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Stalk Market for Monday, August 12

AM: was busy playing Pokémon Tretta Lab…
PM: 87 Bells

I only bought 2,000 turnips this week. I had a reasonable spike in one of my towns last week, so I don’t expect a good price from that town and I may have screwed up Kasen’s turnips for the week because I forgot to go see K.K. for my birthday song and went back to a day I had already played…So, I’m just hoping for a small profit from Hanabi or my husband’s town.

Saharah’s questionable taste

I had Saharah in Hanabi on Saturday. Both the wallpaper and floor she gave me were originals—though a bit mismatched. I didn’t keep her designs in the room, but I was happy with them.



Locke didn't fare as well with Saharah's remodel.

Locke didn’t fare as well with Saharah’s remodel.

K.K. Birthday!

I thought maybe next week K.K. would serenade me with a birthday song. Vella visited expecting just to pocket a song and work slowly towards K.K.’s picture. Instead K.K. broke out his birthday song and Vella listened teary eyed while Soleil and Shrunk swayed behind her.


Woah. I thought it was just Isabelle who had a thing for K.K.

Woah. I thought it was just Isabelle who had a thing for K.K.


I was taken by surprise so I got a bad picture of this :P

I was taken by surprise so I got a bad picture of this 😛



My new birthday album.
And for the record (no pun intended), my birthday is Friday.

Just one Dream

I got three Japanese video game magazines in the mail on Saturday and one of them had an interesting looking dream town in it, so I visited. Here are a few pictures from Wakakusa village (わかくさ村).

Dream Address: 1600-0120-4065
I like their flower box. I don't have one in any of my towns.



Yumi may need to come back here and pick this up.

Yumi may need to come back here and pick this up.




Aw can't call the hotline in a dream.

Aw can’t call the hotline in a dream.

♥ that suitcase.

♥ that suitcase.

Victoria’s Exodus

I heard from Sheldon that Victoria was toying with the idea of moving. I immediately went over to her and she confirmed the rumor. She’s decided to leave so that she can spread the word about Hanabi elsewhere. I thought that sounded like a good idea. Yes! Playground here I come! So on August 14th she’ll be moving on. I’ve already found a good home for her, so I hope the transition goes well.





I saw a scorpion. I didn’t lose my cool. We stared at each other for a few seconds while he hissed at me, and then I nabbed him! Unfortunately I need to catch one in Kasen too (I’ve never even seen one there). But having caught one gives me hope.



Public Works

Hooray! Rooney suggested the wooden bridge I wanted! Unfortunately he suggested it Sunday and I couldn’t do anything about it because of the Fireworks Festival. Today I told Isabelle to demolish one of the existing bridges. Tomorrow I’ll tell her to put in the wooden bridge. Wednesday we should have an awesome new bridge. Then I have to replace the other one.


Coming soon to Hanabi!

Coming soon to Hanabi!

Kitt suggested a fairytale clock. Nice try Kitt. Maybe next time.



It’s All Fun and Games…

Until someone comes over and shakes your money tree. I had my gates open last night on the off chance someone wanted to stop by and watch fireworks. My husband came over and we were having fun when someone else came over. We were enjoying the show. The guest ran off. I assumed to explore. Kokuto (my husband) went off to see what the other guest was up to. He watched this person walk up to one of my money trees and shake it. My husband said “that was mean” via chat. The other person didn’t say anything. Didn’t apologize. Didn’t leave replacement funds (I have paths surrounding the tree, so all the money disappeared) for a new tree, just left. I immediately un-bff-d the person and removed their friend code from my system entirely. I’ve debated whether I should name the person and call them out. It was really rude. And it made me sad that someone would do that. I could kind of understand it having been a mistake, but to not apologize and just leave? It’s not the end of the world, but I don’t have a gold shovel on Vella. I haven’t unlocked it yet, so it means I have to borrow a shovel from Yumi (again) and spend at least 60,000 bells to replant a new tree and wait several days to find out if it will even produce a bell tree.

Enjoying Victoria while she's still here ♥

Enjoying Victoria while she’s still here ♥

My husband is a cross dresser. (At least in ACNL. IRL not so much.)

My husband is a cross dresser. (At least in ACNL. IRL not so much.)








Gold Furniture for Sale or Trade:

Speaking of selling and trading. I added all my duplicate Saharah wallpaper and floor to the bottom of the wish list page. If there’s anything you’re interested in, send me an offer. These items are also looking for a new home.

  • Golden Bed
  • Golden Clock
  • Golden Man
P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: From the Music

  1. CONGRATS ON THE SCORPION! 😀 Happy you finally managed to get one! Hopefully you get one in Kasen soon too.

    It sucks that someone did that :/ Someone took a pink rose of mine early on when I first started, but I had so many people popping over to greet me, I didn’t get to see who it was. Just was super obvious since it was a random one missing in the middle of the pile v-v; Hopefully you have good luck with your money tree! I got so frustrated with mine, I just planted 99K to get it over with >_>

  2. Thanks Jen. I think you might be my scorpion good luck charm. I saw your message and decided I should look around Kasen for a scorpion. 5 minutes later I got one! Now Yumi just needs the Petaltail to be caught up on August bugs. Maybe after Obon I’ll chop down the trees there too. It seemed to work in Hanabi (and forces me to think about where to replant). Which is a good thing! I don’t like Kasen’s tree layout and it’s completely overrun with flowers. I think I read that you posted wilted flowers count toward the weeding badge? My current plan is to steal Kasen’s surplus flowers, take them to Quantico (which just got 15 day perfect town status yesterday so I can let it go to hell), let them wilt and send Vella over on a dead flower/weed pulling spree each day until I run out of flowers.

    I’m wondering if the person that shook the bell tree isn’t the person that took (or killed) one of my jacob’s ladders previously because they were over around the time of that incident as well.

    This will only be the 4th bell tree I’ve planted. I’ve only been putting 60-70k in them and so far I had 2 of 3 take. Hanabi is on the rich town ordinance and that supposedly helps.

  3. Congratulations on the catch! Finally you can rest before midnight. I, myself, am having a hard time catching the tarantula. I hear that it is last chance this month, is that true?

    Also, I am extremely sorry on behalf of whoever took advantage of your hospitality. It makes me angry that someone would be so mean! It was partly why I rarely spent time online on AC:WW. Good thing you removed them from your system.
    But, did he/she ruin the money tree completely? Do they all turn into a normal non-fruit tree after being shaked? If so, then that person is really mean!

    On a different note: I would love to visit Kasen and experience Obon with you!

    FC: 5370-1497-5525

    – Euphy,

  4. @IcyLavender I’ve added you to my JP 3DS. Hope to see you tomorrow.

    Also, ack this is the last month you can catch the tarantula! I have to go fix my page and color him red. Good luck!

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