Animal Crossing New Leaf US: YOO-HOO

Stalk Market from Monday, August 26

AM: 130 Bells
PM: 106 Bells

I didn’t buy turnips this week. Joan was asking 105 in Hanabi and I wasn’t about to pay that and I didn’t make it to Kasen or Quantico to check so no stressful week for me. (Watch I’ll get a huge spike, though it looks to be a random week)

Remember the Golden Rule

Shep wanted me to get a petition signed for him. I still don’t have his picture, so I was hoping that if I did that favor for him he’d hand it over. I went over to Jisuna, my husband’s town, to get signatures.





And if you were I'd know exactly where to look...

And if you were I’d know exactly where to look…

Sadly, I can’t remember what Shep gave me, but it wasn’t his picture. *shakes fist* Oh well, at least I’m one step closer to it.

Public Works

Still no request for a jungle gym.

I’ve removed my oddly placed zen lamp and temporarily removed my “camp” sign. Today I told Isabelle we needed a fire pit. I planted a couple of pine trees next to it. Assuming they grow, I intend to use one of Yumi’s long-hoarded silver axes and chop them down to make seats for marshmallow roasting.

Yup. That's where i want it.

Yup. That’s where i want it.

Felicity thinks we need an illuminated tree. I disagree. I’ve got a couple over in Kasen. They seem much more suited to a fairy tail town.


Shep thinks we need an instrument shelter in town. I have one of those in Kasen too. I suppose we could put one in somewhere, but it’s not high on my priority list.


Afternoon-Tea Set

Yesterday a new DLC was released at Nintendo Zones in the US. I braved the madness of my local Starbucks and downloaded several Tea Sets while waiting in line. I really want to mail one to Tia since she’s a little tea cup herself, but I can’t bring myself to since they can’t be ordered from the catalog.


Saharah’s Bad Home Makeover

Saharah was roaming both in Kasen and Hanabi today. She didn’t give Vella anything good.


She gave Locke a meadow vista. Got it already.


Another Pic Down

I gave Kitt an old sewing machine because she asked for some furniture and she rewarded me with her picture. This seals the deal. If she asks, she’s getting the boot! So far though, she didn’t ask. Rooney mentioned Soleil wanted to move and she finally coughed up that gem. I told her no. She’s Hanabi’s Hamster for the foreseeable future.










P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: YOO-HOO

  1. I’m putting the illuminated public works even though I chose the zen theme, and I must admit they look really nice! I’m still waiting to get the zen garden, it’s the only zen project one I’m missing now ;;
    I don’t know where to put the zen bench and my town is full of random flowers everywhere. And I’m still waiting for someone to request the fire pit and the illuminated arch. Damn villagers! They only ask for hideous things like the parabolic antenna and modern projects.

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