Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Express Delivery

Stalk Market for Friday, August 9

AM: 66 Bells
PM: 63 Bells

ZOMG I almost forgot to blog. I got preoccupied procrastinating writing my Japanese essay for tomorrow’s class and started cleaning out Yumi’s closets in Kasen and completely forgot that it was blogging day. Oops. Here goes!

The Hunt for the Petaltail

I’m not sure if it’s because I chopped down trees, but within five minutes of looking for a petaltail I spotted one and nabbed it. Still have to get that scorpion. I haven’t been looking, but might later tonight. Someone said to look after midnight. I usually go to bed at midnight but…

Easy peasy once I found him.

Easy peasy once I found him.

I did however get bit by a tarantula. I’m gonna start trying to creep better.


Public Works

Barold suggested something that I like, but haven’t put in in any of my towns: a balloon arch. I wouldn’t mind one around the playground I intend to build, but I don’t know where I’d put it unless I really do get Victoria to clear out and put it over in that area. There’s not enough room to the west of the police station which is where I was going to put the playground.


DLC Delivery

This morning Pete was waiting outside my house with a letter from Isabelle. The letter talked about Animal Crossing Mii Plaza. Inside was a shaved ice lamp. Yay! I already had one thanks to European friends, but I’m happy to see the US got one as well. My JP game had a letter from Isabelle as well, and Japan got the rolling suitcase as a present.

I talked to Pete after his delivery. He was adorable. Aw poor Pete.





Happy Birthday Soleil!

Yumi had a go-go shirt in her catalog, so I had her order it for burrito chan. It’s Soleil’s favorite style and color. She was ecstatic. I’m kind of sad she changed out of the hibiscus shirt though.


she's not shy

she’s not shy






I decided I hated the pansy heart and white pansies around the bell, so I got Locke out and put a few patterns down. I like it a lot better.

The bench area before: sittin' with mah homey.

The bench area after: lonely Locke

The bench area after: lonely Locke

The bell after. Still needs some work, but it's much neater.

Gold Furniture for Sale

I gave 3 gold nuggets to Cyrus. Once again he gave me something I already had: a golden bed. I also have an extra golden clock. So, if anybody wants them, give me an offer.




Julian does the Pee pee dance



P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo.

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  1. @Emma I actually already have a golden dresser as well. As far as golden items that I’m looking for, I still need: golden screen, golden chair, golden carpet, golden closet. But I’d be happy to sell either or both to you.

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