Animal Crossing New Leaf US: A Little Audacious

Stalk Market for Wednesday, August 28

AM: 66 Bells
PM: 114 Bells

Ordinance Grumbling

I have slowly come to the realization that I am terrible at watering flowers. I think I’ve done a fairly good job getting all the hybrids watered—all I really care about watering—then the next morning as I’m wandering around watering I find swathes of blue pansies next to Julian’s house wilted and sad. And that one pink carnation that I somehow missed. I want to change Hanabi back to beautiful town! Greed or laziness. What a conundrum. Hanabi is currently set to the rich town ordinance so that I can sell fruit from my other towns and profit slightly more from it. Also, when I have horrible watering success I’m less likely to update Hanabi’s dream address because I’m embarrassed about the state of the town. 😛

I’m up to about 25 million bells in Kasen. The next milestone is a grueling 50 million bells. I haven’t made any progress on amassing money lately because I’ve been expanding alternate characters’ houses little by little in order to turn them all into castles (3 out of 4 so far). And I’ve been spending money in Hanabi on various public works and expanding L☆cke’s house. Soon the stock will change in Gracie’s store (Sweets Set!) and I’ll be shelling out bells on that as well. Someday the ATM (for saving 100 million bells) will be mine. Just not anytime soon.

Rich Town and embarrassing flowers it is.


I’m a hide-and-seek ninja. I played with Julian and cohorts and kicked butt. Soleil was actually kind of hard to spot.





Unwanted Camper

Sometimes I’m super excited about campers and sometimes I just want a do over. Buck isn’t terrible I guess, but he’s pretty uninteresting IMO. Next.

Actually Buck, I kind of want you to leave. Like, now.

Actually Buck, I kind of want you to leave. Like, now.

Public Works

Day 39281 without a jungle gym. It’s ok. I’ll live.

Julian ran up to me and told me he had a dream about a totem pole falling out of the sky and landing in Hanabi. At first I brushed him off. But then I got to thinking, maybe a totem pole would look good by L☆cke’s house. She’s kind of got a confused zen-tiki-hut-mansion going on. Why don’t we add a totem pole to further confuse things? The deterrent is the hefty 538,000 bell price tag. And also trying to figure exactly where to put it…




Locke's Zen-Tiki Castle. See, it needs a totem pole somewhere around it.

Locke’s Zen-Tiki Castle. See, it needs a totem pole somewhere around it.

Lost Bag

I found a bag just shy of being incinerated by the bonfire this morning. Several residents thought it was “cute” but it wasn’t theirs. Eventually I reunited Rooney with it. He didn’t elaborate on its “cute” contents, but rewarded me with a green-bar shirt (rats, not one that I needed) for my trouble.

What have we here? A lost bag where a second pine tree should be growing? It better be a magic bag.




Wow. Who knew the police box was really PRISON?

Wow. Who knew the police box was really PRISON?


May the Force be With Hanabi!

Ok, it’s the wrong force. I made Yumi give Vella a silver shovel and had Vella chop down the tree in front of the water pump because you can’t see it with the tree there. Initially I didn’t like the water pump, but it’s grown on me and I think it should be more visible. Now it is, but it has to share the spotlight with a triforce stump.

I couldn't have asked for a better stump. I didn't have that one yet in any of my towns.

I couldn’t have asked for a better stump. I didn’t have that one yet in any of my towns.

That was not originally the intended tree for the silver shovel. I’m still waiting for the pine tree next to the bonfire to mature. I planted 2, but the second one died. I planted another one today, but I have a feeling we’re only going to get one marshmallow-roasting stump unless I chop down a tree or 2 to the west.

Villager Antics

I think you could rock leopard-print despite being a sheepdog, Shep!




Off Topic

I downloaded Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life yesterday because I was curious and I have a semi-secret love of Scrooge McDuck and Disney comics that dates back to my childhood days camping with my Dad. I don’t know if you can take screenshots (I want to!) because I haven’t played very much of it yet, but so far it is very cute. Parts of it are voice acted and it’s the craziest thing for me to hear Donald Duck spewing out his signature unintelligible voice in Japanese. I just wish I was in Japan and I could download the awesome DLC they’re giving out at 7/Eleven. #reallywanttomovetoJapanforayear #bucketlist

I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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