Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Split-Pea Soup

Stalk Market for Wednesday, August 21

AM: 63 Bells
PM: 55 Bells

Honestly there’s not a whole lot going on in Hanabi. Yesterday I had Katrina. I visited her with Vella and L☆cke. I still haven’t unlocked her shop and I have no idea how many fortunes I need, which is kinda frustrating.

The biggest news is that I had an irresistible camper yesterday. I don’t usually like elephants, but I have a soft spot for the animals that look like other things. Who can resist a tea cup elephant? Or a rhino with a strawberry nose? I had Tia as a camper yesterday. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invite her to live in Hanabi. I’m not done relandscaping after Victoria left, or fixing up the bridge disaster. And my biggest worry is that whoever I get will put their house somewhere I don’t want it. So I was on the fence.

Then my husband reminded me that I could just end up with some random villager I didn’t want. And wouldn’t an adorable teacup elephant be better than, oh I dunno, a monkey? Or worse yet, a frog??? So I decided to invite Tia to move in. She was a tease! She kept hinting that she wanted to move and then backing out.

Of course then she suggested she would move in if I beat her at a game. She chose rock paper scissors. I never win at rock paper scissors. This time was no different.




Finally after going in and out several times I got her to play another game to decide whether she’d move in. This time she chose charades. Her charade was. “When it’s sleeping…” flowery happy emotion. “When it’s awake…” worried pee pee dance. My choices were dragon, president, baker, and something else. The only thing that kinda made sense was dragon, so I chose that and apparently it was correct. I’m hoping she stakes out her house tomorrow. And I’m semi-not-ashamed to say I fully intend to cheat to make sure she picks a good house spot.

The playground

The playground is coming along slowly. Yesterday I removed my ugly fruit sign and today I put in a drinking fountain near where the fruit sign was. Tomorrow I will put in the second balloon arch and then I just have to hope someone Barold suggests a jungle gym. I did sleuthing and his personality type can request the jungle gym, so I guess it’s time to run around and hope he notices me.

No one has suggested anything in the past day or two.

Edit: As I was checking PM turnip prices O’Hare ran up and suggested Stonehenge. Rats.

Celebrating the first balloon arch

Celebrating the first balloon arch

behind left is reserved for the jungle gym. The donation gyroid is for the drinking fountain

behind left is reserved for the jungle gym. The donation gyroid is for the drinking fountain

Started a little landscaping.

Started a little landscaping.

Bizarre Villagers






I haven’t been “playing” as much as I’d like. Though I haven’t mentioned it too much here, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my catalog and my wish list. I’m mainly trying to complete Yumi’s catalog even though I try and have Vella catalog everything too. I noticed I had items scattered among all sorts of characters and I’m trying to make sure that Yumi at least catalogs everything. Then I’ll worry about Vella.

I think I’m doing pretty well with furniture and stuff. I didn’t realize that would be the easy part. I was shocked when I found out how many shirts I need. So I’ve been double checking alt characters’ catalogs just to make sure they don’t have something I need. And I’ve started raiding my husband’s catalog. He has a ton of shirts I need! But his mail is always full…and so are his pockets. So the process of ordering everything is less than pleasant.

Thanks to Willow and Euphy for their contributions to my wish list this morning. 🙂


Yumi also only needs two bugs and two fish to fully complete her fish and bug encyclopedia. After the 15th of September (when the salmon come out) she should be finished. I have been so tempted to time travel in Quantico to get it over with.

Three’s a Crowd

Let me talk about Quantico for a second. If you read waaaaaay back when before ACNL was released in the US, you’ll know that I wasn’t even sure I was going to buy an English copy of the game. I knew it was a time sink and I didn’t think I had enough time for more than one version. Eventually once I found out they were releasing the pop tart 3DS stateside I decided I really wanted one and I would get one just for New Leaf.

Then at the end of April, just after I got back from Japan, I was contacted by Nintendo’s marketing and they offered me an early copy of New Leaf. But…my pop tart…I still wanted my pop tart. So foolishly I decided that I would still get the pop tart and I would make it a theme town and live happily ever after. The thing is, I barely have time for two towns, let alone three. I decided I would rebel and TT in my third game! But I haven’t. I’m too afraid of losing villagers. And I know if I TT to all the holidays that are upcoming I’ll really lose interest. So instead of feeling pressured to play Quantico every day I’m a few days behind. I’m not terribly worried about catching up. The only problem with not playing much is that I haven’t gotten a lot of public works. And I want a scarecrow. And an oil rig. And maybe a satellite dish. I did finally get perfect town, so I picked up all my hybrids and I’m letting the weeds multiply. That’s kind of liberating.

The right side of town will eventually be the spooky part with half-dead trees, pitfalls, and trash. But for now it’s just a huge money making orange grove (whose proceeds pad Yumi’s slowly increasing bank account).

This is all a roundabout way of saying that I finally got Quantico a dream code. And I’m nervous about sharing an unfinished town. If you visit feel free to make suggestions. Just say hi to Ankha or Flurry and enjoy the city atmosphere. Unsub’s house isn’t very scary atm, but someday I hope it will be. 😉 Reid will eventually have a card/game room. Garcia will have a giant collection of computers in her way too bright house. Oh, I don’t know what do with the outside of Reid’s house. Any thoughts?

Quantico’s Dream Address: 4600-2650-4256

And for now, I have to go play Saturday’s bug-off in Quantico and see if I can take bronze…

I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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