need to make a list of the art I’m looking for and the duplicates I have to trade…

Tonight I intend to hunt for the white whale giant petaltail and scorpion. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Also, Hanabi is closed while I look for it and until I replant the trees. But I think I may put in a playground after I do catch those pesky bugs.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo.

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