Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Mambo in the Summer

Stalk Market for Monday, August 19

AM: 134 Bells
PM: 113 Bells

It feels like it’s been forever since I blogged!

Selections from Obon

I got up very early and opened for a special new friend from Korea. Thank you so much for everything Mikayla!

No thank you! I hope we can meet up again!

No thank you! I hope we can meet up again!

And then opened up twice more. The morning was plagued by crashes and Isabelle seemed to have a surplus of cucumber horses and not so many eggplant cows, but it was still a fun time. I loved seeing everyone’s kimonos. Thank you so much to everyone who brought birthday presents. Everything was wonderful!

The obon cutout

The obon cutout



Yumi apparently is having trouble ringing up Camryn's soda


A few words from Shizu-chan aka Isabelle about the holiday.







My Birthday!

My birthday in Hanabi went over great. I didn’t expect Julian to be at my party (and he wasn’t). I need to schmooze with him a little more. Barold whisked me off to his house for the party. Inside Sheldon and Soleil were waiting dancing and singing.





My townies gave me a birthday hat. I don’t think I’m ever going to take it off. It is so tacky and I feel like the mad hatter. ♥


I also got a couple letters with presents from townies and from mom. I forget who gave me what. It wasn’t anything earth shattering.



My birthday in Kasen was a little more disappointing. 1) Lillian/Bunnie didn’t show up. The nerve! 2) I got a birthday cake. I already have one from Taiga’s birthday. Boo! I was hoping for sunglasses or a signboard or something. Oh well. Yumi hasn’t been spending as much time with neighbors as she should—blame Vella for that. There’s only so much time to go around.

Note to Katrina: one should not be tripping on their birthday.

my birfday cake!

my birfday cake!


I brought Locke out for the Bug-Off. I needed the firefly lamp and was fortunate enough to get it on one of the first few bug submissions so I didn’t do too much. I then had Vella turn in one bug to try for third. Unfortunately she got second. I was hoping someone would edge one of us out in the final few hours, but no such luck. Still need that bronze bug trophy.


My money is on Kitt.



I didn’t really do anything for the fireworks festival. There were just too many holidays strung together and all I wanted to do was work on public works for my not-very-parklike park.

Public Works

Shep proposed a pyramid for Hanabi. I’m not feeling a pyramid in town, but I guess if I don’t get that jungle gym it could go there…except that it’s really expensive.

Noted. Don't hold your breath.

Noted. Don’t hold your breath.

So far my park has a tire bench and a boot sculpture. If I can scrape up the bells today it will also have a balloon arch (1 of 2) tomorrow. Then I need to remove my fruit sign and put in a drinking fountain, the other balloon arch, and then hope someone proposes Hanabi needs a jungle gym because what’s a park without a jungle gym?


Notice that my birthday outfit has gotten even more horrible with special thanks to Gracie Grace’s sale.


I also have to remove one of my zen streetlights from the path since it got shifted. Move or remove the camp sign because of the same reason. I might put a bonfire in the additional space. And figure out what I want to do with the awkward merging of the paths by Julian’s house. I have 2 bushes going east west in the middle of the path and they’re just not working there now that it got moved over, but I don’t know if I should just remove them or change the layout of the central part of that east west path altogether. A mayor’s work is never done!


I turned in 3 gold ore last night before bed. This morning I had a golden chair. I danced with the alpacas in joy.

Now I need the screen, the floor, and the closet

Now I need the screen, the floor, and the closet

Found a lost item today. It turned out to be Soleil’s favorite book “Mambo in the Summer”. At least it wasn’t 50 Shades of Something. That one’s banned in Hanabi. Not for being graphic, but for being horrible.

Hotch needs an FBI flack jacket. Any talented pattern makers?

Hotch needs an FBI flack jacket. Any talented pattern makers?

I also finally added my giant list of needed shirts to the wish list page. I’m tempted to offer ridiculous amounts of money for each shirt… like 10k apiece—this is from the mayor with 375 bells in her savings account. I just need so many. I knew I should’ve just been buying them indiscriminately!

And now I’ve got a movie to catch. BBL!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

9 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Mambo in the Summer

  1. Would you be able to post the dream code for Hotch’s town? Me thinks I need to visit that town and see what it is like :). If he doesn’t have a dream code that’s okay.

  2. I hope you had a great birthday in real as well, Jen!

    I finally got to it and made a second character! She entered the contest and was about to win bronze, but I believe someone else in town beat her with a more exquisite bug. I was actually searching the web to see if it was possible to win with more than one of your human characters, because I believed that to be the reason someone bested poor Rose at the last minute.

    But from your post I see it is possible to win several trophies. I just wonder if you joined the award ceremony, or is that to be avoided if one tries to win more than one trophy? If you did join in on the festivities, did you see your other character on the podium or..?

    It have bothered me for quite some time now, I hope you reply soon!

    Also, I believe I have some carpets and wallpaper, and I am sure I have some shirts from your wishlist. I will definitely bring some next time I visit! Maybe I could catalogue sleek, rococo and astro furniture in return? *smiles*

    Best of luck with your jungle gym!

    Euphy (and Rose!)

  3. @Rachel Quantico (Hotch’s town) doesn’t have a dream code yet. But I did just put the dream suite in the other day. It’s not quite where I want it as far as theme towns go. I need a bunch of public works that I haven’t gotten yet and no one’s house is done. I can post it later today, but if you visit remember it’s a work in progress. The huge orange grove on the east side of town will eventually be half-full of dead trees, pitfall traps and old tires, but for the time being is just a source of income. 😛

  4. @IcyLavender My real birthday was great, thank you. 🙂

    This bug-off was the first one where I entered multiple characters. Locke got 1st place and Vella got second. I did the ceremony with Vella and was surprised to see that Locke didn’t show up on the podium. I tried to do the ceremony with Locke later, but it seems there is only one ceremony, so her trophy was mailed to her.

    What sleek, rococo, and astro furniture do you need? I would be happy to order any of it for you.

  5. Thank you for the fast reply, Jen! Great to know the details of the bug-off, finally! Strange that Locke did not show up, though…

    Oh, that is so kind of you! Now you certainly must receive a good amount of shirts!

    The Astro series are almost finished, I need:
    lamp, dresser, floor and wallpaper.

    Of the sleek series, I miss:
    bed, clock and dresser

    I’m rather ashamed of my rococo series, as I miss mostly all of it:
    shelf, vanity, candlestick, chair, clock, dresser and wardrobe

    – Euphy, Maple

  6. I have now been through your entire wish list, and I found quite a lot of items (mostly shirts!). All has been ordered!

    I suppose I will have to unload my mailbox soon.

    – Euphy, Maple.

  7. @Jennifer Well whenever Quantico gets a dream code I’ll be ready 🙂 I had the same idea as you funnily enough :P, but I don’t want to copy you. Duly noted, but maybe by the time I actually get a 3ds it’ll be finished 😉

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