Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Cockroach-Free Zone

Stalk Market for Friday, August 23

AM: 74 Bells
PM: 69 Bells

I’m still sitting on 6,000 turnips. I think I’m screwed. Can anyone help? 🙁

The brief wondrous life of Anson

Like I stated previously, I created a new character first thing yesterday morning to stalk Tia’s house location. The first place she crash landed was behind the cafe and it cut into the path west of Re-Tail. I vetoed that, quit the game and made Anson #2.

The second location of Tia's house.

The second location of Tia’s house.

It wasn’t terrible but that’s right by the cliff diving spot and it chopped down one of my pear trees, and 2 perfect cherry trees so once again I quit out and made Anson #3.

Just left of Brewster's Cafe. Not cutting into any paths. Sold!

Just left of Brewster’s Cafe. Not cutting into any paths. Sold!

The third time was indeed the charm. I always wondered what to do with the space next to the café. What a perfect spot for a teacup elephant!

I talked to Isabelle and Nook, got Anson a house, saved and then deleted the poor soul. Eventually I’ll probably add more characters, but I’m not ready to commit yet. Although I could use an extra afternoon tea set come this Sunday. 😛


I had another cute camper too. Not quite as cute as Tia (thankfully) but if I had gotten rid of Kitt I would have invited him in.



See? Told you it wasn’t Vella who got the gold catalog badge. She’s been sharing in a lot of Yumi’s catalog finds, but she’s got nowhere near the catalog that Yumi does. She got the Silver Catalog Maniac badge for 40% catalog completion.





I must be getting desperate to make friends with my villagers because yesterday I said yes to making an appointment for Kitt to visit. I even set an alarm on my phone because I never remember otherwise.



I was at Starbucks doing homework at the time and I didn’t expect the 3DS to automatically connect to the internet there. But it did all by itself. Euphy was on. She came over and brought a ton more shirts. Thanks again Euphy!

Golden Treasures

I scraped up enough gems to try for one more piece of golden furniture. I got the golden screen! I don’t know where to put it because it won’t fit in my luck room, but I’m inching ever closer to a completed golden set.


Tada! Tia!

I was happy to welcome Hanabi’s newest resident officially today. She’s still unpacking. I took a picture of the map since I hadn’t changed it since Victoria left.

Outside Tia's new House

Outside Tia’s new House


Redd’s Tent

I had Redd today. He only had one legitimate painting, but fortunately it was one that Hanabi needs. I wonder if making Locke a luck room as well would increase the possibility of legitimate paintings…

Fake. Eyes should be closed.

Fake. Eyes should be closed.

Fake. Headband should be blue.

Fake. Headband should be blue.

Real! (and I need it) There is no fake.

Real! (and I need it) There is no fake.

Fake. The shell should be facing the other direction.

Fake. The shell should be facing the other direction.


The playground is done-ish for now. I still need a jungle gym, and I need to figure out what permanent flowers I’d like running through it, and decide if I want more of a sandy path… but I’m done building things in it till I get that jungle gym. *Runs around Barold all the time hoping for public work request*

Celebrating the second balloon arch

Celebrating the second balloon arch

Now I’m removing items whose positions are off because of the wooden bridge fiasco. Today, I slated a zen lamp for demolishment. Tomorrow probably the camp sign. I might put a bonfire over there if Isabelle will let me.

Misc. Villager Stuff








P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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  1. Congratulations on another golden badge! I hope Barold comes along soon.
    How are things with BFF Julian now?

    I finally captured a tarantula, so now I can rest until the new species show up in September. Cheers to more sleep!

    I also found one dress from your wishlist, and some music.

    – Euphy, Maple

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